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iq.jpgAccording to Wired, Toyota's set to show off the production version of their iQ microcar at next month's Geneva Auto Show. The iQ is as wide and tall as a Yaris and just a bit longer than a smart fortwo. Thanks to innovative design and packaging, the iQ seats four (at least in concept form). Toyota hasn't said what'll motivate their mighty mite, Given its diminutive size, look for a powerplant displacing a liter or less. If the styling stays true to the concept, ToMoCo will have no problem selling every iQ they can screw together. No word on whether they'll bring it to the States. But with gas prices continuing to climb and the smart money on the new smart, it's a good bet Toyota will try to raise America's iQ, or some such pun.

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21 Comments on “Toyota’s iQ Shows How smart They Are...”

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    iQ front end styling looks fiercer than the happy-faced smart – kind of like Pikachu in battle.

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    Stick a turbo in it and I might be interested.

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    The one-piece windscreen/sunroof will be gone but other than that I don’t see any features that couldn’t be productionized. Of course, Toyota could still hit it with their super-sized boring stick.

    If they could build that thing to weigh in at about 2200lb, fit it with a sport suspension, and put about 90HP to the rear wheels it could make for the “slow car driven fast” so many (cheap) enthusiasts are calling for.

    Count me in that crowd.

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    Production iQ (

    If I remember correctly, the iQ is a FF configuration, unlike the RR Smart, so don’t expect any Hayabusa engine transplants.

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    i love little tiny puchy cars. i hope they put a screaming little fiat engine in it.

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    It’s an interesting car. I’d like to see one after it gets T-boned by a 2500 series Silverado. The amount of damage and impact on the passenger area would dictate whether or not I would consider purchasing one.

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    Are you kidding me? Looks like something an 8 year old girl would drive. Don’t tell me an honest American adult would buy that…. would they?? Is this what the average American is settling for now? Cheap, cheesy Japanese styling with no guts… or pride. Looks like a shiney hampster… with a sunroof

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    The Toyota iQ was styled in France.

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    If it gets really good gas mileage and isn’t too awfully slow, I’d buy and drive one. I could care less about the styling; as long as it isn’t offensive it isn’t a concern of mine.

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    John R

    @ jmack91z28:

    If you lived in the 5 burroughs or London or some other congested metropolis where small size, effiency and 0-30 makes more sense than 0-60, yes.

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    It will sell if they bring it to the US

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    Gardiner Westbound

    Toyota homeliness, durability, resale value, and cheaper than the Smart. North Americans would buy a million of ’em.

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    Here in Canada we have had the Smart car for a while.The IQ will show up soon no doubt.
    This year in the Greater Toronto Area we are enduring a traditional Canadian winter.Snow,cold slush,ice,the whole package.
    For entertainment you can’t beat watching a Smart car navigating 5 inches of wet snow.Throw a couple of busses and a dump truck or 2 into the gets kind’a scary.
    These vehicles should be banned,plain and simple they are coffins on wheels.
    Are the Smarts catching on in the U.S?Anybody looking for a used one? Come up north we are gonn’a have all kinds of used ones available.

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    Well John R i don’t live in London i live in the country of North Carolina, where I need a functional truck, and if toyota can build that thing to take a F-350 to the side at 55 miles an hour and everyone not be smashed to a pulp, then yes it might be sold here. And yes it might be styled in france but is toyota a french company???… noooo. how do you know its durable and has a good resale?? it’s not even sold yet.

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    I’m sure it will cost less than the SMART, making it the true intelligent choice. I’ll reserve my verdict until they actually start producing them and I can go down tothe local dealer and see what one looks like in person, how much it costs, what motivates it down the road, and what the EPA mileage numbers are. But, I do think that it is a good idea for the times and nice looking subcompact, though a little too Pokeman-who-got-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed.

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    @ jmack91z28

    I don’t mean to flame or anything, but if you can survive a 55mph T-boning by a F-350 in, say, a F-350 and not be smashed into a pulp, please tell me how to do it.

    Of course smaller cars are more vulnerable to bigger vehicles, but modern small cars have very sturdy passenger cages. This is no longer the story of the ’77 Civic versus the Lincoln Continental.

    As has been said, current gas prices will make a market for these things, and in certain environments where space is a premium. NYC, San Fran etc… these things will have their niche.

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    How about a 2008 Civic vs. that same Lincoln Continental? I’ve love to see a head-on crash test between one of these modern beer cans with the gun powder-fueled airbags and crumple zones vs. one of the old land yachts.

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    Martin Schwoerer

    From what I hear, the IQ will not be significantly cheaper than Toyota’s smallest offering to date, the Aygo, which starts at around €10k. The focus will be on style and practicality.

    I saw the IQ concept in Frankfurt last September and it looked sexy. Not a girly car! Will report from Geneva in two weeks time.

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    The concept seats three if i’m not mistaken. And it’s hideous.

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    I’ve seen a Smart last weekend go through our snow and it was funny. However, if such a car could consume around 3.5-4.5L/100kms I can see why it would sell. Otherwise, bring on the diesels!

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    This car was not built for performance but for more practical applications. If you are purely performance-oriented, then perhaps it’s not the right choice for your automotive needs.

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