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Taking a step closer toward a production midsize SUV for its Chattanooga, Tenn. plant, Volkswagen is unveiling its Cross Coupe GTE at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

The two-row, five-passenger hybrid crossover concept takes its styling from both the CrossBlue Concept from 2013’s Detroit Auto Show, and the CrossBlue Coupe from the Shanghai Auto Show that same year. The design language will, in turn, be carried over unto the seven-passenger SUV set to leave Tennessee beginning at the end of 2016.

Powering the MQB-platform crossover is 3.6-liter VR6 FSI and two electric motors. The direct-injection V6 provides 276 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque to all four corners, augmented by the 54 horsepower/162 lb-ft electric motor up front, and the 114 horsepower/199 lb-ft unit in the back. Both electrics are linked to a 14.1 kWh compact lithium-ion pack in the center tunnel. The total results are 355 horsepower, 280 lb-ft of torque, 70 MPGe, 130 mph top speed, and nil to 60 in six seconds; a six-speed DSG handles everything.

The Cross Coupe GTE can be driven electric-only for up to 20 miles, default to Hybrid mode on start-up, use all of its power in GTE mode, and in Off-Road mode, the front motor becomes a gasoline-driven generator for the rear motor, providing AWD even when the hybrid’s battery is low.

Inside, the driver and front passenger have access to a 10.1-inch touchscreen display that can also be operated with gesture controls. Meanwhile, the driver’s 12.3-inch, 1,440 x 540 px instrumentation display provides navigation and driver assistance, and changes graphics depending on the driving mode chosen. Other features include Wi-Fi, attachments for tablets in the rear-seat headrests, leather, and a 60/40-split rear bench for increased cargo space.

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19 Comments on “NAIAS 2015: Volkswagen Previews Midsize SUV With Cross Coupe GTE...”

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    Nice evolution of the design language and a very nice interior. Now, if Volkswagen can deliver a production version before the next decade they might actually help fix their North American sales situation.

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    I assume this will be dumbed down to sell in numbers that VW need to move medal, looks nice on the inside and outside know get it built with a decent price point

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    three numbers that determining success of that vehicle are missing from this article: price, mileage, cargo volume.

    this being a V6 and semi-hybrid makes me think it is expensive. the V6 will prevent the hybrid from being a Cmax competitor. And the rear hatch looks like it prevents any large items from going in. At 355 hp they are more competing with Porsche. but who buys a VW at Porsche price?

    And the major question is, when will the Christmas tree get lit?

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      SCE to AUX

      “At 355 hp they are more competing with Porsche. but who buys a VW at Porsche price?”

      Those who buy Touaregs and Phaetons, I suppose.

      It’s too much car. This isn’t the car VW needs to compete.

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    The writeup mentions 70 MPGe

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    Despite all the VW hate I read on this board, I think this is the direction VW should be going. Maybe a little too late for this market, but they sorely needed this offering. Having given VW the kudos one has to wonder about VW’s record of reliability and this complex set up..

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      Last time I looked, VW was coming in middle of the pack when I came to reliability, according to one of those consumer reports publications (I forget which). That is pretty good considering that the most unreliable cars made today are like Toyota’s 15 years ago…

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      100% in agreement. As I read this news blog I too thought about the complexity of this system, but more so, about the poor soul who ends up financing this sh!t box.

      From its side profile, it looks like they borrowed the design from Jeep. Or maybe my vision is clouded by Volkswagen hatred.

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    So just how does the name ” coupe” apply to this vehicle?

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    So did VW actually say this was a preview of a three row vehicle? It looks a tiguan replacement to me, because we’ve already seen their larger concept.

    Why preview a three row SUV with a cuv sized vehicle? Unless the dimensions are much larger than the pics would indicate of course.

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    Those numbers don’t add up. The total quoted horsepower should be 444, and the total quoted foot pounds should be 619.

    Or are they added differently because it’s a hybrid?

    Or are my calculator and numerical sense just broken?

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      Regardless of the final power numbers why in the world does a CUV need to do 0-60 in six seconds?

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        Interesting …. in the review of the Mercedes 2016 C350 PHEV Sedan, Estate is this interesting phrase: “as well as a top speed of 130 mph, and the ability to go from nil to 60 in six seconds.”

        It also says the engine provides 250 hp but doesn’t mention the electric’s power. I wonder if it’s 105 hp…..

        I think some copy and pasting went awry.

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    This a very hansom looking vehicle. Me thinks this is perhaps a bit OTT for what will eventually be put out to market but then it is a “demo”.
    I like the Tesla style twin electric motor approach, especially for off road use. How do you argue with 100% torque at zero revs for a bit of afternoon rock crawling!
    I do wish VW would bring this to market sooner but then, it’s not a bad thing that they take their time and do it right either.

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    Big Al from Oz

    I wonder if the VW’s will start to use this style of front end as it is exceptionally good looking. I’d like to see the Amarok with a similar front end. Very clean and uncomplicated.

    The assend kills it though. Sort of looks outdate in design.

    The CG images don’t really relay much.

    If Datsun made the 1600 in the 21st Century I’d expect the front end to look similar.

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    This thing looks hot! First VW product in quite a while that I have wanted to even check out. And look at those Fisker Karma tail lamps! And the interior with the individual slat vents, which I also like.

    That thick belt line running across it imparts a serious look of stability, just what I like. They’ve avoided the crossover “sporty” stuff, even putting the door handles in line horizontally with one another.

    Make ittttt.

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    I see Range Rover Evoque elements in the styling.

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