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For the first time in the nameplate’s history, Toyota will offer a Limited version of its mid-size Tacoma — which was the fifth-best selling truck of all trucks last month — and that’s probably a big deal.

The automaker outlined for us the lineup for the new Tacoma, which will hit dealers in September, and the walk up to the Limited trim — which is at the top trim, for now — sounded light at the bottom and heavy at the top. We’re not allowed to discuss pricing yet, so that’ll have to wait.

However, a top-end Limited trim means that Tacoma isn’t immune to the immutable First Law of Pickup Trucks: You can charge whatever you want for these things. And product planners probably have more in store for the Tacoma.

According to Toyota spokespeople, the Limited models will only account for 8 to 10 percent of the Tacoma’s overall volume, but at that clip it’ll drive profits just fine.

Last month, Toyota sold more than 17,000 Tacomas, making it the best month for the truck ever, and the fifth best-selling truck in the United States. With roughly one out of every two Tacomas being some sort of off-road or highly equipped trim — opposed to a work truck — the Tacoma has room to grow, profit-wise.

Basically what we’re saying is that instead of a belt-buckle, country-edition full-size, Toyota should make a Green Day-inspired, daddy-punk-rock version of the Tacoma for $50,000 — because that’ll sell like crazy, apparently.

Update: According to Bill Fay, group vice president and general manager Toyota in the U.S., the Limited grade is new for the Tacoma for 2016. Limited has been offered as a package before. For 2016, Toyota is moving to a grade-based, parent-child relationship in the Tacoma.

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25 Comments on “Toyota Has Limited Tacoma for the First Time and It’s Significant...”

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    Land Ark

    That’s really weird.

    I saw a Tacoma not 3 or 4 days ago with a Limited badge on the rear door right where the kink in the rear window is. I didn’t think it was a 2016 (looked just like mine, white even except with the refreshed grille of 2012 on). I remember thinking that the guy paid a lot of money for it since I had just built one on Toyota’s site (for the 2015 new model).

    The Limited package on the 2015 adds $7,610 to the price according to the Toyota web site.

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      Land Ark

      I saw another one, a red one, on my way home today – about 10 minutes after posting this.

      Limiteds have different wheels and a chrome package as far as exterior upgrades. Though it isn’t much of an upgrade since my nearly base Prerunner came with a chrome grille and rear bumper.

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    Toyota lists a “Limited” on its site now, but it looks like just a trim package that gets you those sweet Lexus-Tex™ vinyl seats and some chrome stuff for the outside.

    Maybe the new Limited will come to mean “every single option we could think of” like it does for other Toyota models.

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    The article is incorrect, there has been a Limited trim on the Tacoma for a few years now, since the facelift. Easy with the gaudy polished wheels.

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    I’d rather have a crazy loaded Tacoma than a full-sizer, because it would fit in my garage. But I’m not the target buyer for either. At all.

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    “Toyota Has Limited Tacoma for the First Time and It’s Significant”

    No, no its not.

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    Perhaps this applies to Canada as I do not recall ever seeing a “Limited” Tacoma.

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      Big Al from Oz

      When the new breed of midsizers (Ranger/BT50/Amarok) were released here in Australia Toyota made a similar move.

      The Hilux had a price reduction and was loaded with more bling to remain competitive. It has worked and the even though the Hilux represents a smaller ratio of overall pickup sales, it is still the largest selling pickup.

      I’d bet the Colorado/Canyon are impacting the upper end of the segment.

      It seems the US pickup consumer want high end loaded midsizers, the same that is available with their larger 1/2 ton siblings.

      Why not. Pickups are becoming cars. Not everyone wants a huge luxo Euro barge. This is evident by the way the German manufacturers are selling huge amounts of smaller luxury vehicles.

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    They do indeed sell them in the U.S. Oh, and those Chrome “wheels” are actually merely plastic covers glued onto a wheel….

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    an innocent man

    Directly from their website for the 2015: “Toyota Limited offers…”

    I thought the Limited on the Tacoma had been around awhile?

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    These has been a Tacoma Limited since at least 1999.

    Do some research before writing a blog post please.

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    The “Limited” is currently a package, not a ‘trim level’. So this will take the Limited to a new level. Except the Limited package is rare from what I’ve seen, so I can’t expect the trim level to be anything but rare also. Americans just wouldn’t consider a super-hard loaded midsize pickup a smaller “luxury” replacement for the fullsize luxo ‘Platinum’ type pickup or even German luxury cars, just because it has an open bed, or maybe even a high price.

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    I’m currently cross-shopping “Tacos” and 4Runners and some other vehicles and thought that this piece would have some “SIGNIFICANT” information for me to consider. But it didn’t…waste of time, Aaron.

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    Well ain’t that something. I went to the Toyota site and built a 2015 Toyota Tacoma Limited in Summit White for $37K and change.

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    Trim levels aside, I’m looking forward to driving the TRD Sport stick shift model.

    Are first drive reports coming anytime soon?

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      I’m somewhat interested in a double cab short bed TRD Offroad. 6MT, DI V6, locking rear diff. I’d still probably go back to a 4Runner or find a used Land Cruiser, though.

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    So, the difference between a “trim level” and a “package” is apparently a big deal.

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    I just checked the 2015 and 2016 VOAS guides. Nothing has changed in the line up other than there is quite a bit more content in the 2016 limited package. Most Toyotas are set by trim levels, with a couple of packages per trim level. Tacomas are quite different. The physical layout of the truck determines the trim level. ie: 4×2 / 4×4 or cab type. and then the content is determined by packages.

    Hope this clears it up.

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