Ford 1.5L Ecoboost Is Actually A Four Cylinder

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
ford 1 5l ecoboost is actually a four cylinder

Well, we were wrong. Turns out the 1.5L Ecoboost engine is a four-cylinder engine, but the intent remains the same. According to Reuters, it offers a way for Chinese buyers of the Ford Mondeo to get a tax break due to displacement.

Meanwhile Automotive News reports that the 1.5L engine will be offered alongside the 1.6L engine in the 2014 Fusion, until the 1.6L is gradually phased out. Power numbers should be similar to the 1.6L, but the engine will be lighter, thanks to changes like an exhaust manifold integrated in the cylinder head. This should also result in better fuel economy compared to the 1.6L engine.

In Europe, there will still be a 1.0L 3-cylinder option, and Ford apparently still believes that more power and displacement can be wrung out of the three-cylinder engine. We’re just not going to get a taste of it – yet. In Europe, where CO2 levels still matter, the 1.0L and its 125 grams of CO2 per kilometer, are a welcome addition.

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  • 86SN2001 86SN2001 on Apr 12, 2013

    Oh goody, another egoboost POS that will drink fuel. This kind of backwards thinking didn't work on the Taurus or the jacked up Taurus...I mean...Explorer. The smaller engines will be drinking fuel in these porky appliances.

  • Mik101 Mik101 on Apr 12, 2013

    It kinda sounds to me like they're trying to free up 1.6 supply for other vehicles such as the Escape. Where is the 1.6 built now? They're going to be using capacity in Romania to build the 1.5. Also I'm sure they didn't like losing the EPA crown to the Altima. I don't know why people are so upset about the change. The 1.6 will still be available with a manual transmission. I for one applaud Ford for not resting on their laurels. Look how long they have stuck with motors in the past. 2.0 sohc and 2.3l 4cyls come to mind, along with the vulcan. The only thing that worries me is the clutch controlled water pump. They're definitely going after every last bit of efficiency they can get without resorting to exotic technology. The integrated exhaust manifold should have been on the 1.6 from the get go. Disclaimer: Not a big Ford fan, but my Mother just bought a 2014 Fusion and loves it. She's had Ford after Ford after Ford. Her last Fusion went 4 years without a single fault. Ford has already tackled much of the MyFordTouch issues. My remaining gripe is still the powershift, but I would buy a manual, so it doesn't really affect me.

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    • Thornmark Thornmark on Apr 12, 2013

      Your mother is very lucky to have a 2014 Fusion. As for laurels, no danger there, Ford hasn't seen any for decades. The 1.5 promises to be just as remarkable a work of Romanian craftsmanship as the 1.6 has proven to be.

  • Hummer Hummer on Apr 12, 2013

    Oh man finally they offer an engine without the dangerous gobs of HP/TQ that the outrageously large 1.6 has. *sarcasm*

  • Niky Niky on Apr 14, 2013

    As said in the article, 1.6 liters is an arbitrary size limit utilized in a number of countries for taxation purposes. A 1.5 liter engine would help move a lot more units. The 2.0 turbo already makes more torque than common family cars can put through the front tires. As such, in smaller cars, the output is dialed back by traction control so badly that the 1.6 already produces similar performance below 60 mph. A 1.5 would be more than enough for a family car that doesn't have to go faster than 80 mph.... and should give a 120+ mph top end. Fuel economy in traffic and at idle should also be much better... though how good it will be under load at said 80 mph is anybody's guess.