Hyundai Launches eN1 for Single-Make Race Series

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

Fresh off a new batch of awards last week in New York, Hyundai has announced the Ioniq 5 N eN1 Cup car – complete with slick tires, a redesigned body kit, and various lightweight measures.

Tipping the scales at an estimated 4,334 pounds (about 500 lbs less than a roadgoing Ioniq 5 N, the eN1 is said to utilize the same power electronics system as the production car. That model has a beefed-up powertrain compared to the non-N variant, though its larger (84.0-kWh vs 77.0-kWh) battery will eventually migrate to less powerful iterations as the model year progresses. Both the street N and track eN1 make 641 horsepower

The track car also features body styling designed to increase downforce and improve handling. Low and wide-style over-fenders pair well with the square Ioniq 5 styling cues, evoking attractively chunky hatchbacks (even though, yes, this is technically a crossover) of yore like the Delta Integrale. Increased downforce is courtesy of front aero addenda and a massive rear wings. Its diet of Slim Fast is courtesy of removing unnamed “unnecessary components” along with forged wheels, an FRP hood, and polycarbonate windows.

Luddites will roll their eyes at the mention of an amplified N Active Sound and N e-Shift but this author wheeled an Ioniq 5 N in anger around a racetrack just one week ago and found these tricks to provide a sufficiently visceral punctuation to EV performance. It's far more than just a skiff of fake noise being played through a speaker and simulated PlayStation gears.

To placate health and safety nerds, the car is equipped with gear like a roll cage, racing bucket seats, and fire extinguishers made exclusively for electric fires. Remember those lessons in sixth grade science class, kids. It also boasts a modified charge port location which, judging by the photographs, is inside the car towards its rear cargo area. But more than enough stock cues remain to make the thing readily identifiable. In that regard, the France family could stand to learn a thing or two.

The new eN1 class, to be introduced this year, will operate under open regulations so that teams can compete with various tire products without being restricted to a single manufacturer.

[Images: Hyundai]

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Matthew Guy

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