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We walked around the Chicago show at the end of the day to take a few more photos of cars which caught our eye… including the new Civic-by-Acura, the ILX.

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30 Comments on “ILX And Friends: Photos From Around The Chicago Show...”

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    I hadn’t heard of the ILX. Honda can’t build a decent hybrid, and putting the Acura name on it will only raise the price further and decrease appeal.

    They’ve really lost the plot.

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    Ugh…C’mon Toyota…Give me a real Land Cruiser. If I wanted a current one with more chrome I’d get a Sequoia. Im thinking FJC with 4 real doors and a solid axle.

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      When I saw the rear pic, I thought, “why did they put a V8 badge on a Highlander?” That Land Cruiser won’t get much love in the kinds of places traditionally favorable to Land Cruisers. But it will be an awesome way to wait in line to drop of the kids at school.

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        Those countries won’t get the new Land Cruiser, like they didn’t get the last one, either. Instead, they still get the 70 series Land Cruiser, first introduced in 1984 — which can handle the conditions beyond the 1st-world gravel parking lots.

        An FJ Cruiser? Better than the current Land Cruiser, but I think I’d still choose a 70 series for a cross-Sahara trek.

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      FJC with 4 doors is the current 4Runner. They switched the platform from Tacoma to FJ two years ago.

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    As we say where I come from, “It is what it is.” The ILX interior looks smart, but built to a price point. Some of the comments comparing it to the 3 series…. it’s ludicrous. Once you add in the options that you’d want in a new 3-series, it’s not a $30k car, it’s $40k+. Definitely not the same league. Two different markets

    I see in the ILX the same strengths and weakness of the CSX. In the near-luxury category, you get a lot for the money, but it looks expensive next to an Accord in the same price range. Second, the R20 looks under-matched to the ILX in the same way that K20 was to the CSX. It’s not a performance engine, and if they had slotted the 87-octane K24 engine into the ILX, I don’t think it would have made much of a difference to the mileage. That’s probably the greatest weakest link, it’s not a market niche that’s filled in yet, so it looks like neither nor territory. I’ll bet it sells well while 12-year old boys crucify it on the forums for the next four years.

    But that aside, near-luxury cars in this price range are a huge price savings for young families and professionals. You don’t get as much luxury as the German brands and you don’t get as much performance as the outliers like the WRX and EVO, but you get something that matches your professional station in life that more importantly leaves room for the mortgage and assuages the Missus’ concerns that you’re going to blow the family finances on a glorified toy.

    And the BMW will head this way too. As I play around with the configurator, the asking prices for the new 3-series are quite high. Eventually, they’ll probably have to slot in a 320/323i spec car to reach the near-luxury masses as well. Again, a marketing weakness for Acura. BMW can have it both ways by having the M3 halo car and the much less expensive 325 that it sells in real world numbers.

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      I don’t think the 3-series is going to come down in the US, I think they are going to expand the 1-series lineup. Probably with the front wheel drive cars based on the Mini platform they keep talking about. Those will be the $30K entry level for BMW. Which to me makes sense, everything else at that price level is FWD. There is too much high-cost tech in the 3-series for them to sell it much cheaper than they do now, if they want to maintain margins.

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    Speed Spaniel

    I heard and agree that Honda needs to notch it up a bit with the latest Civic. I think a Civic badge on this car would do quite nicely. Although the ILX looks okay in a boring conservative way, it shouldn’t wear an Acura badge. How can product development at Honda look at this car and think premium? Another subpar boring Honda product. Pass.

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    Might be just me, but that interior is econobox-hideous. I think that the first generation Focus had a better interior…
    And I bet a fully loaded current Focus sedan, looks better than that, drives better than that and at $8ish K savings…

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      I agree. I noticed some scratch and scuff marks:

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        I agree that the interior doesn’t look very luxurious, but virtually every car at a car show has scuff marks and scratches on its interior panels. That is why many of the really expensive cars are either locked or placed on a raised platform.

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    No backseat vents on the ILX. Cheap. Didn’t Acura learn this lesson on the TSX by adding them in later. Why not get it right the first time.

