Jeep Rolls Out 75th Anniversary Editions; Yes, Patriot, Compass Too

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

If you didn’t know it was Jeep’s 75th anniversary this year, it’s your fault for not paying attention. Pretty much all of the automaker’s SUVs are rolling billboards for its “Since 1941” branding, and now Jeep is officially doing something to celebrate.

Jeep launched its 75th Anniversary lineup Wednesday, which includes special editions for all its models. All of the Jeeps are candied in some sort of “macho” green — Jungle Green, Sarge Green or Recon Green — with bronze wheels, some sort of opening roof, and available cloth.

Oh, and there are a bucket-full of badges everywhere so you can feel special edition too.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited receive the heaviest special edition backhand. Based on Sahara trims, the 75th Anniversary packages add steel bumpers, a body-colored grille and rock rails. The Wrangler starts at $35,570 and Wrangler Unlimited starts at $39,370. (A comparable Sahara costs roughly $2,500 less.)

Jeep also dressed up the Grand Cherokee with a unique front fascia, 20-inch wheels and cloth seating inserts for $37,770 to start.

There are also special-edition garbs for the Cherokee and the Renegade, which run $30,870 and $26,370.

For the Compass and Patriot — which may or may not make the Jeep 100th anniversary highlight reel in 2031, that’s not my call — there are special editions, too. Those unloved, but phenomenally inexpensive Jeeps right now, get bronze wheels and Recon Green paint and I kind of want one now. Is that weird?

Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole

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  • Big Al from Oz Big Al from Oz on Jan 07, 2016

    I wonder if part of the 75th Anniversary package is quality, reliability and durability for these Jeeps? I can't believe how many people consider Jeeps reliable. If they were that good do you think where reliability and durability is required off road Landcruisers, some mid sizers, Patrols, and military G Wagens (many countries) would be the vehicles of choice? Even Land Rovers are the preferred vehicle in lieu of a Jeep. Why is this so????? I still don't understand why someone would drop 20" rims on a Grand Cherokee??? Wouldn't it be better to supply the vehicle with a better off rod suspension??? We have numpties here in Australia that buy midsizers, remove the 16" or 17" rims and drop 20"-22" inch rims on a 4x4. I suppose it's a free world.

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    • JustPassinThru JustPassinThru on Jan 07, 2016

      @Big Al from Oz Not quite fifty years. Much of the AMC legacy, which may have been partly form their inheriting the old Willys/Kaiser ironmonger engineers...much of that carried forward into the early '00s. The XJ was a wondrous achievement - a tough unibody SUV with, once the Chevy V6 was abandoned, an equally-tough set of engines. I speak from experience here, having had Jeep vehicles with both the 232 six and the derived 2.5 four. Couldn't kill either of those engines - and that's not just my experience or opinion. The six was preferred for the power; but the four was more than adaquate for routine use. Towards the end those were supremely-well-engineered - but more to the point, they could take a licking and keep on ticking. In any event, memories follow car marques. Today's Jeep sales are on cultural or personal memories of Jeeps as tough vehicles. Those the GMC line of rebadged Chevy trucks and CUVs. That's stood them well, even after abandoning manufacture of real trucks...but comes a time when it's recognized for what it is. Who thinks of GMCs these days as anything remarkable, other than a marketing effort of badge-engineered vehicles? Jeep in a decade will be the same.

  • An innocent man An innocent man on Jan 07, 2016

    And to properly honor this milestone, after 75 miles the vehicles will fail to start.

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  • 3-On-The-Tree Aja8888 I expected that issue with my F150 starting at 52,000mi. luckily I had an extended warranty and it saved me almost $8,000. No more Fords for me, only Toyota.
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