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Mercedes is doing the slow burn on the AMG GT, successor to the gullwinged SLS, ahead of its debut at the Paris Auto Show in September. Even though this is just a camo wrap job, it’s not too hard to imagine this look appearing on a future customer car.

Thanks to increasingly stringent regulations, the glorious AMG V8 displacing 6.2L will die, and in its place, a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 will power future AMG models. Without the gullwing doors, some of the visual drama is lost – but perhaps we’ll get that wrap as a factory option instead. After all, something has to draw excessive attention to you and your car, now that you can’t just pop the gullwing doors open at leisure.

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7 Comments on “Mercedes-Benz AMG GT: Unimaginatively Named Product, Wildly Wacky Paint Scheme...”

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    I thought MC Hammer went bankrupt.

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    bumpy ii

    Baruth already has a deposit placed for one.

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    Driving outside of Denver this past weekend, I caught a brief glimpse of something like this in black and white camo, followed by a motel stay where a group of MB engineers were caravaning around with a couple of Sprinters and what looked like a couple of minivans in camo as well.

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      Its one of the 2 times of year that EVERYBODY ships cars to Colorado for testing. High altitude runs with a transition from 100F in traffic to 60F in the Mountains are a great way to torture cooling systems and climate control. The fact that the drive from the front range up to the passes is mostly wonderful is not lost either :)

      Still has to be better than the straight cold-weather testers we get here in Jan and Feb. I saw a Stingray last year in camo coming down from Eisenhower in the snow, and said a quiet prayer for the butt-puckered engineers surely trying to stay alive.

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        For serious cold-weather testing, there is always Kapuskasing … that’s where that Stingray will sit outside for a week in -40C weather before getting started up for driveability testing.

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          Old-school extreme Hot/Cold testing has got to be one of the most miserable jobs in the industry – once a day, go out and start the car, and then shut it off and go back inside. Blech…

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    Unimaginatively Named Product

    At least it isn’t shamelessly adopting the GT name like so many crappy Pontiacs did. Besides, imaginative marketing managers give us horrible names like Z4 sDrive35is or Mazda Mazda3 (not a typo).

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