Is This The Last Of The Lamborghini V12s?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
is this the last of the lamborghini v12s

Conjecture that Lambo might be getting rid of the V12 in its flagship turns out to have been way off-base: in fact, Lamborghini has just announced specs for its first clean-sheet V12 since the 1964 350GT. Its 6.5 liter displacement is good for 700 high-revving horsepower (but “only” about 500 lb-ft of torque), thanks to aluminum-silicon alloy four-valve heads and an oversquare design. The new engine also comes with a new type of automated-manual gearbox that Lamborghini calls an “Independent Shifting Rod” transmission. We’ll publish more technical details as they become available, but for now let’s just take a moment to lap up the visual feast. New Lambo V12s don’t come around every day… in fact, given past practice and future emissions standards, this may well be the last of the breed.

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  • Morea Morea on Nov 16, 2010

    This should also erase any doubts among Alfisti that Sergio should sell Alfa Romeo to VW. VW has the money and the will to invest in class leading products in all market segments. German bankers and Italian designers-- who could ask for more?

  • Paul W Paul W on Nov 16, 2010

    "German bankers and Italian designers– who could ask for more?" Japanese quality controllers would be nice...

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