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Official photos of the Infiniti ESQ, the crossover formerly known as the Nissan Juke Nismo, have been unveiled ahead of its global debut at this weekend’s 2014 Chengdu Auto Show.

CarNewsChina reports the premium crossover will arrive in Chinese showrooms this October, with a price of admission set between ¥200,000 and ¥300,000 ($32,000 – $49,000 USD). Power for the China-only ESQ will be a 1.6-liter turbo-four delivering 200 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque through a CVT.

Though Nissan sells a handful of vehicles in the Chinese market, the Juke is not among them. Further, few Infiniti badges decorate the ESQ, hinting that, like Citroën’s DS line, the crossover is just the first model of a sub-brand aimed at young buyers.

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17 Comments on “2015 Infiniti ESQ Official Photos Unveiled Ahead Of Global Debut...”

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    This is the most beautiful car since the legendary 1998 to 2010 Fiat Multipla.

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    “Further, no Infiniti badges decorate the ESQ”

    Except for the one on the steering wheel, I agree.

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    So unfortunate-looking one brand is just not enough.

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    One word, Fugly.

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    87 Morgan

    Though Nissan sells a handful of vehicles in the Chinese market….

    I would think this pattern will continue if this is the best they have to offer.

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    Da Coyote

    Wow, that front end is having a civil war. Wonder which faction will win?

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    While the pricing is a bit unfortunate (you can *easily* price a Juke into the high 20’s, which seems around five grand too high for such a vehicle) the powertrain and overall dynamics of the vehicle are a cool idea and the looks grow on you. I think the Juke looks best in a darker color, prefferably in the NISMO package. Also, you have to respect the Juke-R.

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      Also, spending 50 large on an Infinit version of this vehicle with the exact same power output makes NO sense. Why it doesn’t make way more power or otherwise offer anything more than an interior upgrade, I don’t understand.

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      The extra $5K is for those Infiniti badges and embossed owners manual…

      Looks like China gets to enjoy more color choice than NISMO black,white or silver. And no NISMO badges.

      The Jukebox is only hideous on the front angle. The other 3 sides aren’t too bad.

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    The Juke always makes me think of the current Kia Optima because they are visual harmony opposites. Each exterior component of the Juke is pleasant and stylish on its own. But together they fight and sabotage any possible visual cohesion. I realize it’s an intentionally eclectic aggregate of shapes and styles, but the niceness of the individual design elements are lost when viewed as a whole. The Kia Optima’s design elements are mediocre and pedestrian, but flow together with a sleekness and handsomeness that makes me smile. It’s only upon studying the individual elements, even the chrome strakes over the windows, that the individual blandness is apparent. To sum up: Kia Optima; greater than the sum of its parts. Nissan Juke; parts that don’t even add up.

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    Jeebus, why?

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    It#s a good idea to ‘rebrand’ cheap Nissan for Infiniti ..

    nouvo-riche chineese ‘custmers’ drive cars only for few years , so they can’T determine if it’s premium or not .. and they only pay attention to brand-logo..

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    How long before we see US Juke owners “CDM” their cars with imported ESQ badging?

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    An Infiniti logo doesn’t make this look any better. No matter how many HP or MPG it could achieve, I could never get over this look.

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    If Timothy Leary was alive today I could see him driving around in that thing and handing out acid tabs. The question is would anybody take one from him, or would they think they were already having a bad trip ?.

    That thing has more incohesive design elements than the original vinyl version of Led Zeppelin III with the spinning wheel inside the jacket.

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