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Ahead of its unveiling in Geneva, here’s a leaked pic of the next Audi R8.

Two V10 engines will be available from the start, with no V8 option – yet. A twin turbo V6 is also rumored. We’ll know more next week.

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21 Comments on “2016 Audi R8 Revealed...”

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    It’s pretty, but the real sports car breakout this year is gonna be the i8.

    How are the current R8s selling TTAC?

    I so rarely see sales figures.

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      Dr. Doctor

      I’d be willing to bet that Audi will offer a hybrid system similar to its big brother the R18.

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      Per Good Car Bad Car, 735 R8s were sold last year, an approximate 10% drop from the previous year. By comparison, the I8 sold 555 units.

      The only sports car that is doing any volume is the Corvette.

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        The i8 is going to sell close to 100% of units.
        I enjoyed driving it.

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          Jeremy Clarkson also liked driving it but he said that he only managed to get 35 miles per gallon as oppose to the 135 claimed by BMW. What about you? Did you get any decent mileage out of it?

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            It’s a plug-in hybrid, so depending on how you’re driving it and how much time you’re spending in EV mode, gas mileage can have a wider variation than an ICE car.

            If you take it to the track and have fun – full boost on the ICE is going to suck down a lot of gas. If you hit the e-drive button locking it in electric drive and have a 20 mile or less commute in heavy traffic, you might use zero gas for weeks.

            BMW gives you the tools – some that you don’t have with an ICE, but it’s up to you on how you use them.

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            I didn’t even consider MPG. Driving it was more about it being exotic and people wanting to see it, ask about it and even ride in it. I took a few chicks on a joyride.

            As far as practicality/efficiency goes, Tesla’s P85/D has the i8 beat hands down.

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    I LOVE it. They didn’t mess with it’s already great looks and just tweaked up the existing design.

    If I won the lottery – this would be the car.

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    Never been a fan. To me the front and rear seem to be penned by different designers.

    Much rather have a 911 GT3–The Truth.

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    The new looks okay, I personally wouldn’t have changed it, just jack up the horsepower a bit to what you get in the Lamborghini variants.

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    Part of me hopes they make the turbo V6 the top engine just to troll everyone, then I remember Jaguar did that 20+ years ago and Ford is about to do it again now with that new Ford GT.

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    healthy skeptic

    I’ve never been much of an Audi guy. I think they make good products, but somehow they don’t seem to get my blood racing in the same manner as, say, BMW or Porsche. In the end, they just seem a little stodgy to me.

    The R8 is different, however. If I had $100k+ to blow on a supercar, this one would definitely be on the list of candidates. It’s supposed to be a good daily driver in addition to a racing machine.

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      Believe it or not, the low-key appearance of Audi is one of the things that I like about it. I can get away with things in my S4 that I couldn’t get away with in my rusty pickup. Cops just don’t seem to notice. Sure, some of that comes from the white sedan being driven by a white guy in a white dress shirt with some white in his beard, but the car doesn’t stand out the same way an Estoril blue 435 does, and consequently, I rarely see party lights in the rear view mirror.

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        I think the idea that flashy sports cars get pulled over more is mostly urban myth. I do believe that if two cars are speeding, the flashy sports car will get pulled over. But most of the time, I believe cops have their radar (or whatever) set to a certain speed and the first unlucky motorist to trip the setting gets pulled over. That was certainly the case the last time I got pulled over.

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    Basically a new front end and I am assuming the new electronics seen in the new TT and Huracan, safe and conservative changes. The R8 will pretty much evolve much the same way the 911 does from here on out.

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    R8 is a classic beauty. I do like the vertical lower front air vents, however I dislike what Audi has done to its side blades. The polarizing long side blades are needed to set this beast apart from others especially TT.

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    I really wonder if Audi has done enough with the new R8. The $100-200K sports car market has changed recently with 3 new additions: the i8, the NSX (finally) and the Mercedes GT S. Against this influx of new cars, the Audi shape remains largely the same. I doubt most people could tell the difference between the two generations. The biggest difference will be the new dash which sound like sitting in the R8 might not be much different from sitting in the new TT which is not a good thing since the R8 is roughly 3 times the cost of the TT.

    If I had $150-200K burning a hole in my pocket, I’m just not sure Audi would get my money. The NSX is a brand new face, and will probably offer comparable reliability and DD capacities. The same could be said of the i8 and GT S. As a track car, I could save over $50k and get a GT3.

    The R8 might have trouble standing out from the crowd this time around. Now the R8 eTron and the diesel (if ever offered might be a different story.

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