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AutoSpies’ Big Don has hundreds of photos from the SEMA show. The man has an eye for what you want to see at the show, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. To check it out, click here.

For a couple of my favorite shots, click the jump for “TTAC After Dark” (it’s 10PM in Ohio, dontcha know). Warning: NSFW in most places.

Let’s take a look at a pimped-out KTM X-Bow:


And my favorite shot of all, a nice young lady with a sort of proto-Denise-Richards look advertising something, I’m not sure, I didn’t really look in the background of the photo, for all I know you can see the second shooter on the grassy knoll:


Yes, you’ll definitely want to click on that one for an, ahem, enlargement!

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8 Comments on “SEMA Show Photos From AutoSpies...”

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    So glad you guys booted BS – those Japanese bondage posts were so tasteless but Tampa stripper posts are straight up classy!

    (I don’t mind either but found all of the sanctimonious anti-BS screeds to be tiresome.)

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      Jack Baruth

      Much of that criticism could have been averted had the content in question been optional for a visitor to TTAC’s front page, instead of mandatory.

      Like it or not, being caught looking at rope-bondage pictures in the American workplace tends to generate the impression that one is a creepy rope-bondage fetishist.

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    My god, that girl is…unnatural.

    The camera angle makes her seem to shrink down into a singularity.

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    I critiqued the final photo for the better of fifteen minutes before realizing that I wasn’t moving and barely breathing.

    My first coherent thought after regaining my wits was a paragraph written by a recent Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest participant:

    “… Elwood’s eyes fastened on her the way a toilet plunger will fasten onto a hard surface if you shove it down just right, but her returning glance, while smoldering, was actually more caustic and burned his tender ego the way liquid Drano can burn your hand if you spill some on it, having disregarded the manufacturer’s warning.”

    Apologies to the author, Jeff Treder of Springfield, Oregon.

    I suppose that came to mind because my hand was hot.

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    Blech. A caricature of a woman, if I ever saw one.

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    What’s this:

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