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Just try driving that Mustang past this checkpoint, pal; we’ll fill you up with M855 Ball faster than you can say “PI heads add torque and subtract nothing!”

I suspect there’s a bit of a perspective issue in this photograph, which was taken during last night’s California Armed Standoff O’ The Week, and that the CHP officer actually has his deadly baby-killing assault weapon approved police safety tool pointed towards the ground near the door of the car. Still, between the fact that a driver is being random-stopped by someone with armor-piercing bullets and Extra-Fat Sergeant Schultz on the other side of the car, it’s hard to not feel a little a queasy. My four-year-son saw me uploading this photo and said, “Why are those policemen pointing their guns at the man? I think they’re Army people, they have Army guns.”

“Save that Tea Party crap for, kid,” I replied. With that said…

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53 Comments on “What’s Wrong With That Picture: New Edging Punishable By Death Edition...”

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    A still from the new rogue cop dramedy “Over the [New] Edge” starring Ryan Reynolds and a reanimated John Candy?

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      Well, hell, if they can reanimate, maybe that’s Fatty Arbuckle.

      And this means…. We Can Have The Stooges Back!!

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        Please. That’s obviously John Candy in his Wally World uniform from Vacation.

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        Kenmore : ” And this means…. We Can Have The Stooges Back!! ”


        And _NO_ Curly Joe either .

        Just wait’ll the guys down to the shop see I wrote this , they won’t be amused apart from the over 50 ones =8-) .

        Screw ’em .


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          “And _NO_ Curly Joe either”


          Jerome Lester “Jerry” Horwitz is the one and only Curly Howard. That replacement guy was beneath contempt.

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            According to a friend of mine, who has a similar surname, the Horwitz brothers were descended from a great rabbi by the name of Yeshayahu [Isaiah] Horowitz (also known as the “Sh’la haKodesh” after the acronym to the title of his magnum opus, the Sh’nei Luchot haBrit, the Two Tablets of the Covenant), who lived in the late 16th and early 17th centuries in Bohemia and Palestine.


            In other words, the Stooges had “yichus”, a pedigree.

            I’ve seen Larry Fine mentioned as a cousin, but it seems that he was a friend of Moe’s not a relative.

            According to at least one source Curly himself replaced Shemp in the early days:

            Moe Howard (born Harry [Moshe] Moses Horwitz), brother Shemp Howard (born [Shmuel] Samuel Horwitz), and longtime friend Larry Fine (born Louis [Levi] Feinberg). Shemp was later replaced by brother Curly Howard (born Jerome Lester [Yehudah-Leib] Horwitz) in 1933.

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            “I have yichus!”

            “Seen a dermatologist?”

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      Nice to see John Candy’s zombie getting work, maybe the economy has finally turned a corner.

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    The militarization of local police departments is a serious and growing danger in this country.

    Google up the number of SWAT-style police raids the last few years where police have terrorized law-abiding citizens in their homes, destroyed personal property and killed people while busting in or shooting out the door of the wrong house. Our “War on Drugs” has seen the enemy, and it are us.

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    I wonder where the parolee got the assault rifle from? Most likely stolen from a legal gun owner. One who knows every cool detail about the weapon but did not think to secure it properly. But that is a different discussion.
    What the cops know is there is a potentially homicidal criminal on the loose who is armed. I can’t fault them for arming themselves. I don’t like it but there you go, that’s life, right?

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      See AKA Farago’s haunt.

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      I’m looking for the part where the perp had an “assault rifle.” I don’t see it in the story Jack linked.

      As a matter of fact, I had to go several links deep in order to find that he actually had a handgun. The press does a great job on their own of inventing “facts” by calling everything from a revolver to a snapped-off broomstick an “assault weapon,” so I’d appreciate if you (as a member of the “B&B”) not do the same.

      as for the second part, I have no issue with police officers being issued patrol rifles like the AR-15 or Mini-14. After the North Hollywood incident (heavily body-armored bank robbers shrugging off police handgun and shotgun fire) I think it’s prudent that they be issued something which can defeat soft body armor. I do, however, hate the idea of the police looking for reasons to use their shiny new DoD-surplus toys.

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        This is cut and pasted from the link…
        “He didn’t want to go to jail. He is a wanted parolee,” said Roseville police Lt. Cal Walstad when asked about motivation. He said the suspect was armed with an assault-type weapon.

        OK… Not my fault if the press is wrong. Lambast Jack for posting the wrong link if you must, but I did read the link, more thoroughly than you evidently.

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    Well, two things that are wrong with the picture have to do with police procedure. The guy with the rifle shouldn’t stand that close to someone he might shoot because that would allow the guy he might shoot to grab or deflect the gun. And the guy with the helmet shouldn’t stand that close to the line of fire of the guy with the rifle because then, he might get shot by accident.

    Also, if the guy with the rifle doesn’t think he might shoot anyone, he shouldn’t be pointing it at anyone.

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    Sergeant Schultz? More like Sergeant Schlitz.

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    Just flip a uey and haul A$$. Usually checkpoints are too understaffed to go after you. Or while waiting in traffic to be screened, simply pull over and walk away. This is insider info from a police detective I know. And CHP officers are the lowest common denominator.

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      I had a DUI checkpoint in front of my house on multiple labor day weekends. People who u-turned were rounded up immediately.

      In other words, your mileage may vary.

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        You’re right, but it’s chance worth taking if you’re already in for a DUI. And like I said, park, walk away and ditch the key, if you think they may catch up to you. Let them prove you were behind the wheel. But just consider all your options before you just rollover and take it. Don’t give up your rights, and refusing any and all testing is NOT an automatic DUI.

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    With more than 10,000 federal laws on the books, that is pretty much impossible. I will assume you are kidding.

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    What’s wrong with being Republican? They’re a lot smarter than the retarded Muslim in office and his supporters.

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    A question you could ask: How many items in this picture are not purchasable by a non-LEO from a retail store? Unless those rifles are automatics (unlikely), the only other thing I can think of would be body armor. And, correct me if I’m wrong, private citizens can still obtain body armor with a permit and a background check. I’m sure some people will point out that Cal-E-Fornia has more restrictive laws about these sorts of things than most of the rest of the nation, which is true. But that doesn’t mean Arizona and Nevada aren’t right next door.

    I’m not trying to make an argument for gun control. I just think it’s unreasonable to assume that LEOs will not obtain things that their constituencies have ready access to. It’s an arms race that I’m not really willing to blame them for. It’s not sucking up to authority to admit that LEOs interact with a constituency that is more heavily armed than it has ever been, even if the absolute level of criminal violence in the US has declined significantly from its peak.

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      Actually, in virtually every US jurisdiction, no permit is required to purchase body armor.

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        I was gonna say, shielding one’s self from bullets requires license too? #IthoughtthiswasAmerica

        To respond directly to J.Emerson, it’s not the size or type of your equipment, it’s how you use it. Pointing it in people’s direction without their consent is generally regarded as rude.

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    DC Bruce

    I’m still asking me why the chippie has has weapon (apparently) pointed at the driver . . . and I’m wondering what kind of weapons training this moron had.

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    That officer is so close that a BB gun would do damage. Inocent until proven guilty only counts if you make it alive to the court house.

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    Just officer Phuktard McMissingChromosome administering your submission training. Nothing to worry about.

    -The Political Terrorists

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    Cops are probably using TAP… or Gold Dots…

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