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YF LF comparison

A sharp-eyed TTAC reader based in Korea has sent us some spy shots of the 2015 Hyundai Sonata. The shots purport to show the car’s front end, interior and a snap of a Korean car magazine claiming AWD and a 6-speed DCT for the KDM model. Authentic? Who knows.

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27 Comments on “2015 Hyundai Sonata Spy Shots From Korea...”

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    This aligns well with the official teaser that Hyundai released.

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    Six speed AND AWD?

    Given they get the suspension and handling right… this could be glorious.

    Too bad we’d never see it stateside.

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      Why would they stick us with a dumbed-down version of the car if they’ve already done the engineering work on these improvements?

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        The AWD should translate, but the DCT part they well might not send here with an engine with around 200 HP/180 lb-ft. Remember the KDM base engine will have far less power and manufacturers so far are saving the dry DCTs mostly for lower power stuff and I’d assume they’d be using dry clutches for greatest fuel economy.

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    Hyundai was loosing to many people to Optima and Focus. It was a well needed re fresh.

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    That last interior pic is the Genesis, not Sonata

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    Looks like more gray and black blah in the interior, a current weakness of the 2011-2014 generation.

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    juicy sushi

    Best way to sum it up is “fixed.”

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    Tidied up somewhat, nothing earth shattering. It’s a styling bunt.

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      It’s definitely a cleaner design, but I feel it lacks the character of its predecessor. That’s what was so remarkable about the last Sonata’s design; not that it was bold (though it was) but that a Hyundai design actually had its own character for the first time.

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    Looks a bit like they tried to emulate Subaru’s corporate front end while proving that it is possible to make it even more boring.

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    Hopefully they’ve fixed the steering, ride, handling, suspension noise, engine sound and the chassis is more solid structurally

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      Based on the Santa Fe Sport/Santa Fe and the Forte and Cadenza (granted these are Kia products), the ride and NVH should be pretty top notch.

      Handling should be improved but probably not to the length of the Mazda6, but wouldn’t pin much hope on improvements to the steering feel.

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    The problem with this Sonata is that there are a few too many similarities to the new Genesis = good for the $20K Sonata sitting next to a $40K Genesis, bad for the $40K Genesis sitting next to the $20K Sonata.

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    Pastor Glenn

    I was wondering if the “China only” Hyundai Mistra, announced a few months back, was actually the new Sonata. When I dug up the dimensions, the wheelbase is 1″ less than my 2013 Sonata hybrid at 109″, and the Hyundai tease info coming out says the new Sonata will have a longer wheelbase than the current car – thereby exceeding 110″, so I would say that these two cars are not necessarily related, though being so close it seems almost ridiculous to develop two cars for “D” class sedan sale….

    Have a look at the Mistra from the front:

    Here’s a nice gallery of photos for the new Mistra:

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