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The unveiling of the Jeep Cherokee and Renegade prompted many unplanned chiropractor visits after their, erm, interesting proportions elicited neck-snapping double takes.

As the final months of Compass and Patriot production sell like discount cigarettes on a WW2 airbase, Jeep likely felt pressure to keep styling on the safe side when it came time to craft a replacement.

Well, after seeing leaked images of the model, we can report back with a quote from Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man: “Yes, it’s safe, it’s very safe, it’s so safe you wouldn’t believe it.”

Images of the Compass/Patriot twins’ undisguised replacement have surfaced on Chinese media site Autohome, showing Americans what to expect from the (very) long-running compact SUVs.

2017 jeep compass

The new design doesn’t hide the fact that this is a Jeep. Is it the Jeepiest Jeep that ever Jeeped, as TTAC’s Bark M one uttered? Of course not — that title, always and forever, belongs to the Wrangler. However, there are styling elements of existing Jeeps in the design. The Grand Cherokee’s visage is strongly echoed up front, and the lesser-than-Grand Cherokee can be seen in the rear.

While the new model (which carries the Compass name in these overseas shots but could easily adopt a new moniker in America) sits atop a Fiat-sourced platform, the body tries its best to avoid appearing un-American. This thing must replace the unabashedly blocky Patriot — a vehicle designed with a ruler and soup bowl — after all.

The automaker hasn’t said what powertrains to expect when the Jeep Insert Name Here starts production in January, but it’s a safe bet that the 2.0-liter or 2.4-liter Tigershark four-cylinder will be standard equipment. FCA’s slightly improved nine-speed automatic could find a home in the new model.

[Images: Autohome]

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46 Comments on “Jeep Compass/Patriot Replacement Spied, Looks Jeepier than Recent Jeeps...”

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    Other than the Renegade (and Wrangler) looks like Jeep is employing the “same sausage, different size” approach now. If this is the new Compass, it bares quite a bit of similarity to the Cherokee and GC.

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    Generic CUV profile but attractive with Jeep front/rear styling traits.
    I suspect it will sell quite well.

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    I was under the assumption both of these were going away, as their replacement was the Renegade. So now they’re just merging into one model called the Compass and the Renegade will still be around?

    The styling is certainly an improvement, though it looks like they haven’t changed the side view much – bit dated.

    The 2.4 is a very rough little engine which is no bueno in the ProMaster City, do they do something to it for passenger car use?

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      SCE to AUX

      “The 2.4 is a very rough little engine”

      It’s just as bad in the Renegade. Add in the 9-speed auto, and the nasty equation is complete.

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      The side view of the former Patriot is far blockier. of the twins, its the least offensive.

      This is like how Jeremy Clarkson chose to describe the smaller Rolls Royce. It looks like a real Jeep, until a real Grand Cherokee or Wrangler pulls up.

      This is for the CUV customer that found the Renegade and Cherokee styling too much (or too small/big whatever).

      I personally would have a Renegade, in something akin to lime or avocado green, 4wd, manual. If I’m going to drive a Fiat-sourced pretend Jeep “CUV”, at least I’ll have fun with it.

      Like if a kid got a worn out 2.5L Wrangler or 2 door XJ manual-trans for his 17th birthday. Make the most of what you have lol. No, the Renegade won’t go everywhere they would, but I’d find a way to keep it splashed with mud and bits of grass etc.

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      Basically neither went away, FCA just did a name change from “Patriot” to Renegade.” They are still twins, one for on road, one for off road.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    I think some of people are going to miss the son-of-XJ looks that the Patriot has (although those people would sooner die than buy a Patriot); however this looks like it’ll be more a thing of pride than the Compass and Patriot ever were to their customers. The styling is reasonably handsome. shows an example with a not-unflattering two-tone paint job.

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      The pics on the site show it’s going to be quite a handsome design. These pics don’t do it any justice. And Kyree, you are correct, the two tone paint is cleverly executed. If priced right, and they finally get the bugs out of the 9-speed, it could be a huge hit. Mini Grand Cherokee looks at Compass/Patriot price point. Winner.

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    Evidently urinals are yet another invasive species.

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    That looks like a FIAT and a kia. Not sure how this isn’t just a refreshed Cherokee since it looks like it has the same body; the headlights are simply on top this time.

