LA Auto Show: 2011 Toyota Sienna

Alex L. Dykes
by Alex L. Dykes
la auto show 2011 toyota sienna

Fiat be warned, Toyota is striking at the heart of Chrysler’s market: the minivan. The new 2010 Sienna takes the game one step further, featuring barcalounger class middle seats with leg and foot support. Toyota continues where others have left off, retaining their AWD option as well as a four and six cylinder engines, all equipped with six speed transmissions. The interior doesn’t reverse Toyota’s trend towards cheap and nasty plastics, but at least they should be easy to clean baby puke off of. Middle seats sport a sliding rail feature making it easy to insert three sprogs in the rear, but Kate plus 8 need not apply as seating is still a standard septuplet.

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  • Don1967 Don1967 on Dec 03, 2009

    It seems that minivan buyers are becoming even more boring conservative than ever. When my neighbour traded in his beige Sienna for a blue one, he needed blood pressure medication for a whole month.

  • 50merc 50merc on Dec 03, 2009

    I second the motion, Steven Marchese. The Mazda MPV was just the right size, and had nice features. I think it didn't sell as well as it deserved because the 2.5 V6 used at first felt too sluggish, and even after the MPV got Ford's 3.0 engine Consumer Reports had little good to say about it. But looking back, I wish I'd spent the extra money for a clean MPV instead of buying a bulky "mini"van. Too bad even older (smaller) Siennas command high prices. The Mazda5? It's a sliding-door station wagon, not a minivan, and the wife and I agree: it's ugly, especially those taillights.

  • ToolGuy Here's the part I'm struggling with: Who knowingly runs a vehicle until the brakes are metal to metal? (It's in the listing.) Did we ignore the wear indicators squealing all this time? (Internet says this vehicle has them.)I did that once with my first car, and I still feel bad about it.
  • TDIGuy I'm boring, but VW Passat Estate, Diesel with manual transmission.
  • John On my 6th Saab now....always looking for another
  • 3SpeedAutomatic Thunderbird Production Numbers:1971 - 36,0551972 - 57,8141973 - 87,2691974 - 58,4431975 - 42,6851976 - 52,9351977 - 318,1401978 - 352,7511979 - 284,141 1980 - 156,803 1981 - 86,693 1982 - 45,142 1983 - 121,999 1984 - 170,533 1985 - 151,852 1986 - 163,965 Looks like the T'Birds on the Torino frame sold like gang busters ('77 thru '79).
  • Jeanbaptiste Any variant of “pizza” flavored combos. I only eat these on car trips and they are just my special gut wrenching treat.