Kia Set To Build "Range" Of Compacts At Monterrey Plant In 2016

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

Kia announced Wednesday that it plans to build “a range of yet-to-be confirmed compact models” at its new plant in Monterrey, Mexico after Job 1 production begins in H1 2016.

Automotive News reports the automaker is still determining which vehicles it plans to produce at the $1 billion plant, as it will be set-up to produce both compact and subcompact models at a rate of 300,000 units annually once full production begins.

Kia adds that the plant will also serve as a potential launching pad for production throughout Central and South America, as well as a supply line to a new sales channel in Mexico:

With its strong growth forecasts for new vehicle demand, Mexico was chosen as the site for Kia’s next overseas plant given that it is one of the few remaining major markets in the world in which Kia does not have a sales presence.

Kia will begin construction of its new facility in late September.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on Aug 28, 2014

    The Forte is the prettiest car in its class, IMO, and most of their lineup is handsome as well. They'll face strong competition in Mexico, but they should fare well.

  • Bd2 Bd2 on Aug 28, 2014

    Kia needs to increase supplies of the Forte and Sportage so those 2 seem to be the most likely candidates. Another would be the Soul since the largest market for the Soul by far is the US, but if Kia is looking to increase sales in the South American market, maybe the Rio or the new subcompact CUV.

  • Wmba Wmba on Aug 28, 2014

    Both the 2014 Kia Forte and the Soul essentially failed the IIHS small overlap crash test. Forte was described as "horrendous". I'm dismissive of Hyundai/Kia engineering in general, just can't help myself. The engines are fine, notwithstanding over-optimistic power ratings, but those bodies and suspension just don't make them Grade A. They got caught on fuel economy and fired Krafcik who can hardly be blamed. Home office strikes me as cynical and prepared to bend the truth to gain sales at any price. Remember the wholesale repeated executive firings a few years ago. The Elantra I experienced myself on rough roads. Car and Driver dissed the Cadenza and Azera earlier this year in stronger language than I've seen on TTAC for years: " For example, the suspension settings are softer, so every mile in a Cadenza isn’t a glaring reminder of the spot welds and structural bracing that are missing (in the Azera)." and " However, the Cadenza’s brakes lack commitment, as demonstrated by the longest stopping distance, and hard impacts still rattle the car’s relatively loose rafters." Car and Driver relies on advertising, but don't seem to shrink away from telling it like it is. H/K - Still not tier one, but the pricing is. Now about to be made in Mexico for your driving enjoyment.

    • Bd2 Bd2 on Aug 28, 2014

      Yes, Kia engineers had a brainfart when it came to the small overlap testing for the Forte, but based on recent results, one should hardly be picking on H/K. The new Sonata got a TSP+ rating and the Optima has a TSP rating even tho its a model that's at the end of its lifecycle and about to be replaced. The new Genesis had among the most impressive crash video when it came to the structural integrity of the passenger compartment in the small overlap test (also getting the TSP+ rating). Meanwhile the RAV-4 got a Poor rating and the Corolla a Marginal rating despite Toyota having IIHS delay testing of the 2 models while they made changes (even with the changes, a fail). And the Camry initially got a Poor rating as well; changes to the 2014Y upped the rating to Acceptable. And the new Soul has yet to be tested for the small overlap test but has a TSP rating. Considering the above and the fact that the Soul, a box-ute, was deemed to have the better ride and NVH than the Corolla, you should rethink things. Certainly not saying that H/K are w/o fault or that they don't have things to improve upon, but across the pond, the Kia line-up consistently gets better reviews than the Toyota lineup (the Euros being more serious about their "engineering").