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Hitting showrooms Tuesday, Tata Motors announced its latest variant of the Nano city car: the GenX Nano.

Starting price for the four-passenger GenX ranges between Rs1.99 lakh ($3,000 USD) for the XE trim, to Rs2.89 lakh ($4,535) for the XTA model. Power comes from a 624cc two-cylinder with multi-point injection, and is good for around 38 horses and 38 lb-ft of torque. A four-speed manual and a five-speed “Easy Shift” automated manual route the power to the back, with the latter providing enhanced acceleration and traffic-friendly features.

Other features available include: smoked headlamps; 24-liter fuel tank for longer trips; electric power steering; 110 liters of luggage room; connected-vehicle system with Bluetooth, CD and USB/AUX ports; “SUV-like ground clearance”; and structural safety enhancements.

The GenX Nano will be on sale at all 450 Tata showrooms Tuesday, with the XE, XM, XT and XTA models available immediately; the XMA trim will arrive made-to-order beginning in August. Its competitors include the Hyundai Eon and Suzuki Alto.

[Photo credit: Tata]

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13 Comments on “Tata GenX Nano Latest In Low-Cost Line Of Nano City Cars...”

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    My understanding is that the Indian public was largely insulted and put-off by the Nano, and so stayed away from it. Tata should just give it up and start over…

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      Just add quilts and turn it into the new Jaguar XN.

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      Arthur Dailey

      Correct in that it did not become an ‘aspirational’ purchase. Consumers would rather save up to purchase an old, used Hindustan Ambassador ( in reality a 1956 Morris Oxford) than a new Nano. And continue driving their family around stacked on a motor scooter until then.

      Demonstrates just how subjective and emotional auto purchases are, around the world.

      Personally, I think that it is a neat little vehicle, much better suited for its role than a Smart.

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      heavy handle

      Nano sales started slow, but they’ve improved. It’s not a huge success, but it’s also not the dismal failure that some older articles claimed.

      Lesson learned: don’t claim your car is the cheapest new car in the world. Being the second cheapest will do.

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    I’m going with the Alto, so I can DO THE HUSTLE!

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    Also, this looks hot.

    I seem to remember in GT or GT2, it was important to choose the Alto Works to compete in the tiny car races because:

    1) There was another Alto-only class race cup, so you didn’t have to buy two tiny cars.
    2) The Alto Works came with a turbo and could be further turboe’d at higher levels for lots of HP, while many of the other tiny or Kei cars could only be NA-tuned. This option was more expensive and produced much lower HP gains.

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    I can’t _not_ love something with that ground clearance and greenhouse but it would make a lot more sense in a developed country with a 2-seat layout like an Elio.

    Cute little run-to-the -hardware-store runabout but I realize it’s for markets that don’t have hardware stores. Or hardware. Or stores.

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    Multi-point injection on a two cylinder?
    wow! double the injectors over throttle Body.

    Although I suspect some of the competition consumers are cross shopping are carburetor equipped.

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      Vipul Singh

      If you are talking about used cars older than 15 years, then perhaps, but carb equipped cars became outmoded ever since India 2000 norms came around in the year 2000 (duh..).

      All cars sold in India meet Bharat Stage 4 emissions norms, which are closely aligned to Euro 4. There are also rumours that we may go straight to BS-6, skipping BS-5 altogether provided the fuel refineries get upgraded

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    This looks like a two-eyed version of the “Cyclops” car that Stan Mott drew for so many years.

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