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The 2016 Audi R8 will feature two V10 engines, but there will also be an electric version as well.

The “base” V10 will produce 540 horsepower and 398 lb-ft, while the V10 Plus will pump out 610 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque. Both powertrains will be mated to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission and all-wheel drive.

The R8 e-tron will also debut in concept form, with a range of  280 miles, while producing 456 horsepower and 679 lb-ft of torque from its all electric drivetrain. The Audi-made lithium-ion battery pack is integrated into the center tunnel in a T-shape, ala the Chevrolet Volt. The new R8 will debut next week at the Geneva Auto Show.


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17 Comments on “Geneva 2015: Audi R8 Revealed...”

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    Dr. Doctor

    For a high-performance vehicle 280 miles of range isn’t too bad. I wonder if it has a P85D-like Quattro system?

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    “The R8 e-tron will also debut in concept form”

    Yes indeedy, concept form.

    Just concept form.

    Not production. Oh no, we gotta play it safe.
    Because everybody knows, electric cars (*cough* Leaf), let alone electric performance cars (*cough* Model S) are completely not viable in the marketplace.

    I mean, if somebody ever did release a performance electric car, they’d sell like 50 a year worldwide, tops.

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    cimarron typeR

    Looks alot like new NSX,not feelin’ it.

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    Has Audi hired Porsche’s marketing department and their if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it approach to vehicle styling?

    Oh wait, I get it now.

    This is a development mule with the old body over a bunch of new systems.

    That is it, right?

    This thing isn’t actually supposed to be their new, next-generation car.


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      The new gen Porsche sports cars look great with the biggest improvements being the Cayman/Boxster. The other stuff…lets just say there’s room for improvement.

      Audi sedans and the A5/S5 look great. Their sports cars not so much. Let’s have Porsche designers pen Audi sports cars and Audi designers do their work on Porsche sedans.

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    This is one of the most mild “NEW CAR!” restyles I have ever seen. The grille is more hexagon shaped, and the lights are lower. New interior.

    The end! I think they don’t want to mess with the formula any because it’s been selling decently – but come on!

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    As I said in another post on this car, I really question whether they have done enough, especially given that there are no less than 3 new cars that will compete with this car to some degree (BMW i8, Acura NSX, and Mercedes GT S). The most radical departures are the electric version which is not available and a concept diesel version which may never see production.

    The interior design is nice as expected from Audi, but it too closely mimics the design of the new TT. Do I really want an interior that looks practically identical to a car that costs a fraction of my new R8?

    My final issue is with the V10 Plus. As a track car, why wouldn’t I save a bundle of money and get a GT3 instead? Or, given how much this car is likely to cost, would I spend a little more to get a proper name plate on my 600 hp supercar like Lamborgini or Ferrari?

    Just not sure much of a market exists for the car this time around. I think I read that part of the delay in the NSX is that the R8 hit the market and they realized they needed to rework the car. Perhaps Audi should have considered doing the same. Visually and otherwise, it just comes across as a feeble effort.

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    What makes the “Plus” put out extra HP? Better exaust?

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    “The 2016 Audi R8 will feature two V10 engines”

    At the same time??! oh… lame.

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    Too many new versions of cars look terrible compared to the previous gens. A few got better. My list:

    This Audi R8.
    Audi TT
    New Mustang.
    Camaro (especially the tail lights)
    Upcoming Ferrari 488
    Mercedes SL
    BMW 3/4 series

    911 (subtle, but better)

    These are just a few off the top of my head.
    Anyone else?

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      This Is Dawg

      I agree with every single one of these, although, having seen the new Mustang and Charger in person, they aren’t as bad as I had thought. I really like the new back end on the Mustang.

      I’ll add:

      Cruze refresh
      Yaris, 4Runner, Camry, Corrolla, everything spindly and gaping about that company
      Mini Cooper and Family

      Merc’s newer S class
      Refreshed Focus
      BMW 6 Series
      Regal refresh

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    Interesting that no one seems to think Audi has done enough with the new R8. Guess the B&B have spoken! lol!

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    Tony Stark will look at this R8 then look at his old R8 and scratch his gold-titanium-alloy head…

    On the other hand, the new-but-looks-old Chevy Silverado will feel comforted by this turn of events.

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    Me thinks Tony will be getting an i8 or NSX and the R8 will be sitting on the lot disappearing in his rear view mirror. This is a Lotus level remake. Lotus has an excuse, they are broke. Audi has none

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    I actually like the update, apparently I’m the only one though. It’s nothing crazy different, but it doesn’t always have to be

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    I’ll agree that the changed aren’t nearly enough in what is essentially a vanity market. And from a styling perspective the unique side blades are gone making it even less interesting.

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    Dual clutch only is a bummer. I think this was the last new car you could buy with a gated manual. That makes me sad.

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