Los Angeles 2014: A Modest Proposal For Volkswagen Of America

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
los angeles 2014 a modest proposal for volkswagen of america

Despite teasing us with the Volkswagen Golf R station wagon, it’s pretty clear that we aren’t going to get it in North America. A standard Golf R costs a hair under $37,000, and nobody is going to pay that much for the wagon version (and before you protest, remember that 3 people on the internet does not make a business case for a new vehicle line). But maybe VW of America can meet us half way.

Back in 2006, Volkswagen offered a Jetta 2.0T, with the engine and suspension from the GLI, but without the body kit, big wheels, red brake calipers and tartan seats. I was fortunate enough to drive one during my college years, and found it a nice compromise between the boy racer GLI and the bog standard 2.5L Jetta.

Maybe we can get a Golf wagon 2.0T? Take the GTI’s engine and chassis tuning, but leave out the AWD, the big wheels and all the other expensive stuff that will lead to a bloated price tag and excess inventory (ahem, Golf R32).

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  • Davidziff Davidziff on Nov 21, 2014

    I have another modest proposal for VW. Start making vehicles with the same reliability and low maintenance costs as Honda and Toyota. " The Impossible Dream."

    • Fordson Fordson on Nov 21, 2014

      You know, I'm not a fan of Consumer Reports' car testing, but I think they got it right...in awarding their "most reliable" to Toyota, probably for the millionth time, they said that Toyota simply sticks to "tried and true" technology. So does Honda, anymore. "Tried and true" can be interpreted in another way - not a lot of R&D. Those mfgs. are copycats anymore...and maybe that's the bottom line - if you want to drive yesterday's technology, conservative design, class-lagging, uninspired performance in most areas, then get a Toyota or a Honda. The makers who want to advance the state of the art are always going to have more issues, but they will be setting the bar, not playing catch-up five years later, and they will be more rewarding to drive - that's just the way it is. Now, to address your specific comment here...neither Honda nor, especially Toyota, offer anything even remotely competitive to a Golf R, much less a Golf R wagon. BUT IF THEY DID...that for-now-imaginary product would be MUCH more reliable and demand much less maintenance. That about it? This is a bold assertion that, if Honda and Toyota continue their current design philosophy and product portfolio, we'll never be able to test.

  • MissmySE-R MissmySE-R on Nov 21, 2014

    Read my mind completely - a 2.0T Golf wagon would hit the sweet spot in so many categories; just big enough, just quick enough, and with looks and gas mileage that seal the deal. Sigh... add it to my realistic fantasy garage, parked right next to the MazdaSpeed5, Journey SRT-6, and V70R.

  • Carlson Fan GM completely blew the marketing of the Volt. The commercials were terrible. You'd swear they told the advertising company to come up with an ad that would make sure no one went out and shopped a Volt after seeing it!...........LOL My buddy asked why I bought a car that only goes 40 miles on a charge? That pretty much sums up how confusing and uninformative the advertising was.
  • HunterS This thing has had more farewell tours than Cher.
  • ToolGuy "the transmission may also end up getting stuck in Park"• Which helps fuel economy *tremendously*
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