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Another day, another teaser. This time, Infiniti released a couple of vague images ahead of the 2014 Paris Auto Show, previewing the Q80 Inspiration concept.

Autoblog reports the concept is a “low-slung, ingeniously aggressive four-passenger fastback” meant to show the world how the brand wishes to become a major player in the global luxury game. As reported earlier, Infiniti has plans for a flagship model as part of its overall lineup expansion, and may be hinting at such a thing with the Q80.

More details are expected to slowly leak out prior to the concept’s global debut October 2. Until then, this is all we have.

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14 Comments on “Paris 2014: Infiniti Teases Q80 Inspiration Concept...”

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    That grille design will be impossible to clean.

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    Infiniti sales were down 23% last month. They need some “Inspiration” right now.

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    I see Infiniti continuing to proceed with the same advertising blunder that occurred in 1990 with the introduction of the Q45 at the same time Lexus introduced their flagship LS400. At that time Infiniti TV ads showed nothing other than a road somewhere in no where land. Let’s see….how did that turn out?

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    Nice grille, but I’m sure they’ll screw up the overall car somehow.

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    Shall we go ahead and put this basket-case brand on deathwatch, or give it another year or two until it’s painfully obvious?

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    Brain dead marketing, goodness knows how many millions wasted trying to sell Infinitis in Europe by sponsoring F1 drivers yet not developing decent big bore diesels instead, letting de Nysschen decamp to Hong Kong then leaving to run Cadillac by remote control from NYC, letting Palmer go to Aston, renaming all their cars Qs, ruining the G37 turning it into the Q50 with electronic spaghetti steering yet keeping the old one on the lot to confuse people, using staples to hold the leather onto the bottom of the front seats, etc. etc.

    It’s a monumental cluster-f***. Worst of all, Ghosn appears not to care, and the sheeple keep buying Versas, Rogues and Atimas in ever-increasing numbers, and the Qashqai is a hit in Europe.

    So that’s all right then. How about a nice Acura RLX, or a TLX with rear-wheel steering and styling from the school of numb instead? Only Toyota has this faux “luxury” thing down pat among the Japanese car makers, the remainder being distinct also-rans without mission statements. Or any clue in general beyond flailing about in ever decreasing circles.

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    Oh, Infiniti. Stop acting like Acura and get your act together. How do you go from making one of the most segment-upsetting vehicles ever with the 2003 G35 to this colossally mis-named, under-engineered mess?

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    They need to stick to RWD/AWD sporty cars with High HP engine options and nice interiors. They don’t have the cachet to win the Lexus/Mercedes crowd – they should be an affordable BMW competitor.

    I want a new M56s and FX50s to replace my current G35 6MT and FX45, but the prices are too high and the cars are a little over the top luxury wise and a little over-nannied to be super sporty. It’s like they are channeling the Hyundai Genesis driving experience. I shouldn’t say that, but they M56 doesn’t seem as sporty to drive as the M45.

    I would be happy with a V8 RWD Maxima w/ leather and nav. I will probably keep driving the G35 and FX45 until the wheels fall off both.

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    Rococo styling on a car body creates an impression that is the opposite of solidity, strength, or power, no matter how fluid it might look. Maybe I just don’t get this new world luxury? Maybe Infiniti is trying to appear to be more distinctive than Lexus, but they both FAIL to my peasant eyes.

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