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Honda looks 50 years into the future, and comes away with the 3R-C Concept, an EV commuter that has a surprising amount in common with the Neighborhood Electric Vehicles of that became hugely popular during the high gas prices of the Summer of 2008. The 3R-C will debut at the Geneva Auto Salon.

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16 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Honda Goes Back To The Future Edition...”

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    Say, is that one of those modern desktop staplers?

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    Well, ok it certainly is strange and maybe it’s “futuristic.” I’m wondering though… how do you sit in that? More importantly, how do you see OUT of that thing?

    That concept makes me nostalgic for 1992. Tiny toon adventures, Super Nintendo, cars you can actually see out of.

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    Yay, my prediction of a three-wheeled future is coming to fruition! I love it when I am right.

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    John B

    Just what is needed for Toronto winters. Then again, if Al Gore is right, we won’t have any winters by then.

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      Please separate facts from politics on global climate change. Though the concept is the Earth’s atmosphere overall temperature is rising it doesn’t mean it will get hotter everywhere all the time. In fact it makes weather more unpredictable and provides more extremes (colder / warmer / drying / wetter than normal). These extremes in weather will have drastic consequences on our way of life (reduce food crops, drinking water, etc.).

      Unfortunately the science is being corrupted by politics and unethical scientists willing to alter key data and facts to prove a predetermined notion.

      Anyway – I agree with your criticism of Al Gore as he is a self important hypocrite that takes credit for others work.

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    It actually works pretty well. Instead of the (tiring) seating position of the Can-Am Spyder and the like, you’re sitting as you would in a traditional vehicle and using car-like controls. Forward and side visibility looks good (rear is a problem) and frontal area looks very minimal.

    About the only three serious issues would be a) high-speed stability (there’s a lot of mass up high, potentially), b) space (none to speak of) and….

    …c) I think it would work as a single-person commuting EV, but the market for that is pretty much zilch in North America. This looks very JDM.

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    It would appear that the canopy is only in that position for storage, or when parked, to keep the weather out. This image makes the whole thing look alot more ridiculous.

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    Robert Schwartz

    Looks like one of those robot wheel chair gizmos the Japanese are working on to take care of all of their old folks.

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    I saw one of those in a 1935 Science and Mechanics.

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    They’ve predicted the future is a three wheeled electric scooter?

    Nothing against scooters mind you, but Honda already makes them, so why is this an improvement? I suppose its intended to get car drivers to take a step down from a car.

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    cRacK hEaD aLLeY

    What’s wrong with having a Honda Fit and a CB 750 in the garage?

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    Dearest Honda,

    I have been a fan of your products for years. Having owned two new Honda automobiles I can tell you, I have always been impressed with your quality and attention to detail. While it may seem like a neat-o idea to look 50 years into the future, I must ask this. Please, take an in depth look at the next five months. Spend some much needed time with the Acura division. Cure the Captain America Shields that pollute the front end of almost every model. If you need any more reason, view the past two years sales figures.

    Optimistically Yours,

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    This looks like the personal transport Mr. Garrison invented in South Park.

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