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Most of the details regarding the new BMW M3 and M4 are pretty well-known already, but a new round of official images has been leaked ahead of the cars’ North American PR releases. Supposedly, this will be the lightest M3 in three generations, with an all-time high horsepower and (particularly) torque rating courtesy of twin turbos and a completely revised in-line six engine. Gallery after the jump.

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29 Comments on “BMW M3/M4 Images Leaked Ahead Of Official Debut...”

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    juicy sushi

    But does the steering suck?

    I just find myself so oddly uninspired. A 228i seems like a much more fun car…

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    Wow – totally overwrought, and I don’t think I could stomach looking at that hood cutline in my garage every day. A long way from the classic and understated look of the E36.

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    I’d be embarrassed to be seen driving around something like that.

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    I like it, I suppose its nice to see the return of the I6 (to bad its turbocharged) but I really liked the previous car’s 4.0 V8

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    Nice crotch vent on the seat.

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    The German pony car.

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    Overall, I’m totally bored by BMW these days, and disappointed with the M3/M4 naming idiocy that has a smaller car with less doors as a higher numerical value.

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      Coupes tend to be more focused cars and in the vein of BMWs being the “Ultimate Driving Machine” they are more valuable. In the past (and maybe now, I don’t know) the BMW coupes were more than just an exercise in lopping off 2 doors from the sedan. They were typically designed to be more sport-oriented out of the box.

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      6-series? 8-Series?

      I fail to understand the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the 3/4 and 1/2 split. BMW is just extending what they have done for *35 years* to the rest of the range. Even numbers are coupes, and odd-numbers are sedans. And note that whether something is a coupe has nothing to do with the number of doors.

      The coupes have also always been more expensive, so it makes sense to have the higher number be the coupe from that standpoint as well.

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    I like it. Should be one hell of a performer. What worries me is reliability. The non turbocharged, non direct injected S-65 is one of the stoutest BMW engines in recent years. It gets extra points for being a high revving V8.

    Hopefully the new car and engine will be as vigorous.

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    Check out the treatment of the rocker panels. It looks like a 1996 Grand Am to me. A really badass 1996 Grand Am. Which is not a good thing.

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      Well, I think Grand Am is right, but I’d go older. To me, the M4 looks like the juvenile offspring of the colonnade Le Mans/Grand Am ( and Can Am (

      As a kid, the 1973-198? Detroit output was what convinced me BMW was awesome. Now that they’re making runty but powerful colonnade coupes, I just don’t know what to say.

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    bring back Bangle

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    So how much to gain a limited slip and better turbo tuning over a 335/435? $20k?

    I’m still baffled they don’t include a limited slip on non-M cars.

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      Because for the average person, a limited slip diff is a detriment. They are all fine and good for high performance driving on dry pavement, and they can help you get going from a stop in the snow, but after that, they are a hazard. A little too much power and BOTH rear wheels spin and off into the ditch you go as all directional stability is lost. The “e-diff” setups are FAR better for Joe Average. If you are enough of an enthusiast to want and need an LSD, the aftermarket will cheerfully provide one.

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        Non M BMWs come with standard vinyl seats so open diffs don’t surprise. Meanwhile Camaros and Mustangs come with standard limited slip on all models. It’s not just about high performance or drifting, but not getting stuck in your own snowy driveway or if you just pull off the pavement in soft sand.

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    The coupe looks nice and aggressive but no amount of bumper messaging can fix the sedan’s conservative rear – especially the lights. Too bad as the previous generation M3 sedan was better looking than the coupe.

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    Huh? Along with everyone else, I took pictures of the “Concept BMW M4 Coupe” that look just like this at the Tokyo Motor Show two weeks ago, so what’s the big whoop?

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    It’s bizarro world now with BMW aping Lexus with those horrendous Predator gills. Ruins the car for me in fact and I too have a hard time reconciling that hood’s cut line. This was to be the M3 that I bought new and did Euro delivery but I’m more likely to go for a 328d wagon at this point due to my lifestyle now. BMW really didn’t do anything to tempt me styling-wise with M3 though.

    And did BMW bring back Phoenix Yellow on that coupe? Otherwise known as Baby Diarrhea.

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      The hood cut line is supposedly dictated by pedestrian safety yada yada yada, but if BMW’s designers/engineers can’t come up with a better implementation that that…well…

      And yeah, the rest of the car is just way too much boy racer. I thought the Germans were supposed to be reserved, design-wise. A tiny bit of restraint would have paid big dividends here. Instead, we get a new M that looks exactly like Hamann or AC Schnitzer took a giant shit on it, with the color to match.

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