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Out with the old, in with the new. Chrysler’s interior makeovers continue, now with the Journey. The engine compartment wasn’t neglected either: a new 283 hp Pentastar V6 is part of the remodeling. The exterior: not so much so. In case you forgot what the old interior looked like:

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49 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: The Long Journey...”

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    Call me crazy, but that publicity still for the new Journey interior isn’t doing it for me, either.

    Looks like the inside of a smoker’s lung.

    Edit: 3 spoke steering wheels are all kinds of awful.

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    Definitely looks like a much-needed, albeit completely superficial, improvement to a thoroughly mediocre vehicle.
    The “old” gauge cluster reminded me of the Omni/Horizon.

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    Also acceptable: What’s Wrong With This Picture: Dodge Pulls a Taurus X Edition

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    The Journey isn’t a bad vehicle.  It’s not a great one, but as three-row crossovers go it wasn’t nearly the heavy-footed monster that the Flex, Pilot or Lambdas are, and it’s a lot less expensive than the Highlander.
    If you think of it as a RAV/4 or Outlander competitor, it actually stacks up pretty well now that the interior’s been cleaned up.

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      I’m not so sure that many current owners would be so nice.  I was checking one out recently and checked some of the reviews on Edmund’s.  Horrendous brake wear, transmission problems, and overall build quality issues.  A nicer dash may put more uninformed in the driver’s seat, but the reviews scared me away.

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      The Journey is further than a new dashboard away from class competitive let alone class leading like the Rav.
      Like the Sebring it’s based on, it’s best stacked up in a car crusher.

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    I don’t see anything really *wrong* with the picture. Although pretty dark, the interior looks much improved. From the outside the Journey wasn’t all that bad to begin with. Add in the new V6 and it should be a decent vehicle. If it proves to hold up over time then maybe Chrysler resale values will see a bump.
    I really see only positives here.

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    I think the new interior really looks great…. but then I remember it’s a Cyberus product….. and the expression “putting lipstick on a pig” springs to mind for some reason.

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    Call me crazy but that is the worst mix of retro + retro II + Son of Retro.
    Um, what year did they miss from 67 and up?
    Going from Bright & Cheery to Dark & Sinister is a day late and a dollar shy.  Been there, done that.
    Which reminds me.  There was a Chrysler Sebring in front of me at the red light.
    I fell asleep….

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    It’s like “how much blacker could this interior be?” None. None more black.

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    The new interior looks vastly better. 

    It’s the same corporate parts Chrysler debuted on the new Grand Cherokee, so if you’ve sat in one then you know what all the switches, dials and this gauge cluster look like.

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    Nothing is wrong with that picture…the new interior is fantastic.
    It’s great to see that, at least GM and Chrysler get it…their recent product releases have been spot on and show that they have changed their corporate culture.

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    What’s wrong with this picture?  They’ve updated the interior of the Dodge Journey.  I didn’t even know that Dodge still made the Journey.  I had to do a Google image search to remember what it looked like.  Totally forgettable. 

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    Black with silver accents is the new charcoal grey with wood accents.
    But what’s up with this deep dish gauge obsession? Its like every car maker is in a rush to put dials at the bottom of coke can size holes. I guess it helps with reflections and the passenger can’t see how fast your going… but I just find it kind of odd looking.

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    I see nothing wrong at all with that picture.
    Honda could take a lesson from this and clean up their center stacks.
    It will do well, especially if the handling and power changes are as good as they say they are.

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    Seth L

    What’s wrong? Well one of those looks like a modern car interior, the other looks like a 92 Plymouth Acclaim.

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    The Tron inspired interior is a big improvement but I’m not quite sure how the target demographic will react to the abundance of black and (probably fake) metal accents.

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    Pentastar is big news.

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    I had one of these (old interior) as a rental in Seattle.  It’s a truly detestable vehicle to drive.  Lazy, fat, slow, ill handling, and truly horrible brakes.  Notice I didn’t even MENTION the interior… just a half baked bunch of plastic junk parts.

