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Opel has let it slip to the European media that it will build a new Calibra coupe based on the Opel Insignia (Buick Regal)… and that a convertible is in the works as well. The hardtop will hit German dealers in 2012, with a convertible coming in 2013 alongside a planned OPC/VXR version with 325 HP and AWD. We definitely won’t get that version because GM won’t let Buick play with its 2.8T V6, but a big Buick coupe and an accompanying convertible would sure be a good way to cap off the brand’s recent renaissance (provided the Epsilon II platform feels renaissance-quality in three years). Since GM’s Nick Reilly says the coupe will be inspired by the Opel OPC concept, we’ve included a few images for the Buick faithful to photoshop the Trishield onto. Then there’s just the small issue of whether this midsized FWD coupe is worthy of becoming the next Riviera….

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26 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Buick Badge Here Edition...”

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    I like the looks of the hardtop.  Just make it RWD, lower the door window sills so you can hang an elbow out, be sure it has hydraulic steering assist and sells around the $25,000 range, give of take a couple and she is a winner.  That is unless you have taken look at Consumer Reports lately.  Would love to see Opel in America and dump Chevy.  Sell Corvettes as a separate line / dealerships.

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      “Just make it RWD, lower the door window sills so you can hang an elbow out, be sure it has hydraulic steering assist and sells around the $25,000 range”
      So you say use a completely different platform, whithour any cost benefits from the shared Insingia components? I like how people assume it is easy to just make a car RWD, especially when it is based on a transverse engine platform…

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    I would choose this over the G37 why?

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    OMG…the words Big and Buick in the same sentence. dreams that you dream can come true….

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    Yes please

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      SVX pearlie

      You know, I wouldn’t be adverse to the 2-door keeping the Calibra name, reserving the Riviera name for a larger, swoopier full-size coupe more like the Chinese concept from a while back.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    As long as you let us order interior colors like red, blue, ect like the good ole days, make it so.

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    I see a big problem selling a German sports sedan as a Buick. The typical person who shops Buick in the US doesn’t know how to drive a manual transmission and probably has no desire to learn.
    Buick customer base would be happier with a Lazy-Boy on a cush set of wheels.  In short, pampered not sporty has been Buick’s mainstay.

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      If traditional Buick buyers keep away because they don’t want Eurosportluxe, and younger buyers looking for Eurosportluxe keep away because it’s branded ‘Buick,’ GM will have created the perfect lose-lose situation.
      This is what they should have done with Oldsmobile, as it was last positioned as the sporty Euro fighter.

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      SVX pearlie

      The Buick customer base is picking up a lot of 30-something and 40-something moms who started with compact imports like the pre-bloat Corolla, maybe even the occasional 2nd-gen ES if they made decent money before becoming mommies. While they want a decent ride, they’re not looking for floating barges on wheels.

      Those who’re looking for such cars aren’t buying the smaller Buicks anyways. They’ll get the full-lux full-size LaCrosse and Enclave.

      Two largely separate customer bases whose only intersection is the car seat for the kids / grandkids.

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      SVX pearlie

      @Dave: As one mom put it after she got her Enclave, “I never thought I’d be driving a Buick”.

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      I would disagree with you on one point:  that the typical Buick driver doesn’t know how to drive a manual transmission.  Most Buick owners started driving before automatic transmissions became commonplace.  They may have forgotten how, but they probably learned to drive on a manual.

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      @davetherave….one of the best posts I’ve read in years.

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      @OldandSlow & dave-the-rave

      There are no more traditional Buick buyers… I consider myself as a traditional Buick buyer, I still own 3 Buicks but I wouldn’t buy what they sell today!

      If GM makes a Buick that’s RWD, powerful and available with an engine that has more than 4cyls (I should say more than 5cyls!), like those that I have, I’ll be interested! It it looks good, a bit sporty and it comes with a manual transmission, I’ll probably buy it!

      @ mdensch

      That was probably true a few years ago! But these buyers who learned with manual transmission in the 1940’s are getting quite old now!
      My first car was a ’68 Buick and it was an automatic. I have two Toyota pickup trucks with manual transmissions but I still haven’t found a Buick with a manual trans. Last year, I found a ’65 LeSabre with a 3 on tree but it lacked a few parts (including the engine) so I passed! I’d be really happy to get a mid sixties Wildcat with a 4 on the floor like this one! Or maybe someday, I’ll convert my ’65 to a manual gearbox!

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    O.K., IF the hardtop is not a tease like the concept Camaro was, IF the rear windows actually roll down – you know, a real pillarless hardtop, and IF it is more-or-less affordable – SIGN ME UP. NOW. RIGHT NOW!!! Even better – make it a Chevy!

    As for Educator Dan’s interior color wish list, make mine saddle brown, please! Exterior color: Red. Or white. Or…

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    Ironically, this is where Oldsmobile was going before the geniuses at GM killed it– the sporty European fighter. It really shouldn’t be an issue, as a good car is a good car, but if traditional Buick buyers keep away because they don’t want Eurosportluxe, and younger buyers in search of Eurosportluxe keep away because it’s branded ‘Buick,’ it’s a perfect lose-lose situation.

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      Just curious, but what were the reasons given by GM to kill Oldsmobile way back when? Why wasn’t Buick killed instead?

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      Falling sales.  Unsustainability.  I remember Car and Driver said at the time: “If Oldsmobile Dies, Buick’s deader than a doornail a week from Friday.”  What happened?  Buick lives, Pontiac dies.  Buickman keeps telling us that with REAL Buicks, the brand could come back.  I said the same about Oldsmobile, although Olds was in a pretty good place and was almost a Lexus fighter when killed.

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    “Then there’s just the small issue of whether this midsized FWD coupe is worthy of becoming the next Riviera…”
    There hasn’t been a Riviera worthy of becoming the next Riviera since 1973, imho.  This is not as cool as the ’73, but better than anything after it.

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      I personally think the 1995 Riviera was a high mark, it’s still a stunning car 15 years later IMO. Complex compound curves, a retro interior straight out of the 70’s, soft plush ride, big as a barn, and plenty of supercharged engine torque.
      Yes, it had all the problems of personal luxury coupes: huge blindspots, long hood, and poor space-to-size utilization. But you knew it was a true Buick respectful of its heritage.

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    I like it, but its styling is a bit derivative. A bit of Infiniti or even Altima coupe here, a bit of Jaguar there.  The best Rivieras were style leaders, not followers.  Name this one something else, and keep the name Riviera for a more expensive top of the line model.
    Oh, and though our ’64 Riviera had an automatic, every car I have had since has been a manual. Of course, I am no longer a Buick owner, so perhaps those commenting are correct.

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    A turbo version of the LLT needs to make it’s way into this car. Then paint them all black.
    Grand National.

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      How bout every Buick with a turbo motor gets the old “T-type” badge again?  I loved that as a kid.
      And yes I got to take a very fast ride in an 85 Regal T-type (not Grand National) that ride cemented Buick as “Go Fast With Class” in my mind.

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    The idea that a V6 won’t even be an option in a car that looks this heavy seems like a bad idea.

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