Toyota Increasing Crossover, SUV Production To Meet US Demand

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
toyota increasing crossover suv production to meet us demand

With U.S. demand for its crossovers and SUVs expected to increase in 2015, Toyota is responding in kind by increasing production at home and in Canada.

Bloomberg reports the production increase will prove challenging to president Akio Toyoda’s strategy of squeezing more vehicles — such as the RAV4, RX and NX — from the plants already in place before considering new construction after March 2016.

Further, Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz says the automaker plans to add smaller crossovers and SUVs to help it gain more overall market share in the U.S. against competitors like Volkswagen, maintaining its position on the top of the global sales podium in so doing.

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  • Gtem Gtem on Jan 20, 2015

    My gf's folks traded in a 2005 Highlander Limited with 170k miles in for a 2013 Rav4 Limited, I have to say it's quite a downgrade in everything but MPG, which went from about 21 mpg on loaded up highway trips in the Highlander to 28 mpg in the Rav (going 75mph in both). The interior plastics are just horrendous in the Rav4, the faux carbon fiber texturing on the center console is nothing short of WTF. This is coming from a guy with a lambasted 2012 Civic! Rear seat is a really hard bench, spending even an hour back there for a larger person was rough. The Limited on 18 inch wheels rides like crap as well. Potholes and expansion joints are felt way too much for what's supposed to be a regular family car. It does have one of the largest cargo capacities in its class, and is one of the few crossovers to have a locking center viscous coupling (locks 50/50 front to rear at low speeds). The Camry-borrowed 2.5L/6A combo is a tried and true, solid unit. I'm sure these will make it to 200k miles with little to no fuss. I really can't blame people for buying compact SUVs in droves, with how good the MPG is on them these days it really gives up nothing to a sedan while offering more room, optional AWD, and some extra ground clearance (as in what used to be normal clearance for a sedan). I will not mention driving dynamics, they are good enough on the CUVs that the average consumer won't care or notice.

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    • Zach Zach on Jan 20, 2015

      @zach It's probably a good idea for you to remain childless, you sound like one yourself, certainly dramatic at best. "Where did you come from , and can you go back there?"

  • Hummer Hummer on Jan 20, 2015

    At least this guys following the market demands, last weeks article where Barra says she's going to continue doing what they're doing and ignore the market is ridiculous.

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    • Lie2me Lie2me on Jan 20, 2015

      @zach Yes, she does, so much so that she may have given the green light to the mid-engine Corvette as a possible sibling as opposed to a Corvette replacement

  • DrGastro997 DrGastro997 on Jan 20, 2015

    All that production squeezing and massive pressure on their suppliers to ramp up for demand might take a heavy toll on their quality level. Toyota is notorious when it comes to pressuring their suppliers.

  • Kato Kato on Jan 20, 2015

    "the automaker plans to add smaller crossovers and SUVs" The smaller SUVs bit piqued my interest. I'd like a 4-door SUV based on the new Tacoma, with the new Atkinson cycle V6, a transfer case, a manual transmission and some off-road chops please. Think of a slightly smaller, modernized Gen III 4Runner. Or an updated, 4-door FJ without the cartoon styling, massive blind-spots, and unslakable thirst for premium. Oh, and please don't whack it with an ugly stick. The current 4Runner is both hideously ugly and too big.