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The Six Series has always been one of the more soberly-styled coupes on the market, favored primarily by the more conservative members of the medical and dental professions. And though the Bangle-designed outgoing model was no exception to this rule, it may end up making history as the most dynamically-styled 6-Series ever. After all, if these shots show the “concept” of the forthcoming 6-Series, and they make the outgoing model look like a concept car, you know BMW is atoning for Bangle’s excess. Next stop, Anonymityville.

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30 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Six Appeal Edition...”

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    I think it is rather handsome.

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    a MAJOR improvement from the rear, and rear 3/4 view…not sure about the pontoon fender-inspired character line behind the front wheelhouse, but I could probably live with it…

    but good God, what is up with the freakin’ face on this thing?! It manages to combine the worst aspects of some anonymous French econobox with the genetic material of a radioactive catfish. UGH! Seriously, a grand coupe has precious few purposes in the market, mainly, to look gorgeous and inspire envy among ‘the mass unwashed’ who cannot foot the bill for one…this Frankenface is a FAIL. You can’t blame this one on European pedestrian safety standards, and I say, let the stupid Mothertruckers DIE if we have to drive cars this ugly as a result…

    Um, should they bring back Bangle? Did I really just say that? Between the 5-Series Crosstour (sorry, I mean GranTourismo…gag) and the homely new X1 crossover, maybe Bangle-era designs weren’t so bad looking after all…

    Guess ya have to just drive this thing down the road in reverse…

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    I can’t get C&D’s description of the 6 Series coupe out of my mind – “The Best Camaro ever!”

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    John R

    Just don’t know. It seems like it’s a couple of generations away from this...

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    a MAJOR improvement from the rear view and rear 3/4 view…not sure about the pontoon fender inspired character line along the flanks, but I could probably live with it…

    but good God, what happened to it’s freakin’ face??! It manages to combine the worst aspects of some anonymous French econobox with the genetic material of a radioactive catfish. UGH!…and you can’t blame this one on European pedestrian safety standards, this is just an ugly mug…(I’d also say the the stupid jaywalking mothertruckers DIE anyway, if it means driving cars this ugly!)

    A grand coupe has but few precious purposes in the market…namely, to look gorgeous and inspire envy in ‘the mass unwashed’ who cannot foot the bill for one…this Frankenface creation is a fail for me on that count…

    Dare I say this? Is it time to bring Bangle back? From the bloated 5-Series Crosstour (sorry, I mean GranTourismo…gag) to the bland Lexus LS inspired 7-Series, to the ugly little new X1 Crossover, Bangle-era designs aren’t looking so bad after all…

    Guess the attorney/dentist/broker/middle-age-crisis-divorcee behind the wheel just should just drive the thing in reverse at all times.

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    Looks a bit like a Volvo S60.  Not ugly…but certainly not ground breaking.

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    Heads & Tails are better than the current 6 with the irritating top strips.
    -Although the tails are those same stupid asymmetrical ones on the 5 with the ugly big outside bits.
    Schnoz is a bit too “Angry Warthog”, and the center section of the lower fascia needs some vertical elements flowing into the upper grill area instead of being one wide-open swath.
    That comes off a bit bottom-feeder/lemon shark.
    Wheels look like they were designed by Sauron’s grandson.
    Otherwise, good.

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    Gorgeous. And it even has a nice ass. Can’t wait to see the M6 Version!

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    Ding, Dong, the Six is Dead. Long Live the Six.

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    BMW is definitely trying to atone for some of the design themes Bangle brought to the brand. This concept is interesting, if a bit boring.
    I’m a fan of the new A7, personally. When you see one in the flesh you’ll be amazed at just how gorgeous it is. Serious road presence.

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    Looks like a Chrysler (or something) with BMW badges

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    I don’t understand all the hate directed at the new 6. I think it is understated and classy while still remaining attractive.

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    Better looking than the car it’s replacing. & Even if the back does look more generic G35~ish ,they also kept it as simple. I bet it will look awsome in black.

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    That’s the nicest ass I’ve seen in a while.  Automotive I mean……….

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    The Six Series has always been one of the more soberly-styled coupes on the market

    You’re being sarcastic, right?

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    A little Jaguar in the front… a bit of VW CC in the rear 3/4 view. But pretty good looking if you ask me, and finally all of a piece.

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    I like it. But I don’t know why anyone would buy one over something like a Porsche or a Jaguar XK or a Maserati….. It’s a bit pointless in some ways.

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    I don’t think it’s the best looking car, but, frankly, I’d rather have bland than Bangle.

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    The old one had a droopy catfish face, and the rear was by far the worst of all of Bangle’s designs. This car looks good. Not quite 3 series coupe good, but almost. I’d say it’s their second best looking car. The interior is also a HUGE improvement over the car it replaces. The Bangle era interiors were all crap.

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    This is just okay looking, and that’s a problem.  It’s not particularly handsome, just clean.
    MSRP is $78,450.  For the current model.  This does not look anything like an $80k car.  Maybe $50k.
    I suspect it won’t matter to those only checking for the Roundel on the hood.  Still, that ain’t an $80k car.

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    I think I might just disagree with your taste in cars. Calling the new Jetta out and now this? What I see here is a way sexier car than the outgoing six, it immediately made me think of a Mercedes coupe. Not sure if that’s the intent on the other hand.

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    With a classier nose and some badge swapping, it could pass for a Honda Accord Coupe. That goes for the interior too. This is a MASSIVE improvement for BMW.

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    Where’s the new six? Is it hiding behind the big silver Peugeot?

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    My avatar is the interior of the new 6. I’m glad there is no cup holder. Errrr…. I guess I’ll open the can of worms.

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    Still waiting for BMW to start making BMWs again… this doesn’t seem to be a return

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