Hyundai Launches ’24 Elantra N

On what was the 8th anniversary of Hyundai’s N efforts, the Korean brand hauled covers off its 2024 Elantra N sedan. Launched three years ago, the rip-roaring four-door has garnered plenty of attention (some of it from clueless cops) and for this model year earns some meaningful performance upgrades whilst adopting the regular Elantra’s improved styling.

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2024 Hyundai Kona Review – Ready For New Challenges?

The 2024 Hyundai Kona is launching now – dealers should be receiving units as you read this – and Hyundai has some challenges to overcome as it gets the new Kona to market.

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Hyundai Reveals Sonata, Elantra for 2024

In a rare double feature, Hyundai threw the covers off a pair of updates today instead of choosing to drag the news cycle out over a couple of weeks. Even more rare? The rigs in question are both sedans.

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QOTD: Going Blocky

Yesterday we brought you the details on the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe. The Santa Fe's new duds are quite blocky, just like those of the Land Rover Defender (Hyundai claims this is a coincidence. Other blocky SUVs on the market include the Ford Bronco. Other Land Rover/Range Rover models are squared off, too. Kia, which is a corporate sibling to Hyundai, has been selling the blocky Telluride for a while now.

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2024 Hyundai Santa Fe – Heading in a New Direction

The reveal of the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe took us a bit by surprise a few weeks ago.

Apparently, details leaked onto the Internet so the company rushed up a press release that we dutifully covered.

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Hyundai To Face Class-Action Suit for Problems With EV Charging Plugs

Hyundai’s EVs are some of the most buzzed-about models on sale today, but it appears not everyone is happy with the ownership experience. The Drive recently reported that the automaker’s facing a class-action suit from owners who say their EVs’ charging ports can overheat and prevent the vehicle from getting a full charge.

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Hyundai N Models to Receive Carbon Fiber Wheels

The UK-based wheel specialist from Dymag and composites wizards from Korea's Hankuk Carbon have announced the development of a line of hybrid carbon-fiber wheels for Hyundai’s N cars. 

A prototype of the new N Performance carbon hybrid wheels were showcased at the Hyundai stand at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed alongside the spicy and all-electric Ioniq 5 N. Based on statements from Dymag, it may be the first model to receive them. 

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Automakers Band Together To Form Tesla Supercharger Competitor

Tesla’s Supercharger network seems to have taken over the world, with several major automakers recently announcing a shift to the standard in the coming years. However, that hasn’t stopped many others from banding together to form their own charging network, including some who signed on with Tesla.

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Hyundai Santa Fe Undergoes Radical Surgery

It's been a long time since your author has seen a redesign as radical as what Hyundai is promising with the new Santa Fe. Quite frankly, it's a bit refreshing to see an automaker make a change this major -- though there are exceptions, redesigns lately seem to be more often about evolution than revolution. I applaud the strategy regardless of what I think of the execution.

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2023 Hyundai Elantra N Review - Keeping The Faith

A well-seasoned trope in automotive media is lamentation. The sorrow for those things that we once had but no longer do. We cry out for simple cars we can work on ourselves. We mourn the loss of cheap and cheerful pickup trucks. We weep for the days of low-interest rates and the ability to negotiate prices below the window sticker.

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Hyundai Pulls Back The Curtain On The Ioniq 5 N

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is one of the more compelling and attractive EVs on sale today, but the automaker isn’t resting on its early successes. After a few teases and months of speculation, Hyundai took the wraps off of the performance-oriented Ioniq 5 N at the Goodwood Festival of Speed today, showing a vehicle that should rival the impressive Kia EV6 GT’s performance.

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Cruz Control: Hyundai Adds XRT Trim to Its Pickup

Set to jump on board the bandwagon made popular by quasi-rugged trims at other brands like X-Line and TrailSport, Hyundai is adding an XRT trim to the Santa Cruz.

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Consumer Reports: Some EVs Do Not Shine Brake Lights When Using Regenerative Braking

One-pedal driving is one of the more well-known features of electric vehicles, but Consumer Reports recently voiced concerns that the feature might be more dangerous than initially thought.

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Junkyard Find: 2012 Hyundai Equus

When the first Hyundai Excels appeared on American streets as 1986 models, bearing shockingly cheap price tags, did anyone imagine that someday there would be a big, ostentatious Hyundai luxury sedan with serious V8 power available here? It happened, and I found one of those machines in a car graveyard in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a few weeks back.

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Hyundai and Kia Settle Lawsuit Over TikTok Thefts

We’ve been hearing about the ease with which even the most amateur thief can steal older Hyundai and Kia models for a while now. Fixes for the lack of an electronic immobilizer are slow to come, but a group of owners took matters into their own hands with a class-action lawsuit. The issue was recently settled, netting a significant payment from the automakers.

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