Skoda Superb Snaps Hit the Net

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz

Here we go again: pictures hitting the net before an official debut. Snaps that prove that Volkswagen's European bargain brand Skoda does VW better than VW does VW. Skoda, a Czech company whose cars were punchlines for years ("A friend of mine got a new side mirror for his Skoda. Sounds like a fair trade to me"), has been churning-out one reasonable reskinned VW after another. The first generation Superb was a stretched, bargain-priced Passat. Skoda passes 'at with a new model based on the current Mk6 Passat (currently sold Stateside). The Superb may not live-up to its name, but it a looks damn sight better than the Passat: more stolid, more German and more "European." Best of all, there are non-wild ass rumors coming from VW's American HQ that the Superb could be headed stateside a in lightened content form. As a re-badged Volksie, the Superb would serve as a lower-priced mainstream replacement for the Passat, as the Passat Coupe moves upmarket. What do you reckon: should VW NA pass or play?

Justin Berkowitz
Justin Berkowitz

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  • Jurisb Jurisb on Jan 26, 2008

    Yes Skoda has achieved unbelievable success in fit and finish. Even the cheap Roomster could compete with the new Cadillac CTS in gap tolerance department. I dare to say that VW Passat has immaculate precision of fit and finish and material texture. Something even top Luxury US divisions could learn from! Skoda Superb - will be probably one of the biggest underestimated cars.

  • Brock_Landers Brock_Landers on Jan 26, 2008

    Skoda IS the smart man's VW and Audi. They share most of the engines, gearboxes, suspension details and electronic components. Skoda's interior materials and design is at the same level with VW. Road feel, driving dynamics and character of the car is very similar with other more upscale VW/Audi products. I would choose the Superb any day over Audi A6 - at half the price. Skoda makes the Audi and VW look bad. Interesting that VAG Group hasn't figured it out themselves.

  • SAAB95JD SAAB95JD on Jan 26, 2008

    The worries about build quality are unfounded if you read the european press... Skoda consistently rates in the top few manufacturers for quality.

  • Tate Tate on Jan 27, 2008

    Well Skodas are nice cars. I had leased one during my europe trip and drove it (as it was the most value for money rental saloon) from Blackburn to Frankfurt and it was good (though not Superb as the model name said). The quality is better than say a Hyundai,Kia or even the new camry but not in the league of an audi or a merc. The 2.8 liter petrol (the top of the line engine yet) needs more power(though the car did 155mph on an autobahn without a fuss). I would buy one, if the quality i saw is maintained or bettered.