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A parts shortage has resulted in a shutdown at Chrysler’s Windsor Assembly Plant, home of the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country.

The Windsor Star reports that that Wednesday’s shifts have been cancelled, and Thursday production will go ahead on a shift-by-shift basis. 2011 saw multiple parts related shutdowns at Windsor.

Windsor produces about 1,400 minivans per day, and the plant is said to be running at full capacity. The Chrysler vans dominate the segment and are one Chrysler’s best performing vehicles outside of the Ram and Jeep brands. The addition of an “American Value Package” at $21,195 (similar to the sub-$20k Canada Value Package) should only help matters, even if it’s a loss leader.


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15 Comments on “Parts Shortage Shuts Chrysler Minivan Plant...”

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    It’s a loss-leader for Chrysler and for the dealer, but it’s a cash cow for the car rental firms. They can buy a Chrysler minivan for the same price as a Hyundai Sonata, but they can rent it for almost double the daily rate.

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    Is the Value Package really a loss leader in that it actually loses money? I doubt it, they don’t seem hard to find, at 1400 vans per day that tooling has to have been fully amortized by now and the engine etc is shared with so many other models it’s not a standalone either.

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    I just remember GM going on how the “high feature” engines were too expensive for their lower line cars. Ditto the 6-speed transmission. The Chrysler vans have both of these features at $21k.

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    Nothing quite says “I’m kinda poor” like a base model, flat white, hubcapped, non-tinted Grand Caravan.

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      I think it says ‘I’m practical and don’t care what you think”. These are utterly fantastic cars for the money, and the cheaper the better, the rugrats are just going to destroy it anyway. The fancy ones are all bought by Grandparents.

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        Utterly fantastic? I dunno if that’s the correct adjective. My family had two different generations, and both of them had multiple problems, both electrical and mechanical. Oh, and rust too.

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        Don Mynack

        I just dumped my “utterly fantastic” Grand Caravan SXT while 4K upside down when it was headed for it’s 6th(!) complete brake job in under 90K miles. Already replaced the torque converter at 62K (just 2K out of warranty…yeah!) and had various interior bits plain falling off and/or replaced. The only thing I could say about it was the engine was solid…other than that one of the worst cars I have ever owned. Bought a 6 year-old Toyota Sequoia that’s in better shape and will last longer, and will never buy American again.

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        Bingo bango! Now you have a better car.

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    So Jack’s article ealier this week created a run on Chrysler/Dodge minivans?

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    Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis are sad about this news. As someone who works at one of these companies, I couldn’t be happier. Death to these Pieces of crap.

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      Roberto Esponja

      Oh yeah, you really sound like someone I’d wanna deal with at the counter…

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      Why would you care one way or the other, as to what vehicles your company rents out? Does it make your life more enjoyable if you are renting out a Sienna instead of a Caravan? Is more paperwork involved when renting a Caravan? Are the Chrysler products harder to wash than a comparable van from Honda or Toyota? Pray tell, please enlighten us as to why you “couldn’t be happier” that there is a delay of these “pieces of crap” at the plant? Inquiring minds want to know!

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        All I know is that there have been a few times where some idiot at the rental counter has try to stick me with one of these things solely because they were too lazy to get the actual car I wanted (non-airport counter, but it was literally a mile from the airport where I know damn well that they had several).

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