America's 10 Best-Selling SUVs & Crossovers In 2014

Timothy Cain
by Timothy Cain
america s 10 best selling suvs crossovers in 2014

American Honda grabbed its third consecutive best-selling SUV crown with the increasingly popular CR-V in calendar year 2014. The CR-V’s lead over the next-best-selling Ford Escape grew to 28,807 units (about one month of sales for the CR-V) in 2014 from 7911 units in calendar year 2013.

• CR-V leads SUVs & crossovers in seven of the last eight years

• Seven of the ten best sellers post record U.S. sales

• Explorer is America’s best-selling three-row vehicle

The CR-V was alone on top, but it was not alone in its ability to achieve record-high U.S. sales volume. Along with the CR-V, the Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4, Chevrolet Equinox, Nissan Rogue, Jeep Wrangler, and Subaru Forester all sold more often in 2014 than in any prior year.

Utility vehicles accounted for 32% of new vehicle sales in the United States over the last twelve months, up from 30% a year ago. Segment-wide sales jumped 12% in an industry which reported collective gains of 6%. These ten best sellers alone produced 367,298 more sales for the U.S. auto industry in 2014 than they did in 2013 while generating more than four out of every ten SUV/crossover sales.

No vehicle exemplifies the more-than-gradual turn toward utility vehicles more than the CR-V, and not just because it leads the category. In each of 2014’s final two months, the CR-V didn’t just lead the SUV/crossover world, it outsold all passenger cars, as well. Best sellers don’t always speak for the overall industry, but the CR-V’s ability to conquer all non-pickup trucks is more than simply symbolic.

RankSUV / Crossover20142013%Change#1 Honda CR-V335,019303,90410.2%#2 Ford Escape306,212295,9933.5%#3 Toyota RAV4267,698218,24922.7%#4 Chevrolet Equinox242,242238,1921.7%#5 Ford Explorer209,994192,3979.1%#6 Nissan Rogue199,199162,75122.4%#7 Jeep Grand Cherokee183,786174,2755.5%#8 Jeep Cherokee178,50825,786592%#9 Jeep Wrangler175,328155,50212.8%#10 Subaru Forester159,953123,59229.4%

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  • Speed3 Speed3 on Jan 06, 2015

    I bet this list next year will include the Jeep Renegade. 4 Jeeps would be something awesome to see.

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    • Lie2me Lie2me on Jan 06, 2015

      @SC5door If the Renegade Trailhawk can do 75% of what a stock Wrangler can do off road while getting 25-30 mpg on road while getting you to work in reasonable comfort and do it all for $25K then it'll be better then a bj during the Superbowl

  • Durishin Durishin on Jan 06, 2015

    Methinks the Outback belongs in here.

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    • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Jan 06, 2015

      @Vulpine "Trim package for the Legacy" is what it IS, but they're still selling it as a separate model. The name 'Outback' still has enough cache to add a premium to the price.

  • Stuart de Baker I didn't bother to read this article. I'll wait until a definitive headline comes out, and I'll be surprised if Tesla actually produces the Cybertruck. It certainly looks impractical for both snowy and hot sunny weather.
  • Stuart de Baker This is very interesting information. I was in no danger of buying a Tesla. I love my '08 Civic (stick), and it feels just as responsive as when I bought it 11 years ago with 35k on the clock (now 151k), and barring mishaps, I plan to keep it for the next 25 years or so, which would put me into my mid-90s, assuming I live that long. On your information, I will avoid renting Teslas.
  • RHD The only people who would buy this would be those convinced by a website that they are great, and order one sight-unseen. They would have to have be completely out of touch with every form of media for the last year. There might actually be a few of these people, but not very many. They would also have to be completely ignorant of the Hyundai Excel. (Vinfast seems to make the original Excel look like a Camry in comparison.)
  • RHD This was awesome, in 1978. Now, it's very much obsolete - thirsty, slow, ponderous, noisy, rough, and dated design even in its time. Still, someone who wants to recreate some distant memories will buy it and restore it and enjoy it, and the seller just has to find that particular individual.
  • BEPLA Cybertruck may have made some kind of weird sense had it been brought on market on time, ie: before Rivian and F150 Lightning.But the market has progressed.If this were any normal company it would be ditched for a more competitive product.But in Elon's narcissistic dreamworld - well, we'll just see how it flops.