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    If it has a DCT, in place of the old regualr 6-speed auto, then I would call it perfect. I have a feeling that’s not available yet…

    There was never really anything wrong with the exterior design. The interior is a huge improvement though.

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    283 HP is meaningful, but that’s a lot of darkness inside the car.  Maybe the cloth interior is less depressing.

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    I wonder if they will offer the interior in a lighter color?  I’m curious to see the EPA Numbers on the new V6. I wonder how the transmission and transaxle will stand up to that much power.

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    New management is certainly trying.  The old Journey was kind of attractive from the outside and was a nice alternative to the larger vehicles with 3rd row seats.  But like everything else spawned during the Daimler era, it suffered from really cut-rate interiors.  The horrible 2.7 V6 did not help matters.
    I understand that the new version has some upgrades to the suspension and tires to improve ride and handling, the new Pentastar V6, and the improved interior that we see here.  Assuming that the new powerplant is all that it promises to be, these changes could make the Journey a competitor in its segment. 
    If the new management can get a handle on quality issues, these might be nice vehicles.  My wife kind of liked them until I asked a Journey owner about her car in a parking lot.  Her car was part of a small company fleet purchase, and these cars had experienced a LOT of problems, including a couple of engines (probably 2.7s, though I didn’t ask).  This will be a nice car if Chrysler can get them right.

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      The 2.7L was never offered in the Journey for the U.S. market. I’m also getting quite tired of the 2.7L bashing – they fixed most of the issues with them after the first few years they were offered. Yes, it’s inadequate in a 300 or a Charger (the old 4-speed auto doesn’t help) but it was perfectly fine in a Sebring or an Avenger. My 2.7L Stratus runs perfectly, delivers 24 mpg in my mostly stop & go commute, and shows no sign of sludge whatsoever. Get over it already. Toyota engines suck too. 

      You got your way however, the engine is gone as of 2011 model year products.

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    Definitely agree, the new interior is a VAST improvement in overall design, and come to think of it, I agree with one commenter that the old dash looked liked it hailed from the 1990’s, albeit with way too many buttons and knobs.
    The current new design is much simplified and nice.
    However, I think we need a better interior shot that is NOT shot in a dark room, but outside or in a brightly lit space so it doesn’t appear quite so dark, even if mostly or all black.

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    John Horner

    The new interior is certainly a step forward. Like others, that old interior looks very, very 90s to me. Hopefully the new V6 lives up to its promise as well. Only several years of field experience will tell the story there though.
    I like the size and overall packaging of the Journey. A few days ago I passed on on the road and my first thought was: “Too bad that’s a Chrysler product, otherwise I might be interested”.
    Any word on whether or not Fiatsler has improved the Journey’s suspension tuning and such?

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      To be fair, that’s about the worst shot of the old interior I’ve seen.  It’s not great, but it’s not that bad, either, especially if you didn’t opt for beige.  The gauge cluster was well done, if basic.

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      Yes, according to
      The 2011 Dodge Journey is more nimble and composed. Chrysler Group engineers improved routine ride handling by re-engineering the suspension geometry, using better tires, and redesigning the steering for a more precise and coordinated response. Overall, customers will be treated to an energetic, fun-to-drive experience behind the wheel.

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      And if says it’s improved, then it MUST be true!
      This makes me nostalgic to go back and reread some of their enthusiastic comments about the 2007 Sebring/Avenger introduction.

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      John Horner

      Cool, I hope it is true. The more varied, interesting and viable competitors there are in the market, the better. At least from a potential customer’s point of view :).

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    The new interior looks much better, but the previous one didn’t look that cheap. I had some brief seat time in one of them, and the dash was soft-touch, which surprised me.

