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Christian Grey will have to move to Europe if he wants the new Audi R8 sooner than 2016. Otherwise, he’ll have to settle for seeing its debut in Geneva.

While U.S. showrooms will be waiting until the 2017 model year for the R8 to arrive, those across the Atlantic can get theirs this summer for the equivalent of $184,000 to $209,000, depending on features selected.

When it does arrive, however, V10 power will be the rule with two options: 540 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque, or 610 horses and 413 lb-ft of torque. Either way, the power will be funnelled through a seven-speed dual-clutch auto to an all-new Quattro system that can make the R8 either all FWD or all RWD depending on where demand is greatest.

Meanwhile, those who want more green power can opt for the e-tron version, whose 92-kWh battery pack gives the all-electric model a range 280 miles per charge, double that of the previous e-tron’s 140 miles. Speed will be limited to between 130.5 mph and 153.3 mph, and pricing is not yet known.

Other options include adaptive suspension, variable steering, 19- and 20-inch wheel choices, steel or carbon ceramic brakes, and a driver-focused interior.

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16 Comments on “Geneva 2015: 2017 Audi R8 Debuts...”

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    Don’t show me some bullsh1t matte paint, Audi. Come on – nobody buys that. I really like the wheel design, but the rest of it just looks too similar to the prior version, and is no big improvement*. Just have the old one and save some money!

    Lol, E-tron supercar limited to 130-150mph. Awful!

    *Interior might be, I see brown quilted leather. Which of course does -not- go with matte graphite grey.

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    Looks a lot like a Veyron – just needs the spoiler.

    For these prices, I see BMW selling twice as many i8’s.

    Tesla will probably sell 3x as many P85D.

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    Loss of the side-blades make this car a lot more pedestrian looking.

    Frankly looks like a backwards step of a mid-cycle refresh. Sales will tank if they think this is how you refresh a car.

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    Am I the only one who thinks the first gen R8 looked a lot better?

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    I like the R8, just never been a huge fan. The new version seems to look remarkably similar to the TT is you ask me. If you’re going to make a supercar, it needs to be different. I’m favoring the previous gen from what I can see so far.

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    I think the car looks good – I think the choice of color for the show car was God awful. It makes this look incredibly boring. Body colored blades on a battle ship gray car.

    What the Hell was the marketing department thinking?

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    The original R8 was one of my favorite super cars for daily driving–similar to the ‘ol Acura NSX. The styling was eye-catching cool without trying too hard. And you could drive it without having to put a mechanic beside you.

    Now, the newer version looks like a beefed up TT.


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    V-Strom rider

    “Speed will be limited to between 130.5 mph and 153.3 mph”.

    WOW – a minimum speed of 130.5 mph! I want one!

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    The R8 E-Tron mostly makes up for the lackluster redesign of this car. The standard R8 and R8 V10 don’t look as fresh.

    Audi did the utmost to make it look similar to the current gen, but the first gen just has this classic, timeless look that this car just doesn’t replicate. It just looks new, not better, new. So there’s that I guess. However, the “cockpit” interior is awesome. I appreciate Audi’s push to move all relevant info in front of the driver and simplify interior design.

    I wish designers took a revolutionary rather than evolutionary approach, but in fairness almost all Audi redesigns are reserved. If it ain’t broke blah blah blah.

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