What's Wrong With This Picture: New Boxster, Unboxed Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Sorry to bring you here under false pretenses, but TTAC can’t actually afford the kind of “spy photographs” that are so perfectly posed they almost seem like manufacturer-released press shots. Happily, Autocar can, and has given the internet the first camo-free photography of the new baby Carrera GT-look Boxster S. So go ahead, surf on over, but then be sure to scurry back here to discuss the new look. We don’t have to pay Brenda Priddy to do that, do we?

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  • Boxerman Boxerman on Oct 06, 2011

    Alaways best to see these cars in the flesh. In photos it looks to be an im provement over the old boring car with cheapo interior. The real question is going to be performance variants. The boxter was supposedly held back from the good motors etc so as not to crib 911 sales. With the 911/991 going bigger and further upscale can the boxter not now develop into a fuller performace range. Something like a boxter cayman gt3. Basicaly all these cars are useless for much more than a pose, unless they are trackable.

  • Carlisimo Carlisimo on Oct 06, 2011

    I understand that the 4-cyl turbo makes sense, but I don't think 4-cylinder boxers sound good at all. That's my greatest concern about this car.

  • Chuckrs Chuckrs on Oct 06, 2011

    There is a little story related to the replacement of the 2.9 with a turbo flat four. Over on Planet9.com, a British owner of a Cayman R thinks he has tracked down why UK 3.4 engined cars have a flat spot in response that Euro cars don't have, despite harmonized emissions standards. Chasing through country specific Porsche websites, he uncovered the fact that Euro 3.4s put out a few more grams of CO2 per mile than the UK 3.4s, just enough to put the cars in a different road tax bracket. Of course, Porsche had just stonewalled him - perfectly normal, happens with all of 'em, etc. The four should buy them some breathing room on aggregate efficiency and emissions standards but I doubt that particular guy will be back for seconds.

  • Robert Schwartz Robert Schwartz on Oct 06, 2011

    It looks like a Porsche to me. Of course, to me they all look the same. Yawn.