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    so.. what is new about the 2013 LC anyways? Hi, Toyota? Can we have the LC70 range with those diesels you guys sell to everyone else? I hear that diesel thing might be catching on here. I’ll be first in line to trade in my 4Runner.

    I .. like the ILX. Kind of interesting that we’ll now be getting what the canadians have been getting for years, a luxurized Civic. I think the new RDX is boring, though. I didn’t realize how poor the turbo engine was (something commented on in the other post about it). I can’t help but think it could have just been a slight tune/turbo reconfig away from being a better choice than another boring V6. As it is now, I can’t see going for that over a high-spec Tiguan 4Motion, and I say that as someone who really doesn’t care for the German cars.

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    Badge Engineering?

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    Another cheap looking interior from Honda/Acura. At least now I am not so disappointed that their isn’t a dealer within a 100 miles of me.

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    I was a Honda fanboy once upon a long time ago, so it pains me to say this, but that don’t-call-it-an-Integra reminds me of a Dodge Avenger, in more ways than one. Sad.

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    Did I read that right, the red coupe says Accord “concept?” It doesn’t look all that different from the current model IMO, but at least a step in the right direction. I’d consider that vehicle. The lines look one hell of a lot better than the ILX. What the heck is that thing supposed to be? And is the engine on/off button red?!? C’mon, that just look stupid. It’s not an industrial machine kill switch.

    Speaking on all things Honda/Acura, isn’t a new Accord due in 2013? When do we get to see that? I’m doubtful it’ll be as promising as the new Fusion, but still holding hope that Honda has some engineering, and more importantly design, talent still on staff.

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      “What the heck is that thing supposed to be? And is the engine on/off button red?!? C’mon, that just look stupid. It’s not an industrial machine kill switch.”

      If Toyota’s recent troubles are anything to go by, you should count yourself fortunate that it isn’t placed at the top of the centre stack, nor required to blink on and off.

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      The Accord coupe concept doesn’t look much different from the current one. You have to put them side-by-side to really see the differences. The new one is an improvement.

      The Accord will be new for 2013. Given that the current sedan was more widely panned, Honda is supposedly making more extensive changes to the sedan. People who have seen it have said that it is smaller and smoother than the current sedan…not a revolutionary change, but a nice evolutionary change. Just a nicer and overall tidier package.

      Whether that will be enough in the face of the all-new 2013 Malibu and Fusion, and still fresh Camry and Passat, remains to be seen.

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    I hope the ILX doesn’t mean the end of the TSX in NA – it can’t really cost that much for Honda to give us the Euro Accord… Having read that Honda wants to reduce the number of sedans in their line up, they should follow Nissan’s lead (when the ditched the Q sedan leaving the M the top of the car range) and combine the TL and RL into a single model (and dare I suggest calling it “Legend”). Acura doesn’t have the credibility to sell something over the current market placement of the TL.

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      The real problem with the TSX is that it is produced in Japan. The currency (yen to dollars) exchange rate is very unfavorable for keeping the TSX price lower. A V-6 TSX (which I never thought was a good idea) is over $35k – pretty expensive. Acura already makes a good V-6 car – the TL – produced in the US and not subject to currency exchange problems. I suspect the TSX is going to be phased out – for two reasons – to tame the currency exchange problem and to eliminate the overlap with the TL.

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        Yes, the TSX will be phased out and the main reason from my sources at Honda tell me becuase of the main overlapping with TL. Obviously the yen hurts as well but mainly they are trying to make more separation between the two.

        I personally like the ILX a lot, Acura has more of a tech-y feel to their interiors, some people like it (I do), but apparently most do not.

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    From what I’ve seen, driven, [and bought recently], Hyundai and Kia are eating these guys’ lunches, as well as Ford in the USA. Save your money folks, they all look the same now and have simlar reliability.

    Paying extra for that insipid “A” or “L” on the boot is sooooo 1990s. It’s the automotive equivalent of a granite countertop or an LCD TV.

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    The front 1/4 of the ILX looks like my E90 3-series. I hate the rear quarter though. The line doesn’t work right.

    The Accord Coupe…wow. Looks spectacular, and a great color. It looks seriously aggressive.

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    It competes with Ford Focus and Elantra so they have price it accordingly.

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