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Detroit area teens looking for a summer job can now get a paid internship with GM, and will recieve education, training and service projects to carry out over the summer. Sure beats my prior summer jobs as a carnival barker (I’m not kidding).

According to the Wall Street Journal

The students will develop and implement service projects in the Detroit area under the guidance of 60 GM retirees and other volunteer employees. 

Potential service projects range from painting and cleanups at local parks, planting and tending a community garden, setting up food banks or meal programs. Students will also be taught such “life skills” career development, banking and finance, and health and safety.

Not to take away from what GM is doing (hey, maybe what’s good for GM is good for America after all) but I can’t help but think that this sort of program should be implemented in schools as well as by private corporations. A personal finance course on its own would be a tremendous benefit for young people.

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10 Comments on “GM Creates 110 Jobs For Detroit Area High Schoolers...”

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    They are going to learn from retirees? Pre-bankruptcy retirees?? I hope they don’t teach the students to take too many breaks and extended lunches.

    Foreign autoworker transplants have to do that work themselves when work gets slow.

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      NormSV650. SOME of the Foreign tranplants keep SOME of thier full time people during slow times. The contract workers {lower tier} are shown the door.

      The full timers spend thier “layoffs” doing unskilled in plant maintenance. Never has Honda or Toyota used payed employees to do community work.

      Under the GM/CAW agreemnet workers facing lay off were always offered,suplemental unskilled work if available. Done on a senority basis.

      The tranplants lay off thier low senority contract people,and offer work to the higher senority full timers.

      Sounds like the same deal to me.

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        sunridge place

        Exactly…just like VW is doing right now in Tennessee (not that it got any coverage on TTAC)

        They also got a bunch of taxpayer handouts and some people are annoyed

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    Doesn’t Detroit already have over 200,000 able-bodied citizens not currently employed? Certainly that mass of idle civic-minded manpower does not leave any need for additional help in keeping the city clean and orderly.

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    As much money as GM gets from government handouts the least they can do is create more Jobs. It should be more like a 100,000 instead of on 110!

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    It’s nice that GM is funding some local summer jobs, and it’s good to see the retirees come out and get involved. . The kids might even learn something useful. But please don’t call this an internship. Raking leaves and serving soup qualifies as a GM internship just like being a carnival barker is an internship for aspiring acrobats.

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    Hmmm, must be a really slow news day in Detroit. Nothing about GM surprises me. This included. They still operate like they are the world’s largest corporation and they always will. Nobody should take anything that GM does as ‘serious’. Pure schlock and entertainment only. They [GM]put out more lies and propaganda than Josef Gobbels did. What else would you expect…after all this is GM!!

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    So GM offers 110 kids a job,and somehow thats a bad thing?

    @Rday Josef Gobbels you say? Does that qualify for the Godwin’s law.

    Thats enough for me.

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    I thought Cadillac already had people working on the next generation Escalade?

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