U.S. Auto Market Share – July 2014

Timothy Cain
by Timothy Cain

General Motors’ U.S. market share held steady at 17.8% in July compared with the same period one year ago. In comparison with June of this year, however, GM’s portion slid from 18.8%. GM’s volume fell 4.2% from 267,461 in June to 256,160 units in July even as overall new vehicle sales grew 1%.

Moving ahead from June then, which automakers produced the gains at GM’s expense, at Ford’s and Chrysler/FCA’s expense, too? Toyota and Nissan, mostly. With a nearly one percentage point increase, Toyota produced a very high-volume July thanks to record RAV4 sales, predictably lofty Camry volume, and Lexus’ rise to the top of the premium pile.

Nissan owned 7.7% of the U.S. market in June; 8.3% in July. The Versa, Sentra, and Leaf combined for 36,228 July sales, up from 22,310 in July 2013 and 31,057 in June of this year.

Meanwhile, compared with the prior month, American Honda’s share of the U.S. market grew from 9.1% to 9.5% on the strength of the Accord and CR-V, America’s second-best-selling car and top-selling utility vehicle, respectively.

Timothy Cain
Timothy Cain

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  • Billfrombuckhead Billfrombuckhead on Aug 02, 2014

    Chrysler drew closer to Toyota July to July and yet lost market share?

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    • Billfrombuckhead Billfrombuckhead on Aug 04, 2014

      @mmmach1 This Cain does comparison of truck market share in another article and doesn't even mention the biggest story of the year in trucks which is Ram picking up 2+ points of marketshare and going over 20% of the truck market but lauds Toyota's restyled truck for a minuscule sales gain for the year.

  • Chicagoland Chicagoland on Aug 03, 2014

    Honda may be flat, but they will make good profits. They aren't dumping into fleets. Mopar-Fiat is unloading their leftover Avengers for peanuts, and they still have a lot of last year's Darts. Also, they are already discounting the 'revolutionary' new 200. If not for Jeep, they would have been put down years ago. GM still has a lot of loyal truck buyers, who dismiss the recalls since 'they were on small cheap cars', and no Suburban lost power [yet].

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    • DenverMike DenverMike on Aug 03, 2014

      @redav No doubt if you get 18 million consumers of the car buying demographic to your dealers, most with a history of making bad decisions in the showroom, yep bonanza for GM.

  • Billfrombuckhead Billfrombuckhead on Aug 03, 2014

    Ram and Grand Cherokee are among the most profitable vehicles made in the world. FCA is the fastest growing car company in California with Maserati and Jeep the fastest growing brands. Chrysler has had 52 straight months do sales increases and the coming Renegade model should help keep that streak going. Chrysler is gaining market share from Toyota and Honda.

  • Redav Redav on Aug 03, 2014

    For graphs like that pie cart, they'd look a lot better as .gif or .png files. The .jpg compression artifacts show up pretty bad on my monitor.