By on November 17, 2010

According to a recent projection, GM will be selling over 2m vehicles on its Gamma (Aveo) platform by 2016… and thanks to Cadillac’s Urban Luxury Concept, we know what the most profitable iteration of that platform could look like. Yes, it’s the new-wave Cimarron of the future, inspired by such pedigreed city-car competitors as the Aston-Martin Cygnet and the Bugatti Petit Sport Sang de Navet. And with Lambo doors and a grille that would put a crunk rapper to shame, the littlest Caddy certainly does everything it can to distract from its humble (presumably budget Korean hatchback) roots.  Because, as lead designer Frank Saucedo puts it

There is no minimum size for a Cadillac driving experience.

But there is a minimum volume per platform target… and the importance of this metric almost guarantees that, in some way or another, the Cimarron will ride again.

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36 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: The Cimmaron Of The Future Edition...”

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    Aztek II.

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      SVX pearlie

      Pure and utter nonsense.

      This is the Cadillac of Minis.

      Dimensionally, it’s within inches of the current BMW Mini. Same requirements, same purpose, same basic result.

      The only thing is that some people can’t get their heads around the styling. Personally, I like it a lot. The front is very well done. The Kamm tail is clean and makes sense. The only issue is the rear quarter, which could probably use a little more glass and sculpting detail.

      Like the groundbreaking BMW VED, this kind of forward design should be seen more and more, and the rest will just have to catch up.

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      This is without doubt the ugliest and STUPIDEST thing to come out of GM since… well since… Ah crap, its is the stupidest and ugliest thing ever…
      When I first say this thread I thought it was just an ugly photoshop… I just about filled my pants when I discovered it is a REAL concept car.  What is the concept?   Is it to determine how low they can push Cadillac before someone puts this division without focus out of its misery.

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    File this one under WTF.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    There is no minimum size for a Cadillac driving experience.
    Go to the restroom.  Look yourself straight in the eye in the mirror and see how many times it takes repeating that phrase out-loud in the mirror before you can say it with a straight face.
    If you can do it on the first try you might have a job in the new GM.

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    Please.  God.  No.

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    There’s a guy that’s been on my mind
    Design crimes

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    Bad news right before the IPO…seriously GM, get rid of everything aveo related, and don’t embarrass Cadillac with that…

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    Is there a picture of it before it went through rollover testing?

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    If the designer of this car had one more eye, he’d be a cyclops.

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    Because smart worked so well for Daimler in the US…

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    Is it me, or is this car reminiscent of this Hanna-Barbera character?

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    Kinda like it, actually, except for the pretension Caddy grille. You’d definitely want to try those doors before buying.

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    With CAFE, what choice does GM have, really? I know, they could buy an existing cheapo car and slather Cadillac-esque styling cues on it, much like Aston Martin did with the Cygnet… FWIW, it communicates the current Cadillac styling language, rather than tacking on fake air extractors & etc., again like Aston Martin.
    So how do we know this will be the next Cimarron. Because we’ve all seen it in as a production car and  driven it, yes?

    “the littlest Caddy certainly does everything it can to distract from its humble (presumably budget Korean hatchback) roots.” I find this bit of snark rather amusing, as it IS Korean Car Week or whatever, but why is Korean OK when it’s a Hyundai, but bad when it’s GM?

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      With CAFE, what choice does GM have, really?
      1. Build the Converj
      2. make the new eAssist system standard across the lineup
      3. offer the 2.4L DI engine in the SRX.
      4. Kill the Escalade
      5. Do anything but offer the ULC in the US.

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      With CAFE, what choice does GM have, really?
      LOL this is CAFE’S fault? WTF. Can you explain how we have the fastest Corvette, Camaro and Cadillac EVER in spite of CAFE?   This has nothing to do with CAFE, this has more to do with a designer who designed a car based on what he saw in the bowl after his morning dump.

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    Okay, I’m not a fan of this design or th whole luxury city car concept, but it isn’t a “Cimarron” rebadge. Not even close. Platform engineering is not badge engineering. That Aston Martin Cygnet is more Cimarron than this thing is.

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      +1 — it’s way premature to start calling “Cimarron” just because the platform isn’t unique to Cadillac.
      The Cimmarron was just a Cavalier with an appearance package, this shows no sign (yet) of being such a shallow rebadge.

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    I refuse to be cynical about this.

    The Cimarron was an awful car, but that has nothing to do with this, any more than the Excel has anything to do with the upcoming Accent.

    Scratch that: it does have something to do with it. Both the Excel and Cimarron were lessons learned: in Hyundai’s case, don’t go to America until you’re ready. For Cadillac, don’t sell a re-badged economy car without making it something truly special and unique.

    What would be even sillier would be if Cadillac spent ridiculous sums developing their own subcompact architecture just to appease informed enthusiasts who won’t buy the ULC either way.

