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Nissan’s deal with Daimler is bearing further fruit in the form of the QX30, a compact crossover that’s based on the Mercedes-Benz GLA.

Like the Q30 concept, the QX30 is a front-wheel drive compact designed to go head to head with the Audi A3 and the upper end of the mainstream market. Expect a range of powertrains similar to the CLA (2.0L turbo gasoline engine, a selection of diesels), as well as a price tag close to the magic $29,995 mark.

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31 Comments on “Infiniti Teases QX30 Crossover...”

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    The first FWD Infiniti model in quite a while. I don’t agree with that bit. Nor do I want it sharing anything with a Mercedes.

    I do agree with the return of two-tone via cladding. And I like the styling as well. Certainly better looking than the Encore or the GLA.

    But overall, a net negative for the brand IMO. Customers will like a small FWD offroad BS thingy though.

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      “The first FWD Infiniti model in quite a while. I don’t agree with that bit. Nor do I want it sharing anything with a Mercedes.”

      Unfortunately (or not)…Good luck with that! The Mercedes and Renault-Nissan collaboration seems to be getting deeper. The Twingo apparently is a huge success (could TTAC get someone to test dive it in Europe, maybe Vojtla?, please). And the FWD packaging gives it all kinds of space efficiency a small CUV can’t do without.

      Almost afraid to say this, but I think the design is rather attractive too at first glance. Wonder about the front, maybe there it all unravels so it is not shown?

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        I picture it having a similar front to that new Q60 concept they showed, because at least the tail lights on this thing follow a similar form as that coupe. If that’s the case it’ll be all good!

        Mercedes stay away! No!

        Actually, here. I like it!

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          Nice. I would soften the upper corners of the grill a bit and tone (way) down the manic grin, but it is nice. I do think Infinitis tend to look better than most of their more direct competition.

          But, I also liked the new Maxima (with the excption of a few details) and don’t mind the Juke or Cube. Even that baleen whale Infiniti looks interesting (at least in pics), so what do I know?

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          This appears to literally be a lifted and cladded version of the Q30 hatchback concept that debuted not too long ago. You can imagine this car’s front end looking something like the Q30 concept’s. I think it’s an attractive look, personally.


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          Domestic Hearse


          Love the profile, but the front rather spoils it for me. Infiniti’s Angry Catfish may be better than Lexus’ current Darth Vader maw, but not by much.

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            It’s just really a smaller version of the same thing. It is definitely not as offensive as something like the RC-F.

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        I think the GLA looks okay in person.

        I think this thing looks *horrible*, at least in pictures.

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      Wasn’t that long ago when the JX/QX60 started production – 2012.

      As Lexus and Acura has shown, Infiniti has learned that lower priced FWD offerings, esp. CUVs, do better in terms of sales when going up against the Germans.

      This looks pretty good – the best interpretation of the Infiniti design language to date.

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      Richard Chen

      This upcoming Infiniti is the product of a joint venture between Nissan & Mercedes, to be built in Mexico, and due by 2017-ish.

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      Honestly, the attention span of commenters here is about two days. This Renault/Mercedes arrangement has been known for literally years.

      Nissan has been making Mercedes four cylinder engines in Tennessee for the last 6 months, as was announced in 2010. When the opening of the plant was announced, there was a collective “huh?” around here, so I reminded people that this cooperation had been forecast for years.

      I’ll try again:

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      That’s the way I felt when Infiniti released the JX/QX60. FWD w/ a CVT I believe.

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    Tough being a car guy today.

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    Can someone please make a crossover that you can see out of ! Besides the Forester and Escape all these new crossovers sit so damn low. I’m over 6 foot and the bottom of the driver side door window is at the top of my shoulder. This new Infiniti, looks just as bad as the GLA. These little slit camaro windows look so damn trendy and ridiculous. I’m tired of waiting for some grandma or soccer mom trying to back up or park one of these things.

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    John R

    I don’t think I understand what is driving this relationship between Mercedes and Renault-Nissan. With this badged as an Infiniti aren’t both concerns fishing after the same customer?

    I guess the GLA and this would play in different price brackets, but to me it’s the same customer regardless. Why wouldn’t someone who could afford both just buy the loaded up Infiniti and save themselves some money?

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    So, would this replace the QX50 or will it be sold along with it? I’m kind of confused with this one, though I like it

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    I like it. Until I read the notes, I just assumed this was based on the Juke.

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    I hate to admit it but that actually looks pretty good. It may be FWD but at least it isn’t as ugly as the X1.

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    Wheels too big.
    Windows too small.
    Price too high.
    Provenance too confusing.

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