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Renault shows a facelifted Fluence at the Istanbul Motor Show, November 2-11, 2012. The car receives a new 1.6 16V 115 hp gasoline engine mated to a likewise new X-Tronic CVT.

The car can also be had with  a 1.6-liter 110 hp diesel engine.

The car is built at Renault’s Oyak-Renault factory in Bursa, Turkey. It will go on sale in January 2013 in Turkey and will be launched in more than 55 other countries in the course of next year.

The Fluence is what the Euros call a “compact executive car”, first launched in 2009.

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12 Comments on “Renault Shows A New Fluence...”

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    In Brazil, in further proof of how the Renault-Nissan Alliance is working out, the Fluenc e gets Nissan’s 2.0 (Same as in Sentra). In Brazil, showing how eschewed our market is, it is not considered a compact car at all. It’s just an executive car and quite premium (see discussion yesterday)!

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    where i am its about usd$25k for one and its just too bland, too little and with a 2nd rate badge for the money

    better off with korean or even something local or the mazda 3

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    Fluence may be a compact executive car in Turkey, but certainly not in Europe. Even here in Czech Republic, it’s considered “budget sedan”, a step above Dacia, but below nearly everything else, even Škoda or Koreans.

    Bertel, you should stil have my e-mails in your mailboxes…

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    I’ve still never seen one of these in person…..

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    I see a Passat with a hare lip.

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    Any word on the at_l trim package?

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    The Fluence sedan is not the Megane in 4-door disguise. They are quite different seen live. I have read in European publications that, in fact, some running gear is common, but the platform is different as it was mainly designed in Korea by Samsung motors. It was just badge engineered as Renault to be sold in Europe and now being built in Turkey (low-wages, no tariffs to be sold in the EU).

    And doesn’t that 1.6-liter + CVT scream “Nissan”?

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      Yes, it does. Both the engine and the CVT are Nissan-sourced. The Mégane (and its siblings) have already been available with a Nissan 2.0-litre with CVT. Renault’s own 1.6 and 2.0 engines are being replaced by turbocharged ones that are not (yet) available with automatic transmissions.

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    The trim along the lower part of the doors (with that poorly designed huge block cut-out) is God awful.

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