Used Car of the Day: 2002 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner TRD

Today's UCOTD is, uh, interesting. This 2002 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner TRD has more than 283K miles on the clock, it's 21 years old, and the price is $15,000.

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Pay Attention: Toyota Unveils New Tacoma

Why are we asking you to pay attention? Because thanks to Toyota’s glacier-like design cycle, it is entirely possible this is an event that will happen infrequently in our lifetimes. Hot on the heels of a new Colorado/Canyon and fresh Ranger, the Big T has unleashed a new Tacoma.

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Teased Out: New Tacoma to Appear May 19

After what seems like a lifetime of being strung along, Toyota has finally dropped a firm date on which they will introduce the new Tacoma. And, true to form, they also published some photos from which we can parse some detail.

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Toyota Confirms Manual for 2024 Tacoma Pickup

While some may be perturbed by the premise that Toyota is adding complexity to the next-generation Tacoma via hybridization, the current model has been around since 2015 and is arguably due for an update. To pave the way for the new truck, the manufacturer recently sought to assuage fears that there will be no manual option by issuing a press release vowing be-clutched variants would remain available.

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Speaker’s Corner: Yet More Tacoma Teasers

We’ve spilled innumerable gallons of digital ink on the forthcoming Tacoma, partly thanks to an incessant stream of teaser photos but mainly because it is a hugely important product in a hot segment. But still – Toyota, if you’re listening, hurry up with the real thing, will ya?

This time around, we learn of a neat option ripped straight from the Book of Wrangler.

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Toyota Reads From the Book of Dirt

It seems every manufacturer with a pickup truck in their quiver is busying themselves creating numerous off-road variants; trims like Trail Boss, ZR2, Desert Boss, Tremor, Raptor, and Power Wagon are cropping up faster than auto journalists at the buffet. 

Determined not to be left behind, Toyota dropped (yet another) teaser of the 2024 Tacoma – this time with a new Trailhunter trim targeted directly at overlanders.

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Toyota Teases Tacoma Tailgate

Awesome alliteration aside, this is the best (official) look we’ve seen so far of the upcoming Toyota Tacoma. Thanks to the brand’s glacier-like design cycle, it’ll be the first new Tacoma is ages – and all signs point to a hybrid powertrain under the hood.

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Toyota Tacoma Teased Again Ahead of April 4 Debut

We saw a teaser image of the Toyota Tacoma last week, and now there are two more images -- one of which teases the release date.

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Next Toyota Tacoma Teased

We've had one truck teased, now it's time for another.

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Toyota Rumored to Be Considering Smaller Sibling for Tacoma, Hilux

Toyota executives are rumored to be considering the possibility of launching a smaller pickup to slot beneath the global phenomenon that is the Hilux, as well as the North American Tacoma.

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Toyota Infuses Various Models With Appearance Trims

The vast majority of TTAC readership is well acquainted with the manufacturer propensity to throw paint-n-wallpaper at a particular model in the years following its introduction, hoping the resultant noise made in the press from dweebs like myself will keep the thing top of mind when shoppers hit the dealer lots in search of new metal.

That game continues for the ’23 model year (and will do so until the sun explodes) with Toyota introducing new packages on the Tacoma, Tundra, and Sienna. We’ve rolled them into one news post rather than subjecting you to three.

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Buy/Drive/Burn: The Cheapest Trucks in America for 2021

We closed out last week with a Buy/Drive/Burn entry that covered the three cheapest sedans available in America this year. Nearly all of you decided you’d buy the most expensive of the three, the Hyundai Accent.

Today’s trio are the least expensive trucks on sale today with plain paint, two driven wheels, and steelies. Think you’ll select the most expensive truck of today’s trio for the Buy? Let’s find out.

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F-Series Most Popular Vehicle in 18 States

The most popular car for 2021 isn’t a car at all, it’s the Ford F-series pickup. Among the top 10 most popular cars, the Silverado and the Tacoma, both trucks, join the F-150.

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Leaked: Toyota Product Timeline, Other Juicy Tidbits

Here’s a change of pace: something to look forward to! In this instance, it’s a bevy of Toyota products poised to spring forth after this virus thing shuffles beneath the banner of “bad memory.”

The brand that’s shown no shortage of initiative in recent years plans to continue its new product flow, this time focusing more on trucks than cars.

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Toyota Tacoma to Hitch a Ride From the Lone Star State

The perennially popular Toyota Tacoma will move all of its assembly south of the Rio Grande under a recently announced production switch-up.

When the ancient Sequoia full-size SUV enters a new generation, and along with it the Tundra pickup, it won’t stay at its present Princeton, Indiana home. Toyota plans to move Sequoia production southward to Texas, punting Tacoma output to a country that’s no stranger to the midsize pickup.

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