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Rotating alone on a turntable: the Subaru BRZ. Looks good, if you ask me. Unfortunately we couldn’t touch the dashboard for all of you dash-touchers out there… more shots after the jump.

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35 Comments on “NAIAS Tidbit: Subaru BRZ On The Ground, er, Platform...”

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    I like it. Toyota 200GT meets Datsun 240z.

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      I like it, too.

      I liked it when I first saw it as an Aston Martin Vangtage.

      Talk about a total and complete facsimile. Toyotaru has no shame.×1200.jpg

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    Hey if my 1989 Corolla LE 2bbl 1.6L 5sp can have a padded dash all cars should have one. RIP my beloved car…

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    Funny how many 2009+ RX-8 design clues are on it, esp notice the front fender vents and “Wankel” triangle on the lower rear bumper!

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    Mazda called, they want their rear diffuser back.

    That’s the only poke I can make – I love the looks of the car. I still say phooey as it is a RWD not AWD Subbie – but I love the looks.

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      I still say phooey as it is a RWD not AWD Subbie – but I love the looks.

      Rumor has it the next WRX/STI will be available as a coupe. I’m guessin’ its one of the reasons Subaru didn’t make this AWD.

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    Eh, OK, I guess, except it has that Gaping Mouth Syndrome that so many cars nowadays have–and with which none look good.

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      Gaping mouth syndrome is the result of pedestrian impact regulations. Those regulations and the need to receive IIHS “very good” impact scores is homogenizing car design. Everybody is building the same box, and slapping different “mouths”, creases, and baubles on it to allow for differentiation. The evolution of car as appliance continues, courtesy of regulators.

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    I dig it, but I already know everything except the MSRP. I really want to know the MSRP. :)

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    Anybody else seeing some Opel GT in that roofline and upper body swoop?

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      Sammy B

      The side profile of the greenhouse is meant to evoke the 2000GT:

      But I certainly see some Opel GT as well!

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    Damn, those headrests sit low. That thing must have an Elise like seat cushion height. Hopefully Elise like handling, as well; without a quite Elise like lack of comfort.

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    Looks more mature than the Scion version. As much as I love both models on paper, I just can’t make that “love at first sight” connection. Maybe it’ll be one of those models that’ll grow on me over time.

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    Awesome.. “Unfortunately we couldn’t touch the dashboard for all of you dash-touchers out there” Sounds, like a shot specifically at the Autoblog podcast :-)

    There are far more important things concerning the interior quality, design, and ergonomics on a sub-$25k car. Is the interior going to scratch, collect dirt/dust, or wear out in the short term? Is the headrest going to mash my head into my collarbone? Can I operate the radio w/o looking at it? Pedal postion? and on and on.

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    Reminds me of my 73 240Z which was a similar color. Like it!

    (is this going to assemble @ the Lafayette IN plant?)

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    Does anyone else want to pronounce BRZ as “Breeze” or am I just weird?

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    Can it be ordered without the Excessive Wheel Gap option? Or are they planning an Outback version?

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    Kevin Jaeger

    I like it – this or the Toyota, though? It will be interesting to see them side by side. Very interested to see the pricing, too.

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    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with feeling up a dashboard every once in a while.


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    Anyone else notice that Subi and Scion list maximum torque at 6600 RPM? Last time I saw maximum torque listed that high was on the S2000.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    I like them both. Price and dealership experience will likely be the deciding factor.

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    I look forward to completely annihilating one of these at a stop light. The nasally whining of, “If we were at a track…” fading behind me as the distance between us grows.

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    The base of the A-pillar is a mess of shut lines, it’s way too similar to the Toyota, the faux fender vent is horrid, the surfaces are amateurish…but I like it anyway. Not a design masterwork, but it’s got good proportions and (from what I hear) even better handling.

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      If there was ever a Subaru crying out for a “flying vagina” this is it. Either that or lose the grill all together, going with more of a 91+ 240SX or Ferrari 360 look.

      I don’t like the vents/things they put below and in front of the a-pillar either but otherwise, for whatever reason, I find this much more pleasing than the Scion. The roof/cutline and hind quarters really do it for me, the front end is proportioned correctly but the details are messed up (and spoilers annoy me).

      Difficult to say from pictures though.

      edit: also needs to be a liftback, ONE of these cars needs to be a liftback. Maybe they are and I am mistaken, looks like a regular useless trunk to me though.

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        Yep useless trunk. As I replied to the earlier Gen Coupe post this is reason I went with a used Z. All these recent stylist (so-of) coupes have useless rear seats and tiny trunks. Funny I don’t remember that problem with the Celica but I was a touch shorter back then too (high school days).

        I like look of this, but the car should have been a hatch. And yes Subbie’s version looks better then the Scion except that incredible stupid vent thing. How long before an aftermarket company comes up with a replacement panel for that area? Also from the looks of it there is a tiny triangle window near the side mirror?

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    It’s a step forward for the often awkward Suburu world, but the headlights remind me too much of the last generation Chrysler Cirrus.

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