What's Wrong With This Picture: Dodging The Durango Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture dodging the durango edition

Carscoop dug up these drawings from a Chrysler patent filing for the Dodge-branded version of the forthcoming 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Autoblog figures Dodge will drop the Durango name in favor of resurrecting the Magnum moniker, though given that model’s distinct lack of success, that would be a questionable strategy. On the other hand, the Durango name doesn’t have a lot of tread left on it either… but then what Chrysler Group nameplate does? [UPDATE: Grand Cherokee pricing/trim levels apparently leaked here, with prices reportedly ranging from $31,480 to $45,770 ]

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  • Jim Sutherland Jim Sutherland on Feb 03, 2010

    I hope that the new Dodge has real strong side protection to withstand all of the broadsides it is taking in these posts before it even hits the road.

  • INeon INeon on Feb 03, 2010

    The new brand has to be some way of getting around the CAFE numbers as trucks-only. What are the truck numbers for 2016? To separate Dodge and Ram, you'll be able to sell a Charger/Challenger and a 500-based 'neon' and not lose your shirt in fines. But you'll still have the fellas whose wives need cars. This vehicle is straddling the fence between car and truck. Making the transition between Dodge and Ram. This Truckster is the top-line(or bottom mpg, whichever way you look at it) for the Dodge brand. Chrysler will need some sort of Lancia-based 1.3 Pt Cruiser to sell 300C cars. Jeep will have to have a Panda 4x4 with 50mpg to be able to sell this as a Grand Cherokee-- But Dodge as a brand has been trucks and cars. The regulations are forcing this strategy. The flack for complying needs to stop. These are normal steps to take.

  • Rusted Source Rusted Source on Feb 03, 2010

    Once Dodge completes it's next round of Charger-inspired styling on every model it owns, what will be left to inspire the Charger? Can't wait to see how they'll apply this design language to the Caliber.

  • Autojunkie Autojunkie on Feb 04, 2010

    Some of you are obviously confused as to why they would make a Dodge to compete against the Jeep. It's not to compete, but to complement. Think of how the Merceds GL complements the ML, on the same dealer floor, with the Jeep being the ML and the Dodge being the slightly larger GL. Check it out for yourself: http://www.mbusa.com/mercedes/#/vehicleComparisonMenu/ Now that this is cleared up, let's move on to the next Chrysler-bashing article.