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Just after we got word of an SAE-certified Charger Hellcat, prototypes have been spied testing on Detroit roads.

The 707-horsepower Charger will become the world’s most powerful sedan if put into production. Even though its arch-rival, the Chevrolet SS, will get a manual transmission starting in the 2015 model year, I’m becoming increasingly comfortable with the idea of an automatic only Charger Hellcat. The 8-speed automatic is not only a great gearbox, but I love the idea of perfect, launch control starts at every occassion. It’s better than the alternative: wrapping the thing around a telephone pole.

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30 Comments on “2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Spied...”

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    Felis Concolor

    It’s heartening to see the Dodge of the 80s returning; now all they need to do is stuff some ludicrous power engines in the Caravan and Dart and their “big power for everybody” revival will be complete.

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    Mr Imperial

    I didn’t like the 2015 refresh of the Charger…

    until now :)

    Do you NEED that much power? No. Do you WANT it? (insert maniacal laughing)

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    “Even though its arch-rival, the Chevrolet SS”

    Arch rival? You mean the limited production compliance car with no advertising? Reaching a bit.

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      Mr Imperial

      +1, so so so agreed!

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      Yes, that would be the only other high-performance sedan sold by a domestic brand that is also going to compete with a limited production car with very little marketing outside of enthusiast channels…

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        I see your point, and although rival is an apt word choice based on the definition, I still wouldn’t go so far as “arch rival”. The models being rivals evokes an image of bitter competition which I doubt will materialize. My two cents.

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      The underpowered, underhyped, Malibu-look-alike compliance car with no advertising and no fold-down back seat!

      The SS couldn’t even hope to be as awesome as HELLCAT.

      Not even the CTS-V…

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        I like how you always anthropomorphize the Hellcat trim level for the Challenger and Charger. Its like its a transformer or something to you. “Hey, where is BTSR?” “Oh, he’s just hanging out with Hellcat.”

        “BTSR and Hellcat” is the new cop buddy comedy coming out this fall on Fox.

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          Fox will sell it to the WB.

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            I see it more as an HBO drama.

            “King Kong ain’t got s*it on my Hellcat”

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            Well, we already know it’s going to be a YouTube series. We’ll see if a network picks it up.

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            “One man. One machine. Justice For All.

            Tonight, on FOX, it’s HELLCAT: CLAWS OF FURY!

            Watch BigTruck drive around heroically, catching bad guys with his partner… HELLCAT!

            Can four large guys sitting comfortably in a Honda Accord Coupe out-maneuver HELLCAT?

            Tune in after Family Guy tonight!”

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          “King Kong ain’t got s*it on Hellcat”

          (drop the “my)

          #2 If I had a Challenger Hellcat right now, there’s absolutely no way I could exist without joining the ranks of NYPD to help fight crime.

          Pull up to every single crime scene with a power skid.

          Pull away from every single crime scene with a burnout.

          You should see the kids on my block line up to watch me do burnouts. They know it’s coming. I hate trying to explain to the that the Jeep can’t do a burnout. They LOVE the 300.

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            Mayor “Zero Vision” DeBlasio would revoke your driving privileges….funny the spellcheck asked to substitute “Delusional” for the spelling of DeBlasio…how apropos…

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            I think you need a Hellcat version of the Tomahawk:


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    These things have been on the roads since at least last year. Not quite sure why Chrysler is waiting to unveil them. It’ll probably be soon though. Maybe once Ford releases 2015 Mustang test drives to steal some thunder?

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    As far as sedans go, nothing else will come close. Do want.

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    I still want an SHO Taurus with a proper intercooler….

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    Oh noes somebody glued Red Hots to the doors!

    Nope just those handles. They are a blight on the smooth surface of the side. And they look cheap – so make them flush.

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    …an 11 second Charger?

    This needs to come in a nice dark olive green or burnt orange.

    BTW, when does the build and price for the ’15 models go live?

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    I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but Fiat is actually doing the right thing with Dpdge…it doesn’t even matter if this car sells in any volume but putti a 707HP V8 SEDAN out there pretty much says it all in terms of what the brand is all about, no more confusion about what Dpdge and what Chrysler are supposed to be. Dodge is going to be what Pontiac should have been but never was while Chrysler will be the mainstream lineup with the 200 and 300 and Jeep is well, Jeep. I don’t think I’ve ever considered actually buying a Dodge but if they really put out a 707HP sedan I might have to reconsider. The car is completely ridiculous and absurd and shouldn’t exist but damn it’s fucking exciting and nobody ever gets excited about a four door sedan.

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