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With Audi’s A7 four-door coupe making waves at its release yesterday, the segment-defining Mercedes CLS just had to remind the world that its successor is on the way. Accordingly, these photos of the 2012 CLS have hit Autoexpress, granting the internet its first look at the redesigned not-quite-coupe. And though there’s definitely some Audi-inspired headlight gizmology going on with the new CLS, the overall design doesn’t seem to pop quite as dramatically as the A7. Perhaps it’s because the E-Class is already a quite handsome sedan (especially by recent M-B standards), or maybe Mercedes is saving the visual drama for a planned five-door coupe-wagon version. Either way, it’s difficult to see the CLS dominating the segment it invented going forward.

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21 Comments on “2012 Mercedes CLS: Don’t You Forget About Me...”

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    An old mans ride.

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      Then I must be a 22 year old man with a very old soul, because this is so much better than that droopy A7. Someone should tell Audi (and Porsche) that proportions DO mean something, even if most people don’t realize it.

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      Young people can’t afford it.

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      OLD MAN?

      HOW DARE YOU ! I’m only 29 and I’m willing to trade in my S550 for this.

      The only thing I have to see is if this car retains the interior space of the current E-class so I can be comfortable. If not, I’ll wait a little while and just get a newer S-class or an XJ-L supercharged.

      I see alot of women in CLS’s…mostly in their 30’s. DEFINITELY NOT FOR OLD MEN.

      Around here, people are leasing…but you can buy them used with 25,000 miles for just $35,000. On Hillside avenue, my friend is selling 3 in fact, all less than $40K…mostly CLS550’s.

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      Dr. Kenneth Noisewater


      I like the last CLS better. This redundant one just seems redundnant.

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      Flashpoint, welcome back.

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      Cluttered up bodysides and a blockier shape than the current car, so it’s a big step back for me. I don’t care for the fender bulges on this or the current E. Hopefully the steering isn’t as awful as the E’s, though it’s most likely the same system.

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    To be honest, I’m not really a fan of M-B’s recent design language. However I see hints of traditional (W12X) styling in this new model. It’s very restrained and Teutonic. I like it.

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    Audi A-what? This gen of the CLS looks even better than the first one, which is hard to do. The only car I can think of that’s more beautiful right now is the Aston Martin Rapide, and that car is MUCH more expensive. Good job, MB.

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    by “segment-defining” I take it you mean that in 2004 M-B thought “gosh, that Maserati Quattroporte looks like an awfully good idea, let’s do something like that”?

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    We’ll see what it looks like out in the real world, but in photos, I’m dissapointed.

    The previous-gen E Class sedan was attractive but fairly conservatively styled, and the first-gen CLS really stood out in contrast as far swoopier, sleeker and more daring…to me it seemed worth the extra money.

    The new E class is far more expressive, and by comparison, this new CLS is like, “so what?” …a little bit sleeker, a little more daring, for something like another 10 grand? This is not progress to my eyes, another one bites the dust.

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    Nice looking Camry….

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    Meh. Looks like they just took the boring out of the S-class. The A7 is way more interesting, and I’m sure M-B won’t come close to matching the Audi’s interior either (as always).

    It will be the cheap-o, ruler flat crap that’s in every other M-B these days, with a nice phone dial pad on the center stack to remind you that yes, Mercedes and Volvo still think it’s 1993, and a big clock where the tach should be. Leave the revs to Audi and BMW, I need to know what time it is!

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    Don’t tell the guys at M-B, but at a quick glance I thought the photo was of a new Taurus.

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    From the pics, I think it moves too closely to the S-class…very disappointing. And the snout has a certain “Maxima” ring to it. I think the outgoing CLS was more distinctive.

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    Nice photo … this is the new Camry SE, right?

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    The headlights make the car look like the two back ends of an S550 welded together. I thought the original CLS was ugly when it first came out, so maybe it will grow on people with a little bit of time.

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    Hm, I like the old gen better.

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    I dunno… looks like a really nice Taurus to me…
    Imagine the Caterham you could build for that kind of money.

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    So every new M-B must have the evocative rear fenders? Gross….

    New C-class is still the best looking M-B…

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