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      Agreed. Without the Jeep logo on back and the distinctive grille on the front, it could be from practically any brand on the market. There needs to be something additional that makes it look distinctively a Jeep.
      On the other hand, the unoffending plain-Jane look works very well for the Camry and Corolla, so sales numbers might just be pretty darn good, as long as the price is reasonable.

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    Educate me: so this is bigger than a Renegade, but smaller than a Cherokee? How many buyers are out there thinking: “This Cherokee is nice, but a little too big for me. Do you have anything that looks just like it, is a bit smaller and built in Brazil?”

    • 0 avatar

      If Al Sloan was alive today, he’d be quoted:

      “A crossover for every purse and purpose”

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      I guess the question then is what were the Compass and Patriots?
      They were/are larger than the Renegade but smaller(?) than the Cherokee
      I think this is simply going where those had gone.
      Here in the Ozarks, those two are really top sellers. Seems like value is bigger than status here in the mountains.
      Crossovers sell, man…regardless of the logic or duplication in a range.

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      I’m pretty sure this will be far closer to the Renegade in length but far lighter. There is 16 inches of length difference between the Renegade and Cherokee, so I’m pretty sure there’s a nice compromise in size without splitting hairs. Plus stylistically, it doesn’t look like the box it came in, which is seemingly what the market for soft roaders wants.

      This will get better economy than the Renegade or Cherokee because it doesn’t need to be very offroad capable. Jeep added a lot of weight to CUSW and the 500X platform to make them work off road.

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    Cheap Jeep. Patriot and Compass were rolling abominations.

    Would be better if they made a mini Wrangler like the old Samurai.

    • 0 avatar

      Right, because the one thing people are begging for is not a cheap, stylish small crossover, but a new Samurai. What planet do you live on

    • 0 avatar

      My 70 year old CJ2A is just about the same size as a current Fiat 500. We need a Jeep in that niche again.

    • 0 avatar
      Pete Zaitcev

      I would give such a mini-Jeep a serious consideration. I looked at the Renegade, but it’s basically as large as my current Wrangler, so there’s no point (Renegade is more spacious inside, but I don’t need that). However, adjustments have to be made for our times. I’d say something like Toyota Rush would be neat, as long as one can build it compliant with U.S. crashworthiness standards. However, if Mitsubishi can federalize a kei car, there’s really no excuse.

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    I wonder if FCA will name this after a smaller Native American tribe than the Cherokee…

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    Think it looks good.
    But then again…I also like the Compass.
    If a nice solid car…I will consider

    And Chev just called wanting the Traverse rear lights back.

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    This post, and other similar ones, has me thinking that we should change the name of the site to TTAC: The Tongue-in-cheek About Cars.

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    So is this an enlarged Renegade or a shrunken Cherokee? I can’t image FCA spending the money for an all new platform.

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    So cheapest 4×4 in the United States title is still safe?

    Perhaps they’ll call it the Compatriot.

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    Will the new Compass/Patriot be priced between Cherokee and Renegade as well?

    I think the part of the appeal of the current Compass/Patriot is that it’s a Jeep that’s larger than the Renegade but retail (after discount) for less. Maybe with a new, more expensive Compass/Patriot the Renegade will have a slightly larger niche in the Jeep line-up.

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      I would argue that price is the only thing that sells the current Compass/Patriot and that if they try to raise the price they’re going to see a significant drop in sales. This could be a chance to lower the Renegade price and make it be the new price leader as the new Compass/Patriot slots above it.

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    If they’re replacement models, why use a new name, especially if Compass is still used elsewhere? I read somewhere (here?) that they were thinking of just one model and combining the name into Compatriot, or some such. At least it sounds better than Patass.

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      I think the Head of Jeep, Mike Manley, mentioned that they will be using one of the existing names, Compass or Patriot. It would make sense to standardize the name to Compass for all markets, but who knows, maybe they’ll decide Patriot sounds tougher and will appeal better to the US audience.

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    “…Patriot sounds tougher and will appeal better to the US audience.”

    With the “Patriot” being much more Italian than the Pope?


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    Lol, there are 4 CUV photos on in the Segredos bar and they all look exactly the same. Makes the ‘Jeepier Jeep’ statement seem silly.

    As a Patriot owner I prefer its looks over the Compass, and the new design.

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