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Lexus IS teaser

Lexus has redesigned its midsize IS because the styling wasn’t daring enough already.

The updated model was teased in an image released by Lexus ahead of next week’s Beijing Motor Show, where the next IS will be officially unveiled.

The automaker says the next-generation model will bring “exciting breakthroughs based on the Lexus signature L-finesse design philosophy,” and assures us that the IS will wow everyone with “greatly enhanced visual impact.”

Like a scrambled porn channel, there’s much left to the imagination in this image, but it’s clear that Lexus is still really enthused about the company’s controversial spindle grille.

Will the revamped styling be joined by new model designations and powertrains? Stay tuned for the full reveal after the Beijing show kicks off on the 25th.

[Image: Toyota Motor Corporation]

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35 Comments on “Lexus Teases Redesigned IS; Big ol’ Grille Seems Intact...”

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    I’m not going to talk about the IS because it looks disgusting – rather I shall talk about this photo.

    And how I realize how much the design on the LC harks back to the SC400.

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    SCE to AUX


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    Chiaroscuro: To hide ugly sh1t in darkness.

    But what can you do when the whole thing is ugly?

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    If you are gonna make cars this ugly, you need to have engines that no one can compete with – or argue with.

    Example: GT-R and Veyron.

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    More rolling road vomit from Lexus.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    Really? The IS isn’t for me, but it’s doing well.

    It’s the LS that probably needs to be redesigned. It debuted in MY2007…or a full ten model years ago.

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      Kyree I think the issue with the LS that Lexus may be having is that its the only thing on its platform. I maybe mistaken but if its true then it will be around atleast in current platform for about 4 more years even with a reskin.

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    30-mile fetch

    Redesigned or refreshed? It’s only been out since MY 2014. Also, the IS is not midsized.

    The IS styling has grown on me, especially in non-FSport guise. There is a red IS350 I see frequently on my daily route and I think it looks sharp, upscale, and unmistakable. While I generally prefer the conservative design language of BMW and Audi in this segment, there is probably value in not having to squint hard to determine if the car is new or 10 years old.

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      I think the only significant changes BMW has made to the 3-series in the past decade is changing the badge from 325i to 328i to 330i. Without the newest stick-on number badge, there’s hardly any reason to buy a new one. I doubt 99% of the people on the road can tell the difference between the E90 and the F30.

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    If there was ever an argument for legal abortion, forget Hitler, use this picture.

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    All I see is a Nike logo. So premium, bro.

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    More grotesque anime cartoon styling from Lexus. Who buys these hideous things?

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    Count me in the aparente minority that likes the newer Lexus designes. They remind me of Japanese origami. I know they will look dated by the end of the year, but I still find them interesting. They are the total oposite of Infinity, who’s designers love to incorporate organic fluidic shapes.

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    I need this car to sprout some aerodynamic elements that look like feelers on a pleco fish. Some sort of vortex generator array that removes any last lingering doubt that anybody may have been flirting with the idea of Lexus actually trying to style a car that is anything other than grotesque being a reality. Maybe Lexus will soon develop a method for having their car also ooze some sort of viscous slop from orifaces which reduces the effective frontal area or something along those lines.

    I think I’d pick one of the boring 90’s Lexus products over any of the new ones.

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    I had an IS 300 bought new in 2004 (manual by the way, the “sport cross” or wagon version is auto only, or I would’ve gotten that), I really like Lexus for the rock solid reliability, a really good premium sound system, and a pretty decent interior, while everything else is good enough for the price. But the exterior styling in the last few years is a huge BLARGH. I’m just starting to be able to stomach it, and now they are going crank up the crazy :(

    • 0 avatar
      Land Ark

      My mom just registered the Sportcross I bought for her last year. I spent the last 6 months fixing it up and I have to say it was truly a pleasure to work on.
      I’d driven it in a few times to ensure it is up to snuff and my coworkers all thought it was a new car. It has a timelessly great design. It is also just a fantastic car to drive. I’m probably going to find an IS300 for myself because of it.
      I’m convinced it was the last real Toyota before they started to seriously cut costs – even considering it has a hard plastic dash.

      The replacements are not anywhere near the car it was.

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    Man, there’s a lot of hate here for a front fender and a headlight.

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    Meanwhile at design headquarters… Let’s do away with round wheels, its so 20th Century. Perhaps an octagon or square? I got it; triangle!

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    From what I can tell, this looks like new front bumper and new wheels. All the lines in sheet metal are exactly where they are in the current car.

    Oh, and.. Blech! Puke! So ugly! Abortion! Abomination! Dat MAW!

    Just trying to fit in,

    An IS350 owner

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    Gort, klaatu barada nikto!

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    is that car worth to buy? or that’s one of ugly car in the world? so they hide all part but headlamp?

    but, from its wheel, that’s look so premium, i hope so!

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    I don’t mind what it looks from the outside, and I could even live with the turbo 2-liter, but I’d buy it only if they got rid of the touchpad and the analog clock. Basically, get back to the 2009 interior.

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    I see plenty of “new Lexus” designs around here, and I like the design language….EXCEPT that stupid “Nike swoosh” running light. I’ve talked with my Future-Wife-in-Training about getting a last-generation IS350 for her at some point in the indeterminate future. Last-gen only because the current-gen ones are still ~$40k used.

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    Land Ark

    Looks like it has jowls. I’m ready for those to go as a design element but we’re just getting started.

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