    As long as its horn plays a chord, it’s a Cadillac in my book. Wait…

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      As long as its horn plays a chord, it’s a Cadillac in my book. Wait…
      Don’t you also need big chrome window trim?

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      So if I slap a General Lee paint job on something and get the horn to play “Dixie” then its the General Lee right?

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      OK, I really seriously want that Suzuki X-90 one.

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    “There is no minimum size for a Cadillac driving experience.”

    Yes, there is, and it’s way north of anything that can be built on the Gamma platform. Just when I thought that GM was getting a firm grip on what the Cadillac brand needs to be, they pull this crap. How about a Cadillac NEV, or a Cadillac scooter? Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should do it.

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    WTF???  Seriously, after the resounding success the first generation Cimmaron enjoyed,
    why would anyone want to resurrect that smoldering pile of crap?  If this is what we can expect
    from the “new” GM then somebody better start downgrading the value of their IPO and quickly.

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    Don’t call it a Cimmaron. It will V-slap you.

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    I think it’s absolutely precious in that whole Star Trek ShuttlePod kind of way. They weren’t all Orinoco-Class runabouts in Star Trek, either.
    Chrysler’s ecoVoyager concept totally spanked it years ago, though. Hopefully we’ll see that one too.

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    If it comes with the CTS-V drivetrain, I’m fine with it.  If this is just another CAFE trick, then this is just stupid.

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    There is no minimum size for a Cadillac driving experience.

    Maybe I’m old-school, but to me a Cadillac should be a luxo-barge with a modicum of performance.  The current CTS is as small as Cadillac should go, and no, the SRX does NOT make the cut.

    GM has Chevy to meet their CAFE requirements.

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      Amen.  My girlfriend, 26 years old, from a GM buying family (though that has more to do with a stellar local dealership than the product) and the proud owner of a 2005 Vibe she bought new, aspires to a Buick Enclave for hauling our future kids around.  She feels the same way about Cadillac that you do.  In her mind Buicks should not come with cloth interiors and Cadillacs should be big, imposing, luxurious, price be damned, luxo-barges that say “I HAVE ARRIVED AND I AM SUCCESSFUL.”  The 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood is the last Caddy I’ve ever aspired to own.

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    This is what the Honda CR-Z should have looked like. This thing is straight out of 2020, nice design concept but it has nothing (repeat NOTHING) to do with Caddy. However given the success of Mini you have got to wonder when GM will attempt to bring a small-luxury car to market. If they do it would better under the Buick name given the direction they are going with that brand.

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    I am not opposed to small Caddys.  I think they could do ok, but shouldn’t be smaller than say a BMW 1 series.
    I am opposed to this ugliness they are calling a car.  I can’t find a single thing I like about it.  It should die a painful death now.  Burn it, burn it now.

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    What a bitchy useless article waste of time…
    being a GM hater is so lame

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    Mistake, mistake, mistake.  For a whole bunch of reasons other than the questionable styling, but let’s start with these two:

    1.  The market for this sort of thing always gets overestimated.  Real city dwellers, with no offstreet parking and mixing it up in cut and thrust traffic, will be happier with a Fit or a Cruze or a Fiesta.  Not enough of them are going to spend Cadillac bucks for a car that’s going to sit out on the street overnight, cost a bundle to insure, and doesn’t do anything a Fit doesn’t.  And the ones who do buy it will outgrow it quickly, as soon as they have kids and/or move to the burbs.

    2.  Every dollar spent on developing and marketing this is a dollar diverted from doing what Cadillac needs desperately to do, which is revitalize the top end of its lineup with a RWD ultra luxury model that gives customers the best of the classiest big Caddies of yore – think ’66 Fleetwood Brougham — in a modern package.  The XTS won’t do that, being hemmed in by the limitations of the Epsilon platform (just like the MKS isn’t doing it for Lincoln).  Quick before it’s too late, as everyone else is moving in on this market.  Think Hyundai Equus, reviewed elsewhere on this site.  Fix the front seats and it’s ready to be the new DeVille.  The LWB version (not coming to the US, bummer) could be the Fleetwood Brougham.  I don’t mean GM should sell rebadged Equuses as Caddies.  I mean this is the kind of car Cadillac should be building, instead of ceding the market to Hyundai.

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      +1.  Your part 2 made me think that 40 years from now car nuts will be sitting around saying: “Remember when Hyundai made cars like the Equus?  Now the Chinese are eating their lunch and building real luxury sedans!”

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    Too small to be a Caddy or Buick and too classy to be a Chevy. Split the grill vertically, put an Indian head on the steering wheel hub & revive Pontiac.

    This thing would make an awesome companion to my Aztek.

    And don’t make versions of it for any other division.

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