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Carscoops is the latest to blow the lid off the embargo. 34 photo high-res gallery after the jump.


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65 Comments on “Jeep Renegade High-Res Photos...”

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    Still looks like a Kia Soul.

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    Short Bus

    I don’t understand this car.

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      Richard Chen

      A larger Fiat Panda with an Jeep 4WD setup, still somewhat affordable, with global availability.

      5th Gear has an amusing video review of Panda 4×4 vs. Land Rover

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        Fiat Chrysler, now being a global powerhouse, wants to leverage their platforms

        right now CUVs and sub CUVs are hot… maybe not in the US but certainly in the rest of the world, moreso if they are FWD only

        we want the look but not the cost

        Jeep want to get into this market and they are in a great position to do so…

        here’s the REAL urban Jeep

        they may even offer an FWD version if we’re lucky!

        It may look odd, it may be slow and everyone here turns their nose up.

        It doesnt matter… people OUT THERE will buy it.

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    This is the first Jeep that I think I like.

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    have the towing hooks front and rear been painted red to help tow truck drivers find them when they have to tow them away for repairs. The colour is nice as shown though.

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    Looks to me like a home run.

    The look is fantastic. Very fresh but very Jeep-like at the same time.

    It will be boring but inoffensive to drive. It will have a good-enough interior with some decent materials and some hard plastic. It will have adequate if not stellar reliability. None of those things will deter buyers who like the look.

    The Trailhawk will have just enough off-road chops to participate in Jeep factory events for journalists without embarrassing itself, which also happens to be enough off-road chops for everyone but the dedicated mudders and rock-crawlers.

    Jeep purists will throw the same s#!+-fit they did over the Cherokee, and everyone will ignore them the same way they did with the Cherokee. That includes the purists themselves, who will just keep buying Wranglers.

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      Definitely a home run, and a great replacement for the Patriot/Compass. It will sell well globally as well as do pretty good against the Kia Soul, Nissan Rogue, Scion xB, and the growing ranks of B segment crossovers.

      I also expect FCA to solve some the Cherokee problems by the time this launches.

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    I like this little jeep. Very cool. It also looks to have some interesting top open options that should attract some customers. I dont know if I would own one, but this is a pretty appealing cute ute, at least from a design perspective. I am still not sure why they would not offer the base engine with a automatic option, not that I would want it, but most people probably would.

    Just a few details I noticed in scrolling through the pictures. The X taillights are pretty cool touch, unique. The scrawling of “since 1941” above the center stack is a nice touch, but probably unnecessary and lost on most customers. The map in the coin tray is interesting, not sure what it is depicting, maybe someone could fill me in.

    One obvious nit is that both trims appear to feature halogen bulbs. Why no projector beams or HID option? I am sure the halogens get the job done, but I sort of expect more on new cars.

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    That was fun, a big improvement on the Compass and definitely a better looker than the Cherokee.

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    Alex L. Dykes

    Anyone notice that it has the same AWD system available as the Cherokee Trailhawk? That’s kind of an interesting twist.

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      That is what I assumed when I saw the knob and buttons to select different modes.

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      Indeed, this is quite encouraging, considering what we know about the 9-speed auto. Now I just need one look underneath, see if a skid tray or two could be mounted to decent hardpoints and what the potential for lifting is.

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        Alex L. Dykes

        With four wheel independent suspension the possibilities are going to be limited. Anything beyond a 1-2 inch spring lift will likely require new half shafts and something to correct the suspension geometry like new arms, etc. It’s about the same answer as I have been given about the new Cherokee and, for that matter, the current Grand Cherokee.

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          I know two people who lifted FJ and Commander fairly aggressively, but personally I’m only looking at something like a 1.25″ Old Man Emu springs and shocks (no spacers, those are beneath my snob sense). I think on a vehicle with this wheelbase it would do enough for my needs.

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          The official Jeep intro mentions that Trailhawk includes a 1-inch lift and factory skid plates. Sounds about perfect. I just need to see the pricing and reliability in 2015-2016.

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    Looks like a “real” Jeep that shrunk in the wash. I mean that in a good way. I am not lovin’ the black grill surround, but otherwise, a fun design. If priced right will sell like hotcakes. Still not sure if this is the Compass/Patriot replacement, or the model that will slot below it. Would love to get a small 4×4 like this to replace my 214,000 mile 2003 AWD Vibe.

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    I hate the “blue-gray” color, but the style is good. It should look nice in black.

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      That’d be “Anvil”.

      I love it. I almost bought a brand new ’14 Wrangler in that color, but my dealership got a clean red ’12 Sport in on trade and gave me a deal too good to ignore.

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    This is set to be the number one car for teenage girls in 2025!

    All things aside, it’s weird looking but growing on me. The map in the coin tray is actually a very nice touch. If you know you’re going to use hard plastic, at least use it in style.

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    If I was in a situation where I had a long commute but had to be there come heck or high water, this car would be on my shortlist of AWD commuters.

    If it proves to have a decent off road package and I wanted to get into off roading on the cheap, this would be at the top of my list as well.

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      We don’t know how cheap it’s going to be. Also, Dan, with your qualifications you’d be fine getting a used TJ or Cherokee in order to get into offroading on the cheap.

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        Pete, this is ‘Merica, so if it is tiny it better be cheap.

        But honestly I’d love to pick up a Patriot with the “Trail Rated” package and see how much fun I could have. The depreciation is epic on those little suckers but the forums indicate they are tough.

        Jeeps biggest “fail” was putting an odd p-metric sized tire on them that makes it hard to upgrade to a decent off road tire.

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    The more pictures I see of this, the more I like it! Just plain cute, but still looks like a Jeep.

