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Simon Cowell may be upgrading his ride next year, now that the 2016 Morgan Aero 8 has hit the ramp at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show.

Moving the Aero 8 is a 4.8-liter BMW V8 delivering 367 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque to the back through either a six-speed manual or auto. Nil to 62 comes at 4.5 seconds, with the handbuilt all-aluminum roadster topping out at 170 mph.

The Aero 8’s standard soft top folds away in a rear-opening clamshell trunk, while the optional hard top easily turns the roadster into a coupe. Other features include real wood accents, detailed stitching in the leather, and components that would not look out of place in a much, much older roadster.

Production is set to begin Q4 2015, with an unknown limited amount expected to be produced.

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23 Comments on “Geneva 2015: 2016 Morgan Aero 8 Debuts...”

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    What a beautiful car. That dashboard looks like an exquisite rare watch

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      That is indeed some excellent trim in there. An interesting choice to make it LHD but also KPH. Guess they’re going after zee Germans initially.

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      Agreed, this is simply the most attractive sports car that I’ve seen in a long time. I wonder if those seats are comfortable for a long road trip, tho? I would really like to cruise the backroads in one of these.

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        87 Morgan

        The plus 8 had a steel frame. The cockpit and floor pans were made of ash, a lot of the sheet metal was aluminum, the bonnet was a chore to remove as they were quite flimsy.

        I have never driven an aero but imagine they are a blast. I spoke with a genie would owned one and his biggest disappointment was how unreliable it was. I would like to think that was a fluke, but after owning one for 27 years you get kind of used to tinkering…the drivetrain as never the issue per se, it was everything else that attached to it.

        I would love it if I could get to the financial where with all to be able afford an Aero, as you can most likely be sure you will be the only one who has one in your hood.

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    spreadsheet monkey

    Prices likely to be in excess of GBP100k. Much loved here in the UK. It’s popular with rich car enthusiasts who have already “done” 911s and Ferraris, and are looking for something rare and different.

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    Of all the Geneva hardware reported on so far, this is easily the car that interests me the most.

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    I never really liked these before but for some reason I’m intrigued now.

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    “…with the handbuilt all-aluminum roadster topping out at 170 mph”

    Aren’t Morgans still wood-frame with a metal chassis? So not really “all-aluminum”?

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    I was thinking they used to only do RHD vehicles. This one here is debuting as LHD – so perhaps they realized they need to sell cars outside of England to survive.

    But I bet that’s gonna turn off the English traditionalists if it’s not available in RHD.

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      87 Morgan

      You can and could order your Morgan either RHD or LHD.

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        How are these importable into the US, though? There’s no way they could pass crash tests and all that.

        Also, the other day I saw a legitimate RHD London Cab, which was relatively new, like late 90s+ (looked to be a TX1 model), on Ohio plates. I was very confuse.

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          87 Morgan

          Federalizing them has been an issue for quite some time, my 87′ ran on propane as at the time getting the 3.5 Rover to pass U.S emissions on pump gas all but impossible. It was my understanding the reason for the Plus 8 and Roadster no longer being available was getting them compliant with US regs. They had an extension for awhile, though the cars do have air bags on the 00’s versions. Many, upon delivery, have them removed and replaced with the traditional Nardi stearing wheel though. Hard to expect a company like Morgan to be able to produce the requisite number of cars needed just have them bashed into a concrete wall and than receive confirmation of what we all think, which is, if you are going to wreck best to not do it in a Morgan.
          Kind of a shame since they are unique and in my opinion, we are better off for having them around.

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            Ah okay, so there aren’t really any new ones in the US. The article said Cowell had one – and he usually lives in LA, so that’s why I was asking.

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    Does it still have that cross-eyed look about it?

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    Morgan existing makes the world a little bit better.

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