What's Wrong With This Picture: Buick To The Future Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture buick to the future edition

Buick has gone back to China in order to find the way forward… and based on these renderings of the soon-to-be-launched Envision Concept, their designers have been spending some time with Mazda’s “Japanese Alfa Romeo”-focused stylists. Which is an interesting state of affairs: When Buick’s US managers lost their way, GM’s Chinese staff rediscovered the essence of the brand in designs like the Riviera and Invicta concepts. Now, it seems that Buick’s Chinese stylists may be starting to lose the plot, turning out this effort that looks like it could carry nearly any auto brand in existence. Is it time to bring Buick design back home?

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  • Advo Advo on Apr 16, 2011

    Instead of undercutting the competition by producing more cheaply, I wonder if Chinese auto companies will instead take those car concepts, a lot of which are pretty good looking on paper, and leave a lot of what we like in the final production model. Cost has got to be a major factor in consumers getting these dumbed-down designs. Maybe the Chinese will go that extra step to leave the styling details in there and can afford to do so even if they charge the same amount as competing brands.

  • Ciddyguy Ciddyguy on Apr 16, 2011

    Nope, not gonna buy this thing, it looks like it could be just another CUV type vehicle with oversized tired and swoopy, but now cliche'd styling cues and those wind doors, get real. Those aren't technically gullwing doors, that belongs to the beloved Mercedes Benz of the same name and the doors on the Delorean.

  • Jdt65724922 How can a Chrysler E-Class ride better than a Chrysler Fifth Avenue?
  • Lorenzo This series is epic, but I now fear you'll never get to the gigantic Falcon/Dart/Nova comparison.
  • Chris P Bacon Ford and GM have decided that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Odds are Chrysler/Cerberus/FCA/Stellantis is next to join in. If any of the companies like Electrify America had been even close to Tesla in reliability, we wouldn't be here.
  • Inside Looking Out China will decide which EV charging protocol will become world wide standard.
  • Chris P Bacon I see no reference to Sweden or South Carolina. I hate to assume, but is this thing built in China? I can't help but wonder if EVs would be more affordable to the masses if they weren't all stuffed full of horsepower most drivers will never use. How much could the price be reduced if it had, say, 200hp. Combined with the instant torque of an EV, that really is plenty of power for the daily commuter, which is what this vehicle really is.