    As for reliability, I have had *zero* issues with my Abarth. Admittedly, it is only a year old, but zero is a nice start in life.

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    This SO needs a dark khaki green and flat-black wheels.

    Me. So. Want.

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    Hey ChryMo, shut your gaping maw and take my money!!

    Honestly now, this little punkard Jeep seems ten times more appealing than a Kia Soul.

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    Cute package, but those cutesy X taillights have GOT to go.

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    I kinda wish they called it the Jeepster but oh well…

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      Interestingly enough, if you run a Google search on Jeepster and look in the images, you will find pictures of this little guy in disguise.

      Apparently they may have considered calling it that (which is a far cry from the Willys)…?

      Renegade, though? Doesn’t quite fit the bill.

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        Changed the name at the last minute, apparently there is yet still another tiny Jeep in the pipeline that will get the Jeepster name

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          What? This is comical.

          How much smaller can they get?

          Rather, how much smaller of a vehicle with the Jeep moniker do they think the American market will accept?

          Their Italian roots are showing.

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    Total love, except Xs on back of taillights a bit weird. Appealing and fresh update of traditional identity cues.

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    Toy Maker

    Like the dimensions and proportion a lot. But a tad over styled (jeep logo, jeep silhouette, 1941, the “X”, the octagon lines.. It’s like they decidedly went aftermarket during the design process. Moar badges! Moar tough lines! MOAR!

    Just hope the cargo area isn’t affected by any tough looking yet space robbing design bulges.

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    So cute! I like totally want one, OMG!

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    Looks like the MY SKY open roof has a canvas cover. Smart, nobody wants to get caught somewhere without their roof parts

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      Was wondering about that roof. I want to see a pic with the roof open. I have to say if I were looking to replace my little ute, I’d definitely check this out.

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    Total poseur mobile but I love it. When can I buy one?

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    When this was first posted yesterday, I made a joke about the unintended audience for the Renegade. But now for my personal beliefs.

    I don’t find this car very practical. It’s ugly, small, looks cheap, looks cramped, and probably won’t do well in the class. Still good for white girls, though.

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    I like the looks, the topo map, and the “Since 1941” on the IP. I think this is a hit. Now if Chrysler can get the reliability up to Toyota level….

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    So Fiat put a Jeep front clip on a Soul.

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      I see all you guys saying it looks like a Soul. Don’t see it. The Soul’s roof looks taller and on the Jeep is looks like that roof line sits lower.

      I like it, specially from the front. Distinctive and not really derivative of anything out there. The little “x” do look gimmicky, but very interesting the shape of the backlight, though they look like the backlights of a recent Citroën. Also the bulge near the cladding on the side of the car, sort of “raises” that line and makes it look like it’s not very straight. Almost as if someone is pinching the car with his thumb and finger when you look at its side.

      Anyways, some account say it’ll be built in Brazil in 2015 using the Fiat brand. I’m pretty sure it’d be a hit and margins would be wonderful as it’d sell at almost 30k USD here.

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    I never have been a big fan of Jeeps, but this, the new Cherokee and the 2014 Grand Cherokee are very impressive. I still wouldn’t buy one though Its lot better than the Compass/Patriot those were AWFUL.

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    I like this quite a bit, except for the droopy window sills, the small backlight, and the massive D-pillar.

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    I think they’ve got a winner here. Remember, this isn’t a US-only Jeep. That style and the little touches like “Since 1941” and the map will play well to many of the other markets where this thing will be sold. It’s cute, got the design cues that make it look like a tough little Jeep, and mechanically it’s got the Fiat stuff so getting service and parts won’t be a problem in Europe.

    In the USA it should take a big chunk out of the Soul’s market share, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t take a few sales away from some of the other small CUVs. Outside of the USA, I think it will do really well as long as initial quality is up to snuff.

    Now, how about the diesel and a manual? Quit laughing!

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    My nearing 70 mother will lease one of these in about a year. I know Jeep is trying to get younger buyers, but my mother is most typical of the person that will buy one. Just like Kia Soul buyers are all women over 50.

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    Please tell me that cloth roof has NOTHING to do with the Liberty’s SkySlider fiasco…

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    I like it a lot. Rented a Panda in Italy for a couple weeks and loved it.

    With a cloth roof, this will remind me of a Geo Tracker, or the original Sportage.

    That’s not an entirely bad thing.

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    Not my cup of tea, but I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing these on the road. I’m surprised Fiat’s second Jeep actually came out okay.

    The Cherokee makes me think of a fat woman in heels. Even if she can walk the walk, the look is still ungainly. This car, though, makes me think of a cute girl in cargo shorts. It’s not a timeless look, but its fine if its pulled off correctly.

    And right now I am so glad I’m not a Jeep purist. I’ve only just now really realized how their looks have gone from predominantly masculine to feminine.

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    Looks Russian. Putin, I’m sure, is not amused.

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    Domestic Hearse

    The Suzuki Samurai, re-imagined.

    Like it a lot.

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    We have a winner! Cute as a bug. I hope it sells like crazy.

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    They could have squared-off the front clip a bit more; it looks a little dorky as it sits, and needs a little more “tough.”

    I see no shades of the Soul in the sides — no sops to the Gremlin. That’s good! Unlike some “cute-utes,” the visibility might not be too bad out the sides.

    And those taillights have gotta go!! (Along with that gawdawful blue-green paint! The red looks good, and black or a candyapple-ish shade from the Cherokee or Dart would look especially classy.)

    An ex-neighbor in my building had a Patriot, and it looked every bit like a modern interpretation of a JG Cherokee. This not so much, but I’d guess it’ll sell better than the Patriot and Compass.

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