Los Angeles 2014: Scion IMatrix

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
los angeles 2014 scion imatrix

If you needed another reason why Toyota decided to kill off the Matrix, here it is.

The Scion iM, based on the European Toyota Auris, is basically the same thing as the Matrix, but developed by Toyota’s European arm. Hatchback buyers now have yet another choice in the segment, and according to Ronnie Schreiber, we all stand to benefit.

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  • Petezeiss Petezeiss on Nov 20, 2014

    I'm guessing that in a desperate attempt to save the division Toyota is taking a cue from Lamborghini and moving Scion into first domestic and then, with any initial success, industrial tillage applications. 'Cause if there isn't an assortment of interchangeable plows, aerators, dethatchers etc. for that front end then I'm a boy racer.

  • HerrKaLeun HerrKaLeun on Nov 20, 2014

    Looks like some Asian dude took a stanard car and "improved" with some cladding. As a conservative I would buy a Corolla hatchback. But this Scion version will have much higjer depreciation once Scion gets shot in the head. If they made it look less "Revenge of the Nerds" like and called it Toyote they would sell millions. So they will sell a thousand.

  • Zipper69 Some discreet dwebadging and this will pass for a $95k Lucid Air...
  • Zipper69 Does it REALLY have to be a four door?Surely a truly compact vehicle could stick with the half-door access with jump seats for short term passengers.
  • ToolGuy See kids, you can keep your old car in good condition.
  • ToolGuy MUAWGA
  • Kwik_Shift AM offers more variety in their talk programming for non mainstream topics and discussions. And they are more likely to interact with their audience. CB Radio isn't dead either. 🤠