Los Angeles 2014: Volkswagen Golf R Wagon Debuts

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

After teasing us with a “concept” at the New York Auto Show, Volkswagen is debuting a production of the Golf R wagon – but we may not get it in North America.

Mechanically, the Wagon is identical to the Golf R, retaining its 296 horsepower 2.0T 4-cylinder, Haldex AWD and DSG gearbox. While it is certainly a go for world markets, VW has said nothing about a North American on sale date. Perhaps they are gauging public reaction yet again before making a decision?

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • 1998redwagon 1998redwagon on Nov 18, 2014

    While I'm at it I'll have a braunschweiger w onion on Dimpfilmeier rye please. Hold the mayo.

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    • Speedlaw Speedlaw on Nov 19, 2014

      @Lie2me Stop teasing us. I saw this at the NY show. Yes, I recently bought a new TDI, so I was a potential real sale, not an internet fanboi. VW shows the Scirocco to newspapers...lots of articles in the NY Times and others. VW shows the GTD to newspapers...again lots of articles in the NYT and others. Meanwhile, our Mk7 TDI comes with a beam axle, losing the IRS in the Mk.6, because "the US only-urea tank is in the way". RIIIGHT.... We have all these great cars shown to us, but we get supersized and decontented versions. You lose the enthusiasts but don't sell to CamCord man (or woman). Sheesh.

  • Bazza Bazza on Nov 19, 2014

    I've stopped caring whether or not VW brings their halo cars over here. Mainly because the first thing our Wolfsburg buddies do, when spec'ing a car like this for the U.S. market, is figure out just how aggressively (viciously, truth be told) they can de-content the thing and still sell it for $35K+ to the rubes. And of course it'll still be a fundamentally unreliable automobile because of the German maxim that their special products should receive oodles of dealer-supplied TLC. It's occurred to me, watching this play out over the years, that VW doesn't like Americans much. Maybe we should figure that out and stop buying their pretty little shitboxes.

  • Sobhuza Trooper Like fusion power, the I.D. Buzz is only 30 years away.
  • Lou_BC "respondents between 18 and 80 years old" Basically anyone deemed an adult who might be allowed to drive.
  • Lou_BC They will do fine if they come up with some cool sedans ;)
  • Mister They've got their work cut out for them. I live in a large metropolitan city of 1.2+ million people, the is a single Mitsubishi dealer. It's really more like a used-car dealer that sells Mitsubishi on the side. With the remarkably cheesy name of "Johnny Legends".
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