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Despite our relentless Death Watch against Suzuki, the company decided to throw TTAC a bone by displaying a brown Grand Vitara at the Canadian International Auto Show.

This is actually one of two shades of brown available on the GV. While you can no longer get a rear-drive or stick shift configuration on the GV like in days past, it’s nice to know that someone is listening to some, if not all of our prayers.

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    Photographic disorientation.

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    “to do throw TTAC a bone”

    Yup, that’s English.

    Of course, it’s hard to imagine that TTAC’s “relentless” Death Watch against Suzuki has even ruffled the famous bushy eyebrows of the firm’s patriarch. Only TTAC thinks it’s so important that anyone in the industry really cares what it thinks. We armchair pundits do, methinks, as it allows us the opportunity of fantasizing as good car nuts do.

    I mentioned to Mark Stevenson months ago that his death watch on Suzuki seemed more like a personal grudge than reality, but he’s still on his hobby horse dispensing his version of betrayal by the automaker.

    So far as I know, Suzuki is still operating in Canada. Why wouldn’t they show this vehicle at the Toronto car show?

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      Mark Stevenson

      When I was driving back from the Canadian Auto Show, there was an Audi hanging out in the far left passing lane on the 401 doing a piddly 110 kph. He would slowly pass traffic, keeping this pace, and not return to the right lane between passing cars.

      I had enough of this after a while, found a gap, and passed him in the right lane. As I am completing my manoeuvre, he flips me the bird. Which is fine. He’s a knob.

      So, remember, if you plan on flipping someone the bird, make sure you are in the right before doing so. Otherwise you just look like an inconsequential knob waving a warty growth in the air.

      As for my so-called “hate” for Suzuki…everyone I talked to at Suzuki (non-executive) was absolutely fantastic to talk to. But, the writing was on the wall for ASMC and it is on the wall for Suzuki Canada as well. Anyone who doesn’t see this is either blind (no offense to those who are blind) or their head is buried in the sand.

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    And it is a good looking brown. But the only way I ever considered buying this vehicle was in the RWD, 5 speed manual format which, in the US, stickered for under $20K up through 2012 (and only came in black). The $29K after rebate this one is listed for is a joke.

    It is actually a very sophisticated little truck with unibody, an independent rear suspension and a longitudinal engine RWD layout. The same basic layout as an X3/GLK.

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      I’d actually be tempted to buy one of these used. I’ve always found the square offroad capable SUV compelling. That’s a dying genre to be sure, and this one is quite a good variant.

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      I’d want 4WD and a stick, mostly for reliving long ago adventures driving around Costa Rica in a Samurai. The roads were pretty bad then, and people that rented fancy Vitaras were having trouble with their front hubs. The Samurai endured everything, albeit pretty slowly in spite of my best efforts at keeping it floored and rowing the shifter to maintain engine speed over 4,500 rpm.

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    No stick… Gah! back to the Tiguan…

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    From the side it looks like an 08 GC copied at 80%

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    I suppose this Firm had to display a Car in Toronto, to show people they are not dead yet! I think most people who have these Cars like our Mail Courier are now looking for another vehicle, as maybe so are there dealers here in Ontario.

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    I looked at these around 2008 when shopping for our Mazda 5. We were looking at small utes new and used. I always liked the clean lines and the underdog nature of the GV. I thought “how bad could this be?”.

    Initial impression on the test drive was OK. It was a Limited V6 with a 27k window sticker they were letting go for 19900 out the door.

    To make the story short, I drove it home and drove it back, about 30 miles roundtrip. I could have turned around midway between the dealer and home because i knew it wasn’t for me. False hope?

    The wife and I drove a 2002 CRV later that day with 40k and it was more refined than the Suzuki.

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