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    Does Chrysler still have a profit margin now that they’ve put a non-cheapo interior in their cars?
    I say that only half in jest as I don’t know if their labor or overall costs have come down enough.

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    I rented a Journey for a weekend to drive up to a college buddy’s vacation house and it didn’t totally suck. It does a passable impression of an SUV and was comfortable enough for the five hour drive carrying me, three above average sized dudes and a bunch of bags, food, beer, etc. Handling and steering were both a little vague and uninspired but with the cruise control on 70 and four college buddies bsing up a storm it was a perfectly respectable road tripper. The console is a tad bizzare but with decent steering wheel controls and the ipod plugged in it was essentially a non issue. And that’s it really; it’s a forgettable vehicle in almost every respect and that’s not such a bad thing for a lot of people. It’s a perfectly acceptable car for people that don’t care about cars.

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    Where are the 2011 Dodges, period?  Here we are in late October, and I didn’t see a single 2011 model dodge or Chrysler in inventory.  Most of the Jeeps were 2011.  There were Plenty of new 2011 Grand Cherokees, Wranglers, Liberties and Nitros; but all of the Dodges and Chryslers were 2010 models.
    It seems like Chrysler has had a dickens of a time keeping an appropriate level of inventory.  Last year, there weren’t enough cars.  This year, they appear to be overstocked on end of model year 2010s, and discounts abound.
    For example, my local dealer advertises a $4500 discount on a 4 cylinder Dodge Journey SE.  The advertised price is $16,740.    A new 2010 Journey with a 3.5 liter V-6 and the 6 speed auto is discounted down to $21,235.

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    I wanted to like the Journey so much, even though the exterior is shaped nice, but it is too plain-looking. Add some bright trim to the outside, make it look like something you’d be proud to own and be seen it. Ditto for the interior. Of course I’m assuming they have been relatively reliable, but haven’t researched them. I feel it is the perfect alternative to a minivan. Chrysler seems to be on the right track, though. Where the track leads to, the destination will be the proof.

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    Wow! I followed up on some earlier threads about the Journey owner comments on Edmunds. Jeepers. If the experiences posted there are even half true, I can’t imagine that a Chrysler under Fiat has any future whatsoever.

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    New Journey interior is a remarkable improvement. Black interior shown is only one of SIX color/trim combos that will be available. Give them credit for doing a lot in such a short amount of time. Reviews of older Journeys built during the dark days of Daimler/Cerebus ownership should don’t accurately reflect the new , much improved 2011 models.

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      I was just going to post about the six new interior color schemes too. Reading all these comments left me with an impression that the Journey is doomed according to one photo. C & D has a quick review of the changes in a positive light but then the comments on their article were mostly negative quips. Assuming that the new Journey will not address the most negative aspects of the previous year is just pessimistic in general. An attempt is expected. Being successful is great but if you first don’t succeed, try try again. If you still don’t succeed, blame marketing.
      I’m impressed by the knowledge and experience that the members are using regarding changes not just yearly, but to platforms from two revisions ago. Kudos to you guys.
      Personally, I first thought of the Intrepid’s huge dark interior first. The Journey seems to conform to the idea of Cab-Forward from the side view but from the driver seat it sure looks like a long nose. Optical illusion? I’m tall and with the seat pushed back as far as it can go, my head ends up on the half line of the vehicle so I look down half of the car to guess where the bumper is just before I drag the air dam over the curb. The other two annoyances that are real to me is the location of the touch screen on the bottom of the center stack. The back-up camera becomes nearly useless. The other is the ease of egress, or lack of it. Again, I’m tall and I struggle to get over and out with the high door sill. Am I spoiled by Rams and Caravans?
      Orders for -bank- ’10 Journeys were being offered until a few weeks ago (In Canada at least.). Like the Caravans, it is going to be a long wait for the ’11s.

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    When are we supposed to actually be able to drive away with one of these 2011 Journeys?

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    New Journey starts